Best Sports Wheelchairs

Best Sports Wheelchairs

The advancement in technology has made sports wheelchairs much lighter and stronger than ever before allowing those with mobility issues to push the limits of sports while in a wheelchair.   If you have been looking for the best sports wheelchairs this guide will be for you. We are going to cover all types of different … Read more

Best Heavy-Duty Manual Wheelchairs in 2021

Best heavy duty wheelchairs

Heavy-duty or biometric wheelchairs are designed with strength in mind.  These types of wheelchairs are able to support larger weight capacities and often have wider seats and components.  The best heavy-duty manual wheelchairs allow users that need extra support to easily and comfortably get around.  What are the best heavy-duty wheelchairs?   The best heavy-duty manual … Read more

Best Wheelchair Transfer Boards in 2021

Best wheelchair transfer boards

The best Wheelchair transfer boards help people that are in a wheelchair and need to get out of their chair onto other places the ability to do so easier than without using one.  If you or a loved one find it difficult moving from a bed or vice versa to your wheelchair then a transfer … Read more

Vive Wheelchair Cushions (Are They A Good Choice?)

Vive Wheelchair Cushions

This guide will explore the Vive Wheelchair cushions and look at in-depth reviews of the product and what you can expect from these particular wheelchair cushions.  Vive is a leading brand in health-related products like mobility, bathroom safety, home care, foot care, physical therapy, and more.  In terms of wheelchair cushions, let’s take a look … Read more

Best Wheelchair Armrest Pads (Most Comfortable For 2021)

Wheelchair armrest pads

Wheelchair armrest pads are a personal choice for many wheelchair users.  While they do provide extra comfort they also may provide some drawbacks in terms of making the wheelchair not be able to fit under tables and desks.  They also provide additional weight.  With that said the right wheelchair armrest pads can provide extra comfort … Read more

Best Wheelchair Ramps For Home In 2021

Wheelchair ramps for home

Wheelchair ramps for home allow for a safe way to enter and exit a home by having a gradual incline surface when entering a home or decline when leaving.   These wheelchair ramps are a cost-effective way to help improve someone’s lifestyle that has mobility issues.  We will review a variety of wheelchair ramps for the … Read more

How Fast Do Electric Wheelchairs Go?

How fast do wheelchairs go

Have you thought about how fast do electric wheelchairs go? You may be surprised to find out how fast the average powered wheelchair goes and what a safe speed is that should be followed.  So, how fast do electric wheelchairs go?  The majority of powered wheelchairs have an average top speed of 5 miles per … Read more