Best Wheelchair Backpacks (We Review The Top Choices For 2021)

Best wheelchair backpacks

Wheelchair backpacks are one of those essential accessories in our opinion.  They are needed to carry your stuff with you while providing a safe and easy way to get to books, snacks, jackets, blankets, or anything else you would want to carry with you while in your wheelchair.  The best wheelchair backpacks come in a … Read more

Best Wheelchair Blankets (The Most Cozy Reviewed)

Best Wheelchair Blankets

There will be times that you need to have a wheelchair blanket to keep your legs warm on cold days while outside or depending on your age you may always like to have a blanket around your legs even when inside.  Having a great blanket while in your wheelchair can make you feel nice and … Read more

Best Wheelchair Cup Holders For 2021

Best Wheelchair cup holders

One of the best accessories you can have on your wheelchair beside a top wheelchair cushion would be a cup holder.  A cup holder can carry your refreshing drink anywhere you travel in a wheelchair.    Even though you may think all cup holders are the same they are not.  We reviewed the best wheelchair … Read more

How to Lose Weight In A Wheelchair (Proven Methods)

How to lose weight in a wheelchair

If you or a loved one is confined to a wheelchair or has limited mobility you may have asked the question how to lose weight in a wheelchair and is it possible?  Yes, it’s possible.  The main fact is how many calories you are intaking and how much movement you are doing in order to … Read more

The 5 Best Gel Wheelchair Cushions in 2021

Best Gel Wheelchair Cushions

When you search for a wheelchair cushion you will notice that the materials that they are made from differ somewhat in terms of what type of padding is used.  The most common types of padding a wheelchair cushion will be made from are gel, air,  or foam. This particular in-depth guide will discuss the best … Read more

How Much Do Wheelchairs Weigh?

How much do wheelchairs weigh

A frequent question that gets asked is how much do wheelchairs weigh? These types of questions are asked because the person that is either propelling the manual wheelchair or the person that may be tasked with pushing the wheelchair are curious as to what type of weight the chair is and how hard it will … Read more

Will Medicare Pay For A Wheelchair Ramp?

will Medicare pay for a wheelchair ramp

Wheelchair ramps have to be used in situations when there are step-ups to high to get your wheelchair over.  Wheelchair ramps are must-have equipment for anyone that uses a wheelchair that needs to get to places when step-ups are involved to pass.   These step-ups can be in your home and a wheelchair ramp may be … Read more

Best Power Wheelchair For Outdoor Use (We Rank The Best In 2021)

Best Power Wheelchair for outdoor use

If you have mobility issues but still want to get outdoors whenever possible then finding the best wheelchair for outdoor use may be at the top of your list.  While there are a lot of wheelchairs that function both indoors and outdoors some just excel outdoors over others.  This guide will explain in-depth the top … Read more

Different Types Of Wheelchairs (A Guide To All Of Them)

Different Types of Wheelchairs

A wheelchair defined is a chair with wheels that is used when to help assist with the mobility of someone that either has difficulty walking or cannot walk at all because of old age, illness, or injury.   Because of this, you will find different types of wheelchairs for all types of mobility issues. But not … Read more

Best Wheelchair Cushions for Pressure Sores (Most Comfortable Cushions)

Wheelchair cushions for pressure sores

Pressure sores are one of the most common issues when sitting in a wheelchair for long periods of time.  Because of this people are always asking what the best wheelchair cushions for pressure sores are.   The right cushion for pressure sores can make sitting in a wheelchair much more comfortable allowing for a better experience.   … Read more