Best Vacation For Wheelchair Access

Best vacation for wheelchair access

For someone in a wheelchair, vacations have to be thought out.  When wheelchair access has to be had this could limit some vacation spots.  But don’t worry there is some great vacation for wheelchair access.  So what is the best vacation for wheelchair access?  There are so many places that you can go on vacation … Read more

Best Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs (2021 Review & Buying Guide)

Best Lightweight Transport Chair

As you know there are different types of wheelchairs for different situations.  A transport wheelchair unlike a standard wheelchair has smaller wheels and is meant to have someone push the transport chair.   Unlike a regulator wheelchair that can be propelled by the person sitting in the wheelchair.    The best lightweight transport wheelchairs will be … Read more

Best Wheelchair Cushions (Choose the Top Cushions For Your Needs)

best Wheelchair Cushions

Sitting in a wheelchair all day can be uncomfortable if you are not using the right accessories like a wheelchair cushion.  The best wheelchair cushions can make sitting much more enjoyable on your body.  If you suffer from pressure sores, incontinence, or other issues from sitting then a good wheelchair cushion can make all the … Read more

Doorway Width For Wheelchair Access (Everything You Need To Know)

Doorway width for wheelchair access

For those of us who are not confined to a wheelchair you probably never have given a thought about the doorway width for wheelchair access, you walk through the door and don’t give it another thought.   Asks someone with compromised mobility that needs to use a wheelchair and they will tell you that they are … Read more

Best Wheelchair Accessories (Complete 2021 Must-Haves)

Best Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchair accessories are very important to anyone that uses a wheelchair.  This goes for electric or manual.  Having the right accessories can make your life a lot easier and more independent.  But what are the top wheelchair Accessories?  Do not worry, we are together a list of the must-have wheelchair accessories to make your life … Read more

Best Manual Wheelchairs (2021 In-Depth Review For Buyers)

Best Manual Wheelchairs

Are you considering purchasing a new manual wheelchair or looking for your first manual wheelchair but need to find more information about what the best manual wheelchairs are?  If so, this guide is for you. Not all wheelchairs are created equal and if you have looked at manual wheelchairs you probably got overwhelmed at all your … Read more

Best Wheelchair Gloves (2021 In-Depth Review)

Best Wheelchair gloves

When using a wheelchair your hands will take the force of propelling your wheelchair around your home or outdoors if you use a manual wheelchair. Using the best wheelchair gloves will not only make moving the wheelchair easier but it will help protect your hands from injuries, cuts, and grime. When using a manual wheelchair … Read more