Best Heavy-Duty Manual Wheelchairs in 2021

Best heavy duty wheelchairs

Heavy-duty or biometric wheelchairs are designed with strength in mind.  These types of wheelchairs are able to support larger weight capacities and often have wider seats and components.  The best heavy-duty manual wheelchairs allow users that need extra support to easily and comfortably get around.  What are the best heavy-duty wheelchairs?   The best heavy-duty manual … Read more

Best Rollator Walkers in 2021

Best rollator walkers

Mobility aids like rollators are a great way for you to gain back independence around the house and outside.  For those of us who need some extra help while walking a rollator can provide the perfect balance of stability and ease-of-use because of the wheels that are on all four legs.  Unlike a traditional walker, … Read more

Best Pulse Oximeters in 2021

Best Pulse Oximeters

If you need to measure the oxygen level or the oxygen saturation of the blood then a pulse oximeter is what you may need to do this quickly and painlessly with just a clip-like device or better known as a probe or pulse oximeter.  But what are the best pulse oximeters that you should be … Read more