Best Wheelchair Ramps for SUVs & Vans in 2023

For SUVs and Vans getting a wheelchair in and out can be tricky for some because of the extra height these vehicles have.  Because of this, a wheelchair ramp can be used to make the process of loading and unloading the wheelchair easier and safer.    The best wheelchair ramps for SUVs allow for anyone even someone that has trouble removing a wheelchair to do so easier because of the wheelchair ramp.  

This in-depth guide will explain what a wheelchair ramp should have when using it on a van or SUV, reviews some of the top choices, and why using a wheelchair ramp should be used for safety reasons.  Let’s get started. 

What is an SUV & Van wheelchair ramp?

These types of wheelchair ramps are designed to help mobility scooters and wheelchair users safely get in and out of an SUV or Van.  IF you have looked at vehicles that are specialized in build-in ramps you quickly learned how expensive they can be.  Another more cost-effective option that many opt to use are ramps that can easily extend and fold making them a great option for SUV or Van users that need a ramp. 

Some of these ramps can even hold up to 1000 pounds.  Anyone that needs to bring a scooter or wheelchair inside a transport vehicle will find these wheelchair ramps extremely beneficial and useful. 

Different Types of wheelchair ramps for SUVs

Depending on your van or SUV will determine what the best wheelchair ramp will be.  As you start to research the best wheelchair ramps for SUVs and vans you will notice that you will have a few options.  We explain what type of wheelchair ramps you can choose from and what they are good and not so good at doing.

Ramps that do not fold (Non-Folding Ramps)

As a rule of them, smaller ramps typically don’t fold and are considered non-folding ramp.  These ramps are generally shorter in size and can be used on owner vehicles and thresholds like 1 stair when the incline is low.

The benefit to these smaller non-folding ramps is typically they are lighter and can be moved by one person even someone that is not strong.

A negative is they do not fold some storing them can be a little more difficult and they are not designed for higher thresholds and higher vans.

Suitcase style ramps (Folding ramps)

Suitcase or folding ramps fold.  They make carrying them easier for a single person and can be used on thresholds like stairs and when the size is appropriate on SUVs and Vans.  Folding wheelchair ramps can either fold length-wise and or in half.  This design makes storing the ramp easier and it allows for a longer ramp to be used easier. 


Roll-a-ramps are fitted into SUVs and vans and can be fitted into most of these vehicles.  The user can then control the ramp without the help of anyone else either powered or manually.  Installation is really easy and is fitted at the back of the SUVs.  These make a great choice for wheelchair ramps for SUVs.

Track Ramps 

These types of ramps are portable, easy-to-use, lightweight, and can be used with powered wheelchairs, scooters, and segways.  They are typically manufactured from aluminum and have non-skid surfaces that allow for many years of excellent use. 

Can you use these wheelchair ramps on thresholds and stairs?

Yes.  You can use these portable wheelchair ramps not only on SUVs and Vans but also on thresholds and stairs as well.  These types of ramps are portable and can be moved easily so moving them to stairs or thresholds can be done with not many issues.  There are lengths and widths that should be considered with the right of the slope.  We will give you some guidance below. 

Top 4 Wheelchair Ramps for SUVs & Vans

Our RankRamps for SUV’sOur Score
1.EZ-Access Trifold Advantage Series Wheelchair Ramp4.7/5
2.EZ Access Signature Series Suitcase Ramp4.6/5
3.PVI Rear Door Van Ramp4.6/5
4.6-Foot Wheelchair Ramp4.6/5

Top Wheelchair Ramps for SUVs Comparison Charts

Key SpecsEZ Access Trifold Advantage Series Wheelchair RampEZ Access Signature Series Suitcase RampPVI Rear Door Van Ramp6-Foot Wheelchair Ramp
Weight Capacity:800 lbs.341 lbs.400 lbs.400 lbs.
Product Weight:32 -60 lbs.69.7 lbs.84 lbs.83 lbs.
Length:5″ – 10″15.3″29″27.4″
Width:2″4″4-Point, 6-Point4-Point, 6-Point4-Point

1. (Best Overall) EZ-Access Trifold Advantage Series Wheelchair Ramp

One of the most notable features of the EZ-Access Trifold Advantage series is its unique design that allows you to fold the ramp into three parts. Because of this, scooters and wheelchairs could easily access raised landings, vehicles, and steps.

These ramps were specifically designed to be carried and used as a foldable set. To use the ramp, you only need to remove the hinge pins and see them divide into airy halves, with each half having its own carrying handgrip.

The ramp is secured by patent-pending, durable hinges that come with interlocking brackets to ensure a smoother and safer operation. The ramp also features a premium quality skid-resistant surface with yellow-marked safety strips.

The ramp’s surface also comes with a transition plate that self-adjusts and converts seamlessly from ground to ramp and vice-versa. When fully extended, the platform could go as wide as 29 inches.

You will never doubt its durability and capacity to hold weight because it’s been welded using aircraft-grade aluminum. To prove its stability and durability, it’s said that the ramp could hold up to 800 lbs of compounded weight.

EZ Access Trifold Advantage Series Wheelchair Ramps

Key Specifications

  1. Weight capacity: 800 lbs.
  2. Product weight: 32 – 60 lbs.
  3. Folding: Yes
  4. Warranty: Lifetime limited

Score: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Great weight capacity
  • Made for scooters and wheelchairs
  • No-slip surface
  • Available in multiple lengths


  • Not all sizes can fit a van or SUV
  • The longest model may be tough for some people to lift on their own
Usable Length5 ft.6 ft.7 ft.8 ft.10 ft.
Weight capacity:800 lbs.800 lbs.800 lbs.800 lbs.800 lbs.
Usable width:2’45”2’45”2’45”2’45”2’45”
Folded length:30.75″36.742.7548.7560.75
Folded height:15″15″15″15″15″
Weight (2 sections)16 lbs. (each)19 lbs. (each)22lbs. (each)125 lbs. (each)30 lbs. (each)
Curbs:Some minivans & 1-2 stepsSome minivans & SUVs, 1-3 stepsSome minivans & SUVs, 1-3 stepsSome minivans & SUVs, 2-3 stepsSome minivans & SUVs 2-4 steps

2. EZ Access Signature Series Suitcase Ramp

This single-fold ramp may not divide into multiple parts when expanded, but it sure can hold up to 800 lbs of combined weight. It measures 2 feet and 5 inches in width. This versatile ramp is also made of lightweight aluminum, just like its Trifold Advantage counterpart.

It’s easy to carry because it feels like you’re only holding a suitcase. It’s available in various lengths, with two as the shortest and eight as the longest.

The main selling points of this series are its flexibility, ergonomic handles, slip-resistant, extruded tread, and non-protruding hinges.

EZ Access Signature Series Suitcase Wheelchair Ramp for SUVs

Key Specifications

  • Weight capacity: 800 lbs.
  • Product weight: 11 – 47 lbs.
  • Folding: Yes
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited

Score: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Permanent Slip-resistant surface
  • Carrying handle for easy carry
  • 6″ transition plate that is included
  • Single fold design


  • You will need larger usable lengths to work with suvs or Vans.
  • Heavier for larger usable lengths may not be able to lift for some people by themselves.
Usable Length2 ft.3 ft.4 ft.5ft.6 ft7 ft8 ft.
Weight capacity:800 lbs.800 lbs.800 lbs.800 lbs.800 lbs.800 lbs.800 lbs.
Usable width:30″30″30″30″30″30″30″
Folded length:24″36″48″60″72″84″96″
Folded height:4″4″4″4″4″4″4″
Curbs:Curbs 1 stepCurbs 1 stepCurbs 1-2 stepSome minivans curbs 1-2 stepsSome minivans & SUVs curbs 1-3 stepsSome minivans & SUVs curbs 1-3 stepsSome minivans & SUVs curbs 2-3 steps

3. PVI Rear Door Van Ramp

This manually-operated, three-sectional van ramp was designed specifically by PVI. It aims to provide a reliable solution to people who need affordable yet safe and reliable van ramps. To use the ramp, all you have to do is mount them on your van floor.

You don’t need to assemble it or go through complex installation processes. Simply lay it down and use it. Just like its other counterparts from the EZ ramp line, this ramp is also made of aluminum.

The design was also improved by adding springs to make it easier to operate by one person. High-traction surface tapes were added to keep the ramp surface safe and skid-resistant.

Though this ramp spreads widely when set up, they divide into three parts when detached and folded. Because of this, users can easily store the same in their vans. Wherever they go, they could bring the ramp with them.

Aside from wheelchairs, this ramp is also best for loading scooters since it has a width of 27 inches. You can also order this in 7 feet or 8 feet lengths. When it comes to maximum load capacity, this ramp could carry up to 600 lbs. of compounded weight.

PVI Rear Door Vamp Ramp

Key Specifications

  • Weight capacity: 400 to 800 lbs.
  • Product weight: 72, 77 lbs.
  • Folding: Yes
  • Warranty: One Year Limited

Score: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Sprint assisted
  • Stores inside of the van
  • Made for wheelchairs and scooters with four or three wheels


  • Can only be used inside the back of a van.
  • Cannot be used on thresholds because it is attached inside the van

4. 6-Foot Wheelchair Ramp

When unfolded, these ramps measure six feet in height and 72 x 31.3x 2 inches in width. These are also made of lightweight aluminum, which makes them easy to carry yet durable to use. The ramp features a skid-resistant surface and no-hassle setup. It was built to be operated by a single person.

Because of its durable construction, it could support a total of 600 lbs. Lastly, this product also comes with a 30-day warranty from us, so you don’t have to worry about hidden defects.

To get to know more about our products, check out our website today. For questions, feel free to contact our CS department as our lines are always open.

Key Specifications

  • Weight capacity: 600 lbs.
  • Product weight: 6-foot section weights: 36 lbs.
  • Folding: Yes
  • Warranty: 30-day warranty

Score: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Lightweight aluminum ramp
  • Good weight capacity
  • Anti-slip skid-resistant tape


  • Some review states ramp will not lay flat because side guides don’t have the clearance
  • The rubber on the ramp came off with light use

Best Wheelchair ramps for SUVs buying guide

Now that you know the different types of ramps and what they offer you should be aware of some important things to look for before the purchase.  Finding the right wheelchair ramp that matches your needs is most important.

Ramp Width

The width of the ramp is important and should not be overlooked.  Before choosing the correct non-adjusting ramp be sure to measure your wheelchair at the widest section before making a purchase of the ramp.  Be sure the width of the wheelchair ramp will fit your chair.  If it’s too narrow move on until you find the correct width. 

Length of the ramp

The length of the wheelchair ramp is very important if not one of the most important aspects of the ramp.  The length of the ramp will determine how high of a threshold you can use the ramp on.  For example.  If you use too small of a wheelchair ramp on too high of threshold it can be dangerous to get the wheelchair up the slope into a Van or step.

What is the correct slop that is recommended?  According to the ADA, it is recommended that the slope be 2:12  How to calculate the right rise?

Rise:  Vertical distance that needs to be traveled from the ground into the SUV or Van.

To calculate the number is simple.  Get the rise number by using the method above.  Then take that number and divide it by two.

Calculating the proper wheelchair ramp length

Example:  Rise is 20 inches.   20 / 2 = 10

If you have a 20-inch rise you would need a 10-foot long wheelchair ramp in order to be within the American Disability Act

Weight capacity of the wheelchair ramp

The weight capacity of the ramp is important especially for users with heavier scooters.  The entire weight of the mobility aid plus the weight of the person that will be using the ramp should be calculated to get a true weight to make sure it is within the limit of the weight capacity of the wheelchair ramp.  If it is on the high end and close to the limit look for a new ramp that can sustain the weight required. 

Weight of the wheelchair ramp

While most ramps are not terribly heavy you still should know that these ramps can weigh as much as 50 pounds for longer ramps.  Know if you can lift these by yourself or if you would need help in doing so.  Keep this in mind if you will be without a caregiver or family member to help

Portability of the ramp

Know how much space you have either in your SUV or Van or at home when dealing with a ramp.  If you feel like you need to use these ramps not only to get in and out of the van but also for small steps you will want a removable portable ramp. 

However, for those that would rather have a permanent ramp that gets attached to the back of the SUV those are excellent options available. 

Portable wheelchair ramps are typically lightweight making it easier for the user to take it in and out of the van or vehicle to use.

Final Verdict

After researching many wheelchair ramps for vehicles we narrowed our top list down to the 4 we featured.  Our top choice for the best wheelchair ramp for SUVs is the EZ-Access Trifold Advantage Series Wheelchair Ramp

This ramp has a good weight capacity, multiple lengths, and makes a great choice for a portable wheelchair ramp. 

5/5 (1 Review)
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