Best Lightweight Wheelchairs (Top 5 Ultralights of 2023)

For those who are considering purchasing a wheelchair the weight of that wheelchair should be a factor, especially for active people who plan on using that chair while traveling and who require a portable option.  The best lightweight wheelchairs give you a portable, easy-to-fold, and self-propel option.  Unlike some other types of wheelchairs, lightweight and ultralights are built using very lightweight materials that offer comfort for both the user and caregiver

The top lightweight wheelchairs offer both excellent storage and transport capabilities but still offer a stable and comfortable ride inside and outdoors.   Let’s take a look at what makes the best options in lightweight wheelchairs and ultralight wheelchairs. 

Our Top Pick for Best Lightweight Wheelchair

Top Pick

Featherweight 13.5 lbs. Wheelchair

The Featherweight wheelchair is made from special materials; the Featherweight wheelchair weighs only 13.5 pounds making it the lightest wheelchair on the planet.

In addition, this chair folds easily, can be lifted by just about anyone and has a fold-down backrest with quick-release wheels that allows this chair to be taken with you almost anywhere you go.

Those looking for a super lightweight, compact chair that can be taken just about anywhere you or a loved one will travel should have the featherweight at the top of the list.

Best manual feather weight wheelchair

Score: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

What is a lightweight wheelchair?

While a wheelchair that is lightweight looks just like a standard wheelchair in most regards.  The weight is what sets them apart.  Most of these wheelchairs are built from aluminum to achieve there lightweight and strength.

Standard manual wheelchairs typically will weigh over 36 pounds and for the most part, are considered to be a standard type of wheelchair.  Lightweight chairs typically weigh in at 34 pounds to 36 pounds.  

Ultralight wheelchairs are considered by most to weigh under 30 pounds. 

 Standard WheelchairLightweight WheelchairUltra-Lightweight Wheelchair
Typical Wheelchair Weight:Over 36 pounds34 – 36 poundsUnder 30 Pounds
Best For:Someone that does not spend a lot of time in a wheelchair. Does not need to transport the chair constantlyMore active person. Someone that wants the convenience to travel more than the standard wheelchair user.Excellent choice for the most active person. Someone who travels the most and needs the lightest, easiest way to transport a wheelchair.

Difference between a lightweight chair and a lightweight transport wheelchair?

Even though there are lightweight transport wheelchairs they are different than your typical light wheelchair or ultralight wheelchair.  The main difference is that a lightweight transport wheelchair are used for transporting a patient from a bed to the shower or vehicle and cannot be self-propelled.  A lightweight transport wheelchair are lightweight but lack the ability for the user to manual properly themselves.  

They are also not as comfortable as a manual lightweight wheelchair and typically are not as stable, especially when it comes to outdoor use or over anything but smooth surfaces.   This brings us to our other difference. 

Wheels.  A Transport chair will usually have smaller wheels on both the back and front making it not as smooth a ride.  This is because transport wheelchairs are usually used for very short distances to move a patient. 

A transport wheelchair is really good to transport someone from point A to B for a caregiver. A Lightweight transport wheelchair are not meant to be self propelled. A transport wheelchair is mainly used for someone that cannot self propel themselves and needs a caregiver to move them.

Who is the best fit for a lightweight or ultralightweight wheelchair?

While a wheelchair that is lightweight or ultralightweight wheelchair can be suitable for just about anyone they are used by a lot of people who are active in a wheelchair, spend a lot of time in the chair, and who travel and need an easy way to fold and carry the wheelchair on trips, vacations, and other places more often than not.  These factors are some of the top reasons someone would consider a light char.

Benefits of a lightweight chair:

Having a chair that is very lightweight has many benefits.  They can be:

  • The ability to lift the chair by yourself
  • Easy storage and folding
  • Easy to travel with
  • Easy to propel manually
  • Easy for the caregiver to push

Top 5 Lightweight Wheelchairs

Our RankLightweight WheelchairOur Score
1.Featherweight 13.5 Lbs. Wheelchair 4.8/5
2.Karman S-115 Ergonomic Wheelchair 4.6/5
3.Quickie 2 Foldable Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair4.5/5
4.TiLite Aero X Foldable Ultralight Wheelchair4.6/6
5.Karman Flexx Lightweight Fully Adjustable Wheelchair4.5/5

Editors Choice

Best Overall lightweight wheelchair

1. Featherweight 13.5 lbs. Wheelchair

Editor’s Rating


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Best manual feather weight wheelchair

Featherweight 13.5 lbs. Manual Wheelchair
Starting at: $549.00

Category: Lightweight
What we like: Super lightweight and easy to travel with. Excellent for caregivers or to self-propel for manual suers.
What we don’t: Would like to see a wider seat and heavy weight limit.

Why we picked it

The Featherweight chair is the latest and greatest in the lightweight wheelchair design. This chair has been designed with new materials, making it a lightweight and easy to transport option. The Featherweight can be easily lifted into your car, truck, or SUV by almost anyone. It’s super easy to push around when you’re out too, which makes it perfect for those who are on the go. The rear wheel is 22″ making it easy to push because of its super lightweight.

This chair also folds down into a compact package for easy storage when you are not using it. Transporting the Feather Chair could not be easier. There’s no need for any extra tools – fold down the backrest and pull up on the middle of the seat. Quick-release wheels make it easy for a caregiver to remove wheels if needed.

Once you arrive at your destination, unfolding and attaching the wheels takes less than a minute. This ultra lightweight wheelchair makes life much easier for those who cannot lift or push heavier chairs.

The Featherweight features wheel locks that are easily accessible by the user to prevent the wheelchair from rolling forward or backward. The Featherweight has an easy-to-operate braking system for caregivers. It is controlled by a bike-style brake lever and can be operated from the push handles.

These hand brakes make it easier and more straightforward for a caregiver to manage when stopping is required quickly. This is one of the top lightweight wheelchairs on the market.

Best manual feather weight wheelchair

Product specs you should know:

  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Product weight: 13.5 lbs.
  • Folded width: 14″
  • Turning radius: 31.5″
  • Back Height: 16″
  • Seat width: 18″
  • Footrests: Swing away
  • Armrest: Desk length
  • Comfortable armrests
  • Rear wheels: 22″
  • Front casters: 6″
  • Hand brakes: Yes

Score: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • One of the lightest wheelchairs in the world
  • Almost anyone can lift it
  • Easy travel manual wheelchair
  • Easy to store
  • Excellent design
  • Lightweight leg rests
  • Easy for caregivers to push this lightweight chair
  • Easy to manual propel
  • Nylon upholstery
  • Quick release axle type
  • user friendly design


  • Does not support high weight
  • Some reviews state the seat could be wider

Bottom-line: Those looking for the lightest and most portable manual wheelchair with the best features should have the Featherweight manual wheelchair on the top of their list. This chair is both lightweight and built tuff when we spent time reviewing this chair. This is a great choice for anyone looking for a manual light chair.

Runner Up

Best lightweight wheelchair for comfort

2. Karman S-115 Ergonomic Wheelchair

Starting at: $599.00

Why we picked it

The Karman S-115 Ergo Wheelchair features a contoured seat that is research-backed for comfort and stability. The chair’s design and engineering help relieve pressure, increase stabilization, weight distribution, and lower the risk of pressure sores or scoliosis. This is especially important for individuals who are in lightweight wheelchairs for extended periods of time. This model uses a 24″ rear wheel with a 7″ front wheel. We also love this chair uses swing away footrests that make getting in and out of the chair easier.

Another great feature about this chair is it is equipped with AEGIS anti-biotic technology.  And stain, deterioration, and odor control. 

Please note that the 16″ and 18″ seat widths are best suited for someone who is 160 pounds or less, while the 20″ wide seat is best suited for those over 160 pounds.

Karman S 115 Ergonomic Wheelchair

Key Specifications

  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Wheelchair weight: 25 lbs.
  • Seat width: 16″ – 20″
  • Folded Width: 12″
  • Back height: 17″
  • Footrest: swing away, Elevating
  • Rear wheels: 24″
  • Front casters: 7″
  • Armrest: Desk length

Score: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Washable upholstery
  • Comfortable armrests
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with
  • Folding backrest
  • AEGIS anti-biotic technology upholstery
  • Easy to store
  • Quick release Axle type
  • Nylon upholstery
  • User friendly design


  • Some reviews state the seat as not as comfortable as they would like

Bottom-line: The Karman S 115 is an excellent wheelchair that has everything someone looking for comfort and the ability to travel with a manual wheelchair would want. With larger 24 inch wheels this chair is easy to propel. Karman is known to manufacture some of the best wheelchairs in the world.

Best Rigid Lightweight wheelchair

3. Quickie 2 Foldable Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

Starting at: 1,476.00

The Quickie 2 manual wheelchair series is a lightweight folding wheelchair that offers modern aesthetics and technology. It’s not just versatile – it’s light, too! This chair is made out of 7000 Series Aerospace Aluminum, which makes the redesigned cross-brace more rigid, stronger, and lighter.

The Quickie 2 also has an increased weight capacity of 300 pounds while the overall chair weight is reduced by up to 2.2 pounds. The rear wheel sizes can either be 20″ or 26″ with a front wheel size of 3″ or 8″.

Folding lightweight wheelchairs are becoming increasingly popular with people who need to transport them. This is because they not only allow you to fold the chair into a compact size but also will allow you to store it in your trunk or under your seat when on public transportation.

The Quickie 2 wheelchair offers versatile and modular design features that make it one of the best folding wheelchairs available today. This chair also has features like quick release wheels, aluminum frame, detachable and swing away footrests as well. There is an option for armrest as well for this chair at an upgraded price.

Quickie 2 foldable ultra lightweight wheelchair

Key Specifications

  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Wheelchair weight: 25.4 lbs.
  • Folded width: 13″
  • Seat width: 12″ – 24″
  • Back height: 9″ -21″
  • Footrests: swing away, Elevating
  • Rear wheels: 20″ or 26″

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Score: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Lightweight chair
  • Good weight capacity
  • Aluminum frame
  • Easy to store
  • one-time free parts allow you to modify the size of the chair within five years of ownership


  • Options can add up quick
  • Push handles may be too low making it uncomfortable to push
  • no armrests standard

Best lightweight adjustable wheelchair

4. TiLite Aero X Foldable Ultralight Wheelchair

Starting at: 1,811.00

The TiLite Aero X folding chair is not your average folding chair. The one-piece side frames are made from durable aluminum and increase performance by reducing flex and increasing durability. This ultra lightweight wheelchair makes getting around really easy.

This new Aero X features an Easy-Fold design that makes it easier to transport your chair, even easier than a transport chair, it reduces stress on the frame, and provides infinite adjustability for different users or occasions. This model uses either a rear wheel of 24″ or 26″ with a front wheel size of 4″ or 8″.

TiLite’s one-piece side frames give the chair an amazingly narrow fold. Which allows you to take it anywhere with no trouble at all!  The Aero X’s cross tubes lock into place with snap-in seat saddles that allow the folding chair to accomplish rigid chair performance.

Key Specifications

  • Weight capacity: 265 – 350 lbs.
  • Wheelchair weight: 18.4 lbs.
  • Folded Width: 12″
  • Back Height: 11″ – 20″
  • Footrest: Swingaway, Elevating
  • Rear wheels: 24″ or 26″

Score: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Very lightweight
  • Holds a high weight capacity for the weight of the chair
  • Easy-folding mechanism
  • Easy to store
  • Tru-fit system


  • Options can add up quick
  • Taller caregivers may find they have to bend down to push this chair making it uncomfortable
  • No armrests

Best lightweight customizable chair

5. Karman Flexx Lightweight Fully Adjustable Wheelchair

Starting at: 1,210.00

Karman is now introducing the Flexx. A wheelchair that allows for much more customization than regular wheelchairs. Custom-made prescription wheelchairs are usually the only option for people that need to adjust their chairs. The Karma Flex is a great alternative as the ultimate adjustable off-the-shelf wheelchair.

It can be adjusted in many different ways, including backrest angle, axle plate height, armrest height, and seat depth. Plus, you don’t have to worry about waiting weeks or months for a custom-ordered chair. Rear wheel size are 24″ and a front wheel size of 5″ or 8″.

The Flexx comes standard with swing away and removable legrests. And because it’s easy to fold and transport, you avoid many problems going on vacation or taking public transportation while using your Flexx.

The best feature of a Flex wheelchair is how easy it is to use and adjust. With the Karman Flexx, adjustments are made by using two Allen key tools and one wrench. A tool kit comes with each order of this chair. This chair is easy to customize and adjust, for the perfect fit in no time at all. The Flexx, Karman’s newest ultra-lightweight folding wheelchair, is perfect for those on the go.

Karman Flexx Lightweight Fully Adjustable Wheelchairs

Key Specifications

  • Weight capacity: 286 lbs.
  • Product weight: 28.5 lbs.
  • Folded Width: 15″
  • Back Height: 17″
  • Armrest: Desk length
  • Rear wheels: 24″

Score: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Well built
  • Adjustable backrest height
  • Comfortable armrest
  • Easy to store


  • The footrest can not be adjusted
  • Little heavier than some other models

Other high rated Lightweight wheelchairs worth mentioning

Drive Medical Blue Streak Ultra-Lightweight Wheelchair

This is a very cost-effective lightweight wheelchair that can be used both around the house and on the go. Its lightweight and durable and can be self-propelled or pushed by a caregiver. This chair has swing away footrests that make entering and exiting the chair easier for those with leg issues and find it difficult to move properly. We like how this model is also easy to transport because of the folding in design. This makes transporting this chair easier especially on trips. This is great model for those looking for a lightweight wheelchair at an excellent price.

Drive Medical Blue Streak Ultra-Lightweight Wheelchair With Flip-Backs Arms & Swing-Away Footrests
24,210 Reviews
Drive Medical Blue Streak Ultra-Lightweight Wheelchair With Flip-Backs Arms & Swing-Away Footrests
  • Lightweight Folding Wheelchair: These cutting-edge wheelchairs for adults and seniors make independent mobility enjoyable via specialized features; just 41 pounds, the portable wheelchair folds to a compact 12.5-inch width for transport or storage
  • Durable Design: This transport wheelchair features durable tires enhanced with push-to-lock functionality for added safety; model features a 18-inch seat, swing-away footrests, and flip-back desk arms
  • Smooth, Stable Ride: Easy to push with solid yet lightweight wheels, this single axle wheelchair is easy to maneuver and fits through most doorways
  • Flipback Armrests & Swing Away Footrests: Lightweight wheelchair features padded “desk” style arms that make it easier to sit at a desk or table and flip back for transfer; swing-away footrests are removable
  • Dimensions: Overall: 42 inches in length x 24 inches wide x 36 inches in height; closed: 12.5 inches wide; seat: 16 inches depth x 18 inches wide; armrest: 8 inches in height; weight capacity: 250 lbs

Drive Medical Cruiser III

The Drive Medical Cruiser III is a very lightweight yet strong chair that is great for caregivers or if you want to self-Proell yourself around. This chair has the ability to fold tight and comes with flip back full-length arms and elevating leg rest makes this a very comfortable chair. We like how this chair still has a weight under 37 lbs. but still has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. making it a very popular chair among users that still require a chair that provides a safe weight limit.

Drive Medical K318DFA-ELR Cruiser III Lightweight Folding Wheelchair with Flip Back Detachable Full Arms and Elevating Leg Rest (Black, 18 Inch, 39lbs)
6,468 Reviews
Drive Medical K318DFA-ELR Cruiser III Lightweight Folding Wheelchair with Flip Back Detachable Full Arms and Elevating Leg Rest (Black, 18 Inch, 39lbs)
  • Lightweight Folding Wheelchair: Full-featured wheelchair for adults folds to just 12 inches wide and weighs 36 pounds to offer the convenience of a portable wheelchair with a 300 pound weight capacity
  • Easy to Maneuver: Easy to push with Mag-style wheels, this lightweight wheelchair offers a smooth ride and fits through most doorways
  • Highly Adjustable: Wheelchair’s seat extends two extra inches; 8-inch casters can be adjusted to three heights; dual axle provides easy transition of seat height to hemi-level; elevating leg supports can be raised or lowered, and detachable flip-back arms easily lift for easy transfer to bed, toilet, or car
  • Durable Design: Made of a carbon steel frame with a silver vein finish, this rolling wheelchair supports up to 300 pounds and is great for regular use; easy-to-clean padded nylon seat is designed to provide lasting comfort
  • Dimensions: 42 inches in length x 26 inches in width x 35 inches in height; width: 12 inches (closed); seat: 18 inches in width; armrest: 8 inches in height; weight capacity: 300 lbs

Medwarm Aluminum Wheelchair

The Medwarm Aluminum Manual wheelchair is a feature rich chair that has a flip back armrest, swing away footrests and 24-inch rear wheels that make self-propelling easy. For those that are looking for a really lightweight wheelchair that is under 38 pounds that has swing away footrests and comfortable sitting positions this chair checks those boxes. This chair also has the ability to remove the rear wheels and footrests while still folding the backrests making it fold down into a smaller space resulting in easier travel than other chairs.

Medwarm Aluminum Multifunctional Manual Wheelchair, Wheelchairs for Adults, Folding Padded Wheelchair with 24 Inch Quick Release Wheels, Removable Footrests, Adjustable Armrests, Blue
146 Reviews
Medwarm Aluminum Multifunctional Manual Wheelchair, Wheelchairs for Adults, Folding Padded Wheelchair with 24 Inch Quick Release Wheels, Removable Footrests, Adjustable Armrests, Blue
  • Folding Wheelchair: Unfolding size (L*W*H): 40” * 27.5″ * 37.4″; Seat width: 19.7″; Seat deapth: 17.5″; Back Height: 16.5″; weight 41lbs with a loading capacity of 245lbs
  • Comfortable Wheelchair: High-end aluminum manual wheelchair. Equipped with thick & breathable nylon cushions are soft and comfortable. makes independent mobility enjoyable
  • Multifunctional Wheelchair: Foldable backrest with storage bags, adjustable & flip up armrest, removeable rear wheel and swing-away footrest, foldable. Meet the demand for different users.
  • Safety Wheelchair: Length adjustable anti-tipper and durable tires feature push-to-lock functionality for safety
  • Removable wheelchair wheels: front and rear wheels are made of PU solid tires, stable and durable. The rear wheels are equipped with reflective strips and can be quickly removed.
  • RISK-FREE PURCHASE: We offer a one-year after-sales warranty to guarantee your happiness and satisfaction. If the wheelchairs you received have any problem, please contact us via Amazon e-mail ASAP

Best lightweight wheelchair buying guide

Best lightweight wheelchair buying guide

The below guide will explain some of the most important things to look at when purchasing a lightweight manual or ultra lightweight wheelchair.

Lightweight Wheelchair Comparison Table

Key SpecsFeatherweight 13.5 lbs. WheelchairKarman S-115 Ergonomic WheelchairQuickie 2 Foldable Ultra Lightweight WheelchairTiLite Aero X Foldable Ultralight WheelchairKarman Flexx Lightweight Fully Adjustable Wheelchair
Weight Capacity:250 lbs.250 lbs.300 lbs.265 – 350 lbs.286 lbs.
Product Weight:13.5 lbs.25 lbs.25.4 lbs.18.4 lbs.28.5 lbs.
Seat Width:68″16″ – 20″12″ – 22″12″ – 22″16″ – 20″
Seat Depth:16″17″12″ – 20″”12″ – 20″16″ – 18″
Overall Width27.5″23″ – 27″20″ – 29″20″ – 30″23″ – 27″
Overall Length:30″39″N/A30″43″

Wheelchair weight

As we explained above you can purchase all types of wheelchairs.  From heavy-duty to ultralightweight chairs.   The chair weight is what has brought you to this page.  Looking for the best wheelchair that will combine lightweight under 35 pounds with the ability to hold at least 250 pounds or more in a manual lightweight or ultralight chair. These may even be lighter than a regular transport wheelchair.

These weights allow for easy travel because they have the ability to fold, anyone, for the most part, can pick them up, and they are easy to push for the caregiver or manual propel for the person sitting in the chair.  The featherweight wheelchair has an extremely lightweight and easy to fold frame making it excellent for those that like to travel.

Seat width

The seat is critical in a wheelchair and can significantly affect how you feel and perform while using a lightweight wheelchair. Be sure you measure correctly before committing to a wheelchair, and the seat should not be too large or tight for your body style. This can cause improper posture, resulting in pain and an uncomfortable time while using a wheelchair.

Folding your wheelchair for travel

Most of us who want a chair that is light also want the ability to travel with it.  Because of this the top ultra lightweight and lightweight wheelchairs should fold easily and are easy to store.

In some cases, there is just one button that will fold the ultra lightweight wheelchair in half.  Some models even allow for the wheelchair wheels to be taken off with a push of the button.

Look for wheelchairs that offer quick and easy folding, especially if travel and bringing your wheelchair on vacation are at the top of the list for you. A lightweight manual wheelchair are top choices for a lot of people who need to travel.

Weight Capacity of the wheelchair

Even though you are looking at a very light wheelchair because of technology you do not have to sacrifice that much difference in weight capacity.  This is because the materials used are lighter and stronger than ever before. 

You can expect to see weight capacities from 250 pounds to up to 350 pounds on these types of ultralight and lightweight wheelchairs.  That is incredible.  

It is important to note that if you are pushing the limit of the wheelchair we recommend finding a chair that can hold more weight.  It can be dangerous to be at the maximum weight limit of a mobility device.


Nylon upholstery is a great option for a ultralight wheelchairs because it is so durable. Nylon upholstery is a synthetic material that is resistant to tearing and wear, making it a great choice for an active lifestyle.

Most wheelchair users will also look for a comfortable seat cushion for extra support while sitting for long periods of time. A good quality, wheelchair will have a comfortable seat that is easy to clean and maintain. These materials help ultra lightweight wheelchairs to be so light. A lot of transport wheelchairs use similar material to keep their chairs light.

Customizable Options

You will have a lot of flexibility when it comes to customizing your new wheelchair.  You can expect to be able for the most part to customize:


Not all light weight chairs have armrests and for some this is a deal breaker. Armrests are used for comfort and supports the arm when the user gets tired. They can also be for holding wheelchair trays for eating and work. Not all users require or even want armrests on the wheelchair they are using, however some require it.

Understanding armrests are important aspects of choosing the right wheelchair.

Desk length armrest: These can be height adjustable and give you the ability for support from the back to about three-fourths of the seat.

Maneuverability in a lightweight wheelchair

A great advantage to a lightweight and ultralight wheelchair is the ability to easily propel the wheelchair yourself or for a caregiver to push the chair when needed. Because these chairs are lighter they move easier.

Another great advantage to some of these chairs is they are not incredibly wide and in fact, some are considered to be narrow chairs that can easily get around in tight and narrow places. Ultra lightweight wheelchairs are easy to self propel on most services making them desirable for a lot of wheelchair users.

tight spaces look for a lightweight wheelchair to navigate easier

Chairs that are light are perfect for tight spaces because they are so easy to maneuver. The Best Lightweight Wheelchairs will be one that is durable, yet lightweight enough to make it easy to move around in smaller hallways and homes.

Narrow wheelchairs can also be a good choice for those who want a wheelchair that is easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Often, people who use wheelchairs find that they are constantly running into doorways or getting stuck in narrow hallways. The proper chair can help alleviate some of these issues.

Leg rests

Leg rests are an essential aspect of any wheelchair. Ultra lightweight wheelchairs are no exception. Those with leg issues who have difficulty lifting up a leg will benefit from swing-away footrests. The leg rests can swing away, allowing the user to get in and out of the wheelchair much more accessible.

Swing-away footrests are not available on all wheelchairs, so keep this in mind when looking. Leg rests help to keep the foot above the ground when in use in both self propel and when someone is pushing the chair for you.

Match your lifestyle to the wheelchair makes for a better experience

Matching your lifestyle to the wheelchair you purchase is essential. If you are active and enjoy being outdoors, a lightweight chair will be a good option. Some users most have armrests while other ultra light chairs do not.

These chairs are easier to maneuver and transport, so you can take them wherever you go.

They also tend to be more affordable than other types of wheelchairs. Those who live a more active lifestyle will find a lightweight chair the best option.

What are Wheelchair Anti-Tippers?

Anti-tippers for an ultralight wheelchair are used to prevent the wheelchair from tipping over backward.  This is a danger for those who are really active and push the limits of a chair. 

These attachments typically have a fitting that is universal and can be put onto most lightweight manual wheelchairs where the wheelchair user prefers to have them. This anti-tippers are put on behind the rear wheel bar.

How much do lightweight wheelchairs cost?

You can expect a wide range of pricing when looking at a lightweight wheelchair. On average, you will see pricing from $250.00 up to $2000 more, depending on the model and configuration you choose when purchasing a lightweight or ultralightweight wheelchair.

Add Ons can significantly increase the price of any chair, but they will make the wheelchair much more friendly and comfortable to use. An excellent lightweight wheelchair can run you an average of about $650.00.

This chair will be light and easy to operate correctly, and a caregiver should be able to push it quickly in most instances. These chairs should also be able to fold and be taken with you much more rapidly than other chairs.

Questions and answers on lightweight wheelchairs

What is the lightest wheelchair on the market? The lightest manual wheelchair on the market currently is the Featherweight 13.5 lb wheelchair. This chair without the wheels on weighs only 13.5 pounds. It’s an ultralight wheelchair and ranks as our top choice among ultralight wheelchairs.

What do a lightweight wheelchairs weigh? These types of chairs can have a weight from 29 to 34 pounds. Ultralights can weigh as little as 13.5 pounds. These wheelchairs achieve these weights because of materials like aluminum and a mix of steel components.

Are lightweight wheelchairs safe? Yes. These wheelchairs provide excellent support, filing convenience, proper support, and comfort just like a standard wheelchair. These chairs also have multiple safety features and can come with anti-tippers and more.

Are lightweight chairs good to travel with? Yes! these types of chairs can fold smaller, are easier to lift, and provide support and comfort for users when they travel. They are excellent for automobiles, airplanes, and trains.

Will all lightweight wheelchairs fold? Yes. all wheelchairs will fold. Almost all wheelchairs fold buy you pulling up no the center of the seat and then pressing down on the armrest. Sport chairs or rigid chairs take a slightly different approach. They will fold down by the back of the seat and the tires pop off.

Is a transport chair and lightweight wheelchair the same thing? No. Transport chairs are lightweight but require someone to push the user in the chair. They are also more designed for short term use to get to one place to another. A lightweight manual wheelchair are designed for long-term use and the user can manual propel themselves while sitting.

Our final thoughts on the best lightweight wheelchairs

Those looking for lightweight wheelchairs or ultralight wheelchairs should have no issues in today’s wheelchair market. There are some excellent chooses by a few top manufactures that allow you to get a wheelchair that is under 20 pounds, extremely strong, easy to propel, and comfortable to sit in.

The list we provided in our opinion are some of the top ultralight and lightweight manual wheelchairs on the market today and should provide excellent results when used.

5/5 (1 Review)
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