Golden Compass Sport Power Chair Review

The Golden Compass Sport Power Chair is a very efficient and reliable power chair that can be used all day on a single full charge. This chair can open up a world of opportunity for those with mobility issues because it can be operated both indoors and out. With excellent features and built this chair will make getting around again a joy for those that require help.

This review will explain the full features this chair offers along with optional components and features that really customize this chair for the particular user. Let’s go!

Golden Compass Sport Power Chair

Our Rating

Golden compass sport power chair

What We Like

  • Excellent weight capacity
  • Easily moves around tight spaces
  • Good drive range
  • Electro-mechanical brakes
  • Adjustable footrests

What we don’t like

  • Heavy, even when detached to move
  • Expensive

Golden Compass Sport Power Chair Review

The Golden Compass Sport Power Chair is an excellent electric wheelchair that uses the latest technologies to provide a smooth and natural riding experience. Hills, rider weight, and speed are all adjusted continuously making small adjustments based on driving conditions.

With an excellent weight capacity of 300 pounds and a turning radius of 19.5″ This chair operates and behaves excellent in tight conditions. Comfort is also a plus on this model. This chair uses an adjustable-depth seat/swivel seat and height-adjustable headrests. Not to mention the arrest height width and angle are adjustable.

This chair is great for both outdoor and indoor use because of its tight turning abilities while also performing great outdoors become of the amazing stability of the 6 wheels.

Features we love

  • Flip-up armrests that are desk-length
  • Compact folding with fold-flat seat hinge
  • Footrests are height and angle adjustable
  • Drive range of 11.25 miles
  • Standard Dynamic Shark 60 amp controller
  • Electro-mechanical brakes
  • Electronic speed control
  • Center-wheel drive

Full Golden Compass Power Chair Features

Wheelchair Specifications
Weight capacity:300 lbs.
Wheelchair weight:185 lbs.
Heaviest piece when disassembled: 92 lbs.
Max speed:4.5 mph.
Seat width:16″ – 24″
Seat depth:16″ – 20″
Overall width:25.4″
Overall length:39″
Overall height:45″ – 50.5″
Seat-to-floor height:21″ – 23″
Rear-wheel size:6″
Front-wheel size: 6″
Mid-wheel size:10″
Turning radius:19.5″
Driving range:24 miles
Max climbing angle:6 degrees
Battery weight: 22 lbs.
Batteries included:2 Lead Acid

Warranty & Manual Info


Considered a top-of-the-line electric wheelchair with many great features from comfort to stability. This model has a price of roughly $3,569.00 without any upgrades or additional features.

Our Final Thoughts

Those who are looking for a really reliable power wheelchair that has a tight turning radius that can be used efficiently both indoors and out will find the Golden Compass Sport Wheelchair a very competitive power chair when matched up with others in the same class.

Bringing excellent drive range, stability, and comfort this power chair will provide years of efficient use to bring back mobility and confidence to the user. While this chair is more expensive than other models it provides enough features, comfort, and quality to warrant the price in our opinion.

5/5 (1 Review)
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