How to Charge Your Electric Wheelchair Batteries

For those that use a power wheelchair, it is extremely important to know how to charge your electric wheelchair batteries in order to keep your mobility devices moving. Depending on the model and make your electric wheelchair will either have one or two batteries. Unlike other batteries most wheelchair power batteries are 12-volt deep-cycle batteries that are completely sealed and for the most part maintenance-free. This type of battery is designed and built to handle longer discharges.

How to charge an electric wheelchair battery?

Charging a power wheelchair battery is easy. We recommend that you always refer to the manufactures website or corresponding book that has come with your electric wheelchair. The below method is generic for the process to charge an electric wheelchair.

  1. Make sure you have your power wheelchair next to a standard electric outlet.

2. Make sure that you have turned off the controller power

3. Next, take the off-board charger and plug that into the off-board charger socket on the controller

4. Now, plug the off-board charger into the electrical outlet

5. Wait until the batteries are fully charged. Then unplug the off-board charger from the wall electrical outlet. Then from the controller.

Charging your power wheelchair abroad

For those that take power wheelchairs away with you for travel or business to other countries, it’s important to make sure you have the proper power converter so you can still successfully charge your power wheelchair batteries.

Not all countries use the same power prongs as the United States and conversion power kits will need to be purchased in order to use the outlets to charge mobility device batteries and other things like cell phones and laptops.

How long does it take to charge an electric wheelchair?

You will know when it is time to change your electric wheelchair battery because it will have a display alerting you of your battery life.

This will include either a color code or symbol alerting you of the charge you have or that you need to charge the power chair.

Again, refer to your owner’s manual as each wheelchair is a little different. But typically you can expect to get the optimal charge for at least eight hours.

But some models may take a charge of up to 12 hours for the best performance. It will also depend on how drained the battery is at the time of charging.

If you use your electric wheelchair daily for long periods of time you can expect to charge your chair daily as well.

How to Properly break in new Wheelchair batteries?

When you first get a new wheelchair battery or a brand new electric wheelchair there should be a slight break-in period.

  • Before you drive the wheelchair you should fully recharge the battery prior to the first use.
  • The first time you use the wheelchair take it slow either through your home or outside within your property. Do not go to far when you first take it out until the battery has been broken in a little.
  • Charge tehe batteries again fully for at least 8 hours or up to 12 hours. Then use the wheelchair again. This should allow the batteries to perfom in the high 90 percent range.
  • Typicaly after four charges or so you can expect to get 100 percent charges that will last for a good period of time.

How often should you charge an electric wheelchair battery?

Charging needs to be done as often as you need it. If you use the wheelchair daily for long periods of time then you will probably need to charge the batteries daily.

A lot of time users will charge the will chair at night when the users sleep. Your electric wheelchair will display a way to see how much battery you have left.

We also recommend that you do not charge the wheelchair battery for more than 14 hours at one time. Typically from 8 hours to 12 hours are typically enough time to get a good charge.

How much does it cost to charge an electric wheelchair battery?

There are obviously costs to using electricity for most of us when we plug anything into our outlets. These mobility aids that use batteries will add costs to your electricity bill.

While the time of day and other factors will play a role in how much charging batteries will cost

We believe you can expect to pay around $50.00 a year or close to that range for charging an electric wheelchair battery.

How long do electric wheelchair batteries last?

Today more than ever electric wheelchairs utilize cutting-edge batteries. These batteries are able to last longer and provide more power than ever before.

There are factors that will determine how long a battery wheelchair will last. This will be weight, terrain, and how much use the battery is put through.

On average you can expect to get around 1.5 to 2 years of use on an electric wheelchair. When speaking on charge time.

You should expect to get around 8 hours or up to 10 miles or more of drive time in a single full charge battery. But depending on weight, and conditions this could be more or less.

Related Questions

Can you use a car battery as a wheelchair battery? No. You cannot use a car battery for an electric wheelchair. Car batteries are designed differently and provide shorter bursts of higher currents. Wheelchair batteries are used shorter and longer discharge times designed for electric wheelchairs and powered scooters.

Can you overcharge a wheelchair battery? No, As long as you use the charger that was provided with the battery you should not be able to overcharge the battery. A lot of these charges have built-in safety features that do not allow for overcharging. If you have older batteries we recommend you check with the manufacturer.

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