Best Toe Separators in 2022

Do you have trouble keeping your toes from touching each other? Are you looking for a way to improve your foot health? If so, toe separators may be the answer for you! Toe separators are small pieces of foam or plastic that fit between your toes and help keep them separated. They are often used by people with foot pain, bunions, hammertoes, or other foot problems. But even if you don’t have any health issues, toe separators can still be a great way to improve your foot health!

There are many benefits to using a toe spreader. They can help relieve foot pain, reduce inflammation, and improve your balance. Toe separators can also help prevent bunions and hammertoes from forming, and they can even make your feet look better! Below are the best toe straighteners on the market.

Best Overall

Vive Health Toe Separator

Vive health Toe Separators

Vive Health Vive toe separator help relieve pain from bunions, overlapping toes, hammertoes, neuromas and plantar fasciitis.

They can also be used to stretch and exercise the toes.

Toe separators are easy to use and can be worn for short periods of time throughout the day.

Score: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

What are toe Separators?

Toe separators are small devices placed between the toes to keep them from rubbing against each other. This can relieve pain and discomfort caused by bunions, blisters, calluses, and other foot problems. Toe separators can be made of various materials, including gel, silicone, foam, or fabric.

Why are they important to use?

Toe separators are essential because they can help alleviate pain and prevent further damage to the feet. When the toes rub against each other, it can cause irritation, redness, and blistering. By keeping the toes separated, toe separators can help reduce friction and inflammation. In addition, the separator can also help to improve balance and stability when walking or standing.

What is hammer Toe?

A hammer toe is a deformity that causes your toe to bend or curl downward instead of pointing forward. This can cause pain and difficulty walking. Toe spreaders are devices that you place between your toes to help stretch and align them. Wearing toe spreaders can help relieve pain from hammer toe and make walking easier. If you have hammer toe, talk to your doctor about whether a separator are right for you.

How can they help foot pain?

A Toe separator can help foot pain by providing a cushion between the toes. This can help reduce pressure and friction on the feet, leading to less pain and discomfort. In addition, toe separators can also help to improve circulation in the feet by allowing more blood flow to the area. Toe spreaders are a simple and easy way to relieve foot pain, and they are available at most drugstores or online retailers. These should not be confused with toe wraps for broken toes as those are different applications.

Best toe separator Comparison Chart

SpecsVive Health Toe SeparatorsYogaToes GemsYogaBody Natural SeparatorsOrginal Yoga Toes for MenPovihome 10 Pack Toe SpacersTriim Fitness Toe Separator Socks
MaterialLatex-free Silicone gelBPA-Free Medical Grade GelLatexMade from 100 percent Medical grade GelMade from 100 percent Medical grade GelCotton Acrylic Spandex Blend
ColorsBlue, greenBlueTransparentBlueSiliconeBlack, blues
DimensionsClosed pair: 4.5 x 1″ – Open pair: 3 x 1″7.5-11 / MEN: US Shoe Sizes 7-10Includes two pairs (smaller and larger) to fit everyone. Smaller pair: U.S. women sizes 4.5-7.5 / men sizes 4-7. Larger pair: U.S. women sizes 8-11 / men sizes 7.5-12. Size 12+ [Large sizing] Fits Men’s US Shoe Sizes 12 & Up4/10” thick.One size fits women shoe sizes 6-10

Best Toe Separators

Editors Choice

1. Vive Health Toe Separator

Vive health Toe Separators

If you’re looking for a good toe separator, the Vive Health Toe Separator Gel is a great option. Made of soft Latex-free silicone gel material, it’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t slip off easily.

They include two pairs of toe separators in two different styles. We love this. This are perfect for Yoga, ballet and even when you get a pedicure. This toe separator will help with hammer toe, Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis and more issues related to foot pain.

Score: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Great price
  • Two different styles in one purchase
  • Latex-free Medical grade gel
  • Easy to clean
  • Two different colors to choose from


  • May be a little to bulky for some users

Bottom-line: Those looking for a gel, easy-to-clean, and cost effective pair of toe separators should love the Vive Health Toe Separators.

2. YogaToes GEMS Toe Separator and Toe Stretcher

Do your feet hurt at the end of a long day? Do you have bunions, hammertoes, or other foot problems that make wearing shoes uncomfortable?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you need to try YogaToes GEMS toe stretchers

YogaToes GEMS are the best toe spreaders on the market because they are made from high-quality BPA-free 100% Medical Grade Gel.

We love how they do not use any substances like BPA, or lead materials. The open toe design makes them easy to slip on and off and they are really easy to clean.

Score: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Great material
  • Nice to look at
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes for both woman and men


  • Some reviews state they are very hard to get on smaller feet

Bottom-line: These are some of the most popular toe spreaders in the industry and for good reason. They use great materials and their product produces results.

3. YogaBody Natural Toe Separators

If you are looking for an alternative to YogaToes GEMS, we recommend the YogaBody Natural Toe Separator. These toe spreaders are made from 100% natural rubber and they have a really strong grip so you can use them on any surface.

We also like that come in different sizes for both men and woman. This can be worn while in bed, walking, or when doing yoga.

This may help relief pane from such things as : plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammertoes, and overlap toes. It also may help with alignment and balance.

Wearing toe spreaders for just a few minutes each day can make a big difference in the health of your feet! So what are you waiting for? Give them a try today!

Score: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • 2 pairs standard and large size
  • Nice wooden box for storage
  • 10-year warranty
  • Great foot pain relief


  • Little higher price then some other models

Bottom-line: These toe separators are easy to use and come with a nice storage box. For those that might want to have two different sizes within one purchase will find these useful. However if you know your size well then you might opt for different model and save a few dollars.

4. Original Yoga Toes for Men

The original Yoga Toes for men are made to fit men’s shoe size 12 and up. Made from 100 percent Medical grade gel these separators help with overlapping toes and other issues associated with bunions, Hammer Toes, and crooked toes.

These toe separators give a nice broad stretch when worn. They come in a nice blue color and are much more durable then some silicone models. For men with larger feet you should give these a try.

Score: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Great broad stretch
  • Larger sizing
  • Made from 100 percent Medical grade Gel


  • Little more expensive then other models
  • Not for beginner

Bottom-line: Those looking for a gel, easy-to-clean, and cost effective pair of toe separators should love the Vive Health Toe Separators.

5. Povihome 10 Pack Toe Spacers

The Povihome 10-pack toe spacers come in different sizes depending on the spacers choosing. For example, you can get spacers from 3/10″, 1/1″ or 6/10″ in thickness.

Made from soft silicone, these spacers come in five pairs / 10 packages. We love that these are both washable and reusable, so a single pair should last you long.

These are great for bunion pain relief or overlapping issues. These spacers are designed to stay in place and are lightweight and comfortable when wearing. These are also some of the most cost adequate spaces on the market.

Score: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Great price
  • Soft Gel silicone
  • 3 sizes to choose form
  • Washable and reusable
  • Designed for both women and men


  • Sizing could be an issue when looking at reviews

Bottom-line: Those looking for a cost effective way to get toe separators will find these have both a good price and function in a toe separator

6. Triim Fitness Toe Separator Yoga Gym Sock

The Triim Fitness Toe Separator Yoga Gym Sock is a good choice for looking for a toe separator that will also provide some arch support. The gel in these socks is firm yet flexible and offers good support for the foot.

These socks are great for yoga, pilates, or just everyday use. They have a low profile so that they can be worn with most shoes. The Triim Fitness Toe Separator Yoga Gym Sock is available in one size fits women’s shoe sizes 6-10.

Your toes can fit through each hole to help with separation and stretch when you put them on. They still are comfortable even when wearing shoes. We love how they are washable and reusable.

Score: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Good warmth for winter months
  • Sock style separators can be worn like most socks
  • Toes are not covered so you can use these for even pedicures


  • Bulky compared to some other separators
  • Cannot wear with shoes

Bottom-line: Those looking for a sock style toe spreader will find these have the look and feel of a sock. They work for alignment, bunions, and overall foot pain for a good price.

What to look for in a Toe Separators and straighteners before you purchase them

When you are looking to purchase a Toe Separator and straightener, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. 

First, consider the size of the device. You will want to make sure that it is comfortable to wear and that it will fit easily into your shoe. 

Second, think about how often you will be wearing the device. If you plan on wearing it all day, every day, then you will want to choose a model that is durable and easy to clean. 

Finally, consider your budget. There are many different toe separators and straighteners on the market, so be sure to find one that fits your needs and your budget.

Padding vs. separation

Toe separators come in two primary forms: padding and separation. Padding is meant to add support and comfort to the foot, while separation is meant to stretch and align the toes. Both products have their own benefits, and which one you choose will depend on your specific needs. If you’re dealing with foot pain, for example, you might opt for padding to help ease the pressure. If you’re looking to improve your alignment and balance , on the other hand, separation may be a better option.


Toe separators are typically made from gel, silicone, foam, or fabric. Each material has its own pros and cons, so it’s important to choose one that will meet your needs. For example, gel toe separators are soft and comfortable but can wear down quickly with extended use. Silicone toe separators, on the other hand, are durable and last longer but may not be as comfortable. it’s up to you to decide which material is best for you.


Toe separators can range in price from $0.50 to $30. The cost will depend on the material, brand, and style of the toe separator you choose. If you’re looking for a cheap option, foam toe separators are a good choice. If you’re willing to spend a little more for a higher-quality product, however, gel or silicone toe separators may be a better option.

Frequently asked question

When should you wear a toe Separator?

Toe separators and straighteners should be worn when you are experiencing pain from hammertoe. You may also want to wear them when you are doing activities that could aggravate your condition, such as walking or running. Talk to your doctor about how often you should wear your toe separators and straighteners.

How long should you wear a separator?

You should wear your toe separators and straighteners for as long as you are experiencing pain from the hammertoe. Once your pain has gone away, you can stop wearing the devices. However, if your pain returns, you may need to start wearing them again. In terms of how long you should wear a separator once they are on your feet, that depends. 

If you have on-toe separators that are designed to stretch your toes, then you should wear those for about 10-15 min at a time when you first start out.  As you get used to the separator, you can slowly lengthen that time. It’s best to consult a doctor, in our opinion.

How long do toe separators take to work

Toe separators typically take a few days to work. In some cases, it may take up to a week for the separators to take effect.

However, most people find that their toe separators start working within a few days. If you don’t see any improvement after using your toe separators for a week, it’s best to consult with a doctor.

Risk of using toe separators?

There are some risks associated with using toe separators and straighteners, such as skin irritation or infection.  Be sure to clean your devices regularly and follow the instructions that come with them to reduce your risk of complications.  If you have any concerns about using toe separators or straighteners, talk to your doctor. There are also chances that a straightener can bend healthy toes also.

The bottom line

Toe separators and straighteners can be a helpful tool for managing pain from hammertoe. Be sure to choose a device that is comfortable to wear, easy to clean, and durable.  Talk to your doctor about how often you should use your toe separators and straighteners, and follow the instructions that come with them to reduce your risk of complications.

I have arthritis. Can I wear a toe separator?

Yes, you can wear a toe separator if you have arthritis. In fact, it may help relieve some of the pain and inflammation associated with the condition. Keep in mind that arthritis is a bone-related deformity, and a toe straightener may not work. Always consult your doctor to confirm this.

Final thoughts

Toe separators are an important tool for anyone who wants to improve the health of their feet. While they may not be a cure-all, they can certainly help to alleviate many common foot problems. 

If you suffer from foot pain, talk to your doctor about whether toe separators could be right for you. And remember, always consult a healthcare professional before using any type of medical device.

What do you think? Do you use toe separators? Have they helped you in any way? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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