Best Wheelchair Blankets (The Most Cozy Reviewed)

There will be times that you need to have a wheelchair blanket to keep your legs warm on cold days while outside or depending on your age you may always like to have a blanket around your legs even when inside.  Having a great blanket while in your wheelchair can make you feel nice and warm and cozy.  But what are the best wheelchair blankets to purchase?  What should you look for in a top wheelchair blanket?  Let’s take a look below. 

So, what are the best blankets for a wheelchair?  Blankets that are easy to fit into without getting out of your chair, waterproof, warm, and designed to allow for some movement in the legs are what make a great wheelchair blanket. 

Top 5 Best Wheelchair Blankets

Our RankWheelchair blanketSour Score
1.100% Waterproof Fleece-Lined Wheelchair Cozy4.8/5
2.Granny Jo Products Lightweight Wheelchair Blanket4.6/5
3.Heavyweight Wheelchair Blanket4.5/5
4.100% Waterproof Fleece-Lined Wheelchair Cozy Wheelchair Blanket4.6/5
5.Classy Pal Wheelchair Blanket4.5/5

1. 100% Waterproof Fleece-Lined Wheelchair Cozy Cover

Our top choice for the best wheelchair blanket is the Wheelchair blanket from BundleBean.  This blanket not only can keep you dry and warm the out shell is 100 percent waterproof to keep you comfortable and cozy in all types of weather. 

We love that this blanket can be fitted without the user having to get out of the chair and it works on all wheelchair types. Manual and powered wheelchairs

Another reason this is our top choice after researching some of the top wheelchair blankets is that it’s designed for wheelchairs and wheelchair users.  The nonrestrictive design allows for lets and feet to still be moved without losing the blanket off the sites of the chair. 

It comes with a compact stuff sac so you can take this blanket anywhere you go and can be used not only on a wheelchair but on planes, trains, and boats.  

Wheelchair Cozy Cover Blanket

Score: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • 100 percent waterproof outer shell
  • Do not have to get out of the wheelchair to get a blanket on
  • Easy to travel with
  • Can fit any wheelchair or electric wheelchair
  • Lightweight and warm blanket


  • Small pockets for hands

2. Granny Jo Products Lightweight Wheelchair Blanket

A super snugly fleece blanket that is soft and warm that makes a perfect wheelchair blanket for any season.  What makes this a particularly good blanket for wheelchairs is the fact that it has four hook and loop strap systems that keep it in place while on the wheelchair.  Two on each side that securely attaches from the blanket to the chair. 

Cleaning is a breeze because all you need to do is throw it in the washing machine on cold wash and then tumble dry and you are ready to go.

Like the best lightweight wheelchair blankets, they have an oversized pocket to allow you to keep your hands nice and warm. 

This blanket measures:


Granny Jo Wheelchair Blanket

Score: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Extra soft
  • 4 hook and strap system attaches to must wheelchairs
  • Easy-to-clean and wash machine ready
  • Large front pocket


3.Heavyweight Wheelchair Blanket

This is our top heavyweight wheelchair blanket that makes our list of the best wheelchair blankets because of the large pockets and snuggly feels this blanket makes a great wheelchair blanket for anyone

Super cozy and soft this blanket will be great for car rides, wheelchairs, trains, and more and has a bag that makes traveling and taking this blanket with you really easy. 

Heavyweight wheelchair blanket

Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Super cozy heavyweight blanket
  • Easy to travel with bag
  • Can use on wheelchairs, trains, cars, and more


  • None at the time of our research

4. 100% Waterproof Fleece-Lined Wheelchair Cozy Wheelchair Blanket

Our top kid choice for the best wheelchair blankets is the BundleBean cozy wheelchair blanket.   This is a great cozy fleece and waterproof shell blanket that fits most wheelchairs and special need buggies.

This blanket has warm and cozy pouch pockets for hands, an elasticated section for feet so they stay snug but still provide movement and it only takes seconds to fit into.

This really has a great practical design with a child in mind it’s comfortable but not super restrictive and will not break even if they kick.  

Waterproof Fleece-lined Wheelchair Blanket

Score: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Made for children
  • Very cozy
  • Snug feet design but still allows movement


  • Check sizing as it can be confusing with purchasing

5. Classy Pal Wheelchair Blanket

This is a great new product in the wheelchair blanket market.  This travel wrap blanket is created from a lightweight, extremely soft fleece polyester material that is excellent not only as a wheelchair blanket but can be used on a train, airlines, or more when you or your loved senior is traveling.

It’s really warm and cozy designed with a large lap pocket that helps keeps your hands warm and toasty.   

We love that this blanket also has 4 straps so it can keep your blanket secured to any type of chair.  The other two straps are at the feet section allowing for a secure fit and the wheelchair legs.  This helps in keeping the wheelchair blanket from getting caught in the wheels of the chair.

It measures 39″ wide by 43″ long. 

Classy Pal Wheelchair Blanket

Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Lightweight and warm
  • 4 straps for security
  • Hand warmers
  • Easy to travel with


  • None at the time of this writting

Best Wheelchair Blanket Buying Guide

When you choose the right wheelchair blanket it can provide a great snugly warm feel that makes you feel much better when sitting in a chair. 

Keeping your hands and feet warm is essential to a cozy wheelchair experience especially in colder weather.   Below are some aspects you should think about before purchase a wheelchair blanket. 

Choose the right fabric

The right fabric will keep you or a loved one nice and warm.  Choose the wrong one and it may feel like you don’t have a blanket on at all.

Fleece style blankets make a cozy and warm feel that is also lightweight making for a good choice when looking for a wheelchair blanket. 

You will also want to look for an outer shell that is waterproof.  This will help when it rains or snows to keep the insides warm and dry.

Your wheelchair blanket size and design maters

The size of your wheelchair blanket matters and so does the design.  You want to find a blanket that has the right elasticity around the legs along with at least 2 or more straps that can be used to attach the blanket to the chair so it does not get tangled in the wheels.

The best wheelchair blankets will have these characteristics and more so the blanket does not become a nuisance but rather a joy to use on your wheelchair.

Durability in a blanket

A blanket should be durable.  Look for good materials like fleece and study more reviews on the particular blanket you are thinking about buying.  If you see a lot of reviews saying the quality is not desirable or fell apart after a few uses then steer clear of that.  Almost all of the wheelchair blankets above have good quality in terms of in-depth review searching at the time of this writing. 

Ease of cleaning your wheelchair blanket

Anything you wear or take out will need to be cleaned from time-to-time.  The easiest way to clean a blanket will be to make sure it is washing machine safe.  

This is the quickest and safest way to make sure you sanitize and clean your materials. 


Cost should be a factor in purchasing a wheelchair blanket.  You can expect to pay anywhere from 20 to 50 dollars on a good quality wheelchair blanket that is made with the specifics you would want.  

So, what are the best wheelchair blankets?

A good wheelchair blanket will provide warmth, coziness, and a better wheelchair experience.  With that said we have made our choice for the best wheelchair blanket is…

100% Waterproof Fleece-Lined Wheelchair Cozy Cover

This blanket provides all the necessary things you would want in a wheelchair blanket and more to keep you or a loved one cozy and warm. 

5/5 (1 Review)
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