Does Medicare Pay For Manual Wheelchairs? (Wheelchair Insurance Coverage)

You are looking for a wheelchair because you need it to better get around and because you have Medicare you are wondering does Medicare pay for manual wheelchairs? We will discuss this question and provide a clear answer as to what you can expect with medicare and durable medical equipment like wheelchairs and power-operated mobility aids like scooters.

So, does Medicare pay for manual wheelchairs? Yes. Medicare Part B Medical Insurance will cover manual wheelchairs as durable medical equipment or DME as long as your doctor prescribes that you need to use this kind of mobility aid. To qualify you to need to have an in-person exam and a written prescription from your doctor before Medicare can help pay for the manual wheelchair. part B covers wheelchairs only if they are medically necessary.

What is considered durable medical equipment?

Durable medical equipment or DME are pieces of equipment that are considered necessary from a doctor that he or she prescribes for the use in your home because it is deemed necessary. This includes a manual wheelchair. With that said these could be but are not limited to the following:

What would my cost be If I get accepted by Medicare?

A few things have to happen first. One, Medicare only covers your DME if both the DME supplier and the doctor are enrolled in Medicare. These guidelines are strict and both have to be and stay enrolled in Medicare.

Once the supplier accepts the assignment you will have to pay 20 percent of the Medicare -Approved amount, and then the Part B deductible will apply. Keep in mind that Medicare can pay for different types of Durable Medical Equipment by type of equipment.

What are some of the ways you can expect to have Medicare pay:

  • May may need to purchase the equipment
  • You may need to rent the equipment
  • You may have the choose to either rend or by the equipment

Final thoughts

If you think you need a manual wheelchair to get around then you need to start the process if you are on Medicare and what to see if you qualify. Get with your doctor to make sure they are currently enrolled in Medicare and you need to make sure the supplier is also enrolled and active in Medicare.

Having a manual wheelchair can greatly increase independence and your ability to move freely.

Related questions

Does medicare cover power wheelchairs? For certain types of power wheelchairs, you might have to get prior approval or better known as prior authorization. This program explains the 40 types of power wheelchairs that require prior authorization. For this, you need to have the request prior authorization and then send that request and required documents to Medicare.

Can my request get denied? Yes, it can. If Medicare researches and finds that you do not medically require a power wheelchair or manual wheelchair. or if Medicare does not get all the required info it needs to make the best decision.

How will I know if the prior authorization requests get approved for a power wheelchair? Medicare will contact your power wheelchair supplier with a decision letter. You can contact your power wheelchair supplier about the decision. It is also possible that your power wheelchair supplier will also send you a decision letter.

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