How Much Does A Mobility Scooter Cost? (Complete Price Breakdown)

In terms of mobility devices that help you move and gain independence, a mobility scooter has some of the highest costs associated with mobility products.   These electric scooters for mobility have batteries, braking systems, tires, controls, lights, and more that cause the pricing of a mobility scooter to be much higher than a traditional wheelchair, cane, or crutch.  Because of this, we get a lot of questions on how much a mobility scooter cost along with how much to maintain them to keep them running.  Let’s take a look at all this below.

So, how much does a mobility scooter cost?  A mobility scooter can cost anywhere from $600.00 to $4,000.00 on average.  Pricing can vary because of weight capacity, number of wheels, number of batteries, and how far and long the mobility scooter can travel.

Why are Mobility scooters expensive?

Mobility scooters are expensive because they require motors, wiring, batteries, and controls to operate and automatically propel the mobility device. 

These extra components and the length it takes to build them are what make mobility scooters more expensive than all other mobility devices including manual wheelchairs.

What is the cost to maintain a mobility scooter?

With everything you purchase there will be a cost associated with maintaining that product so it works when you need it to.  Cars, computers, and other devices all need to be maintained from time-to-time, mobility scooters are no different. 

when researching the average cost associated with fixing or maintaining a mobility scooter we found the following pricing when for specific parts.  They are:

  • Ignition repair: $125.00 – $160.00
  • Basic tune-up and inspection: $65.00 – $80.00
  • Replace motor: $165.00 – $185.00
  • Tire replacement (4 tires): $115.00 – $30.00
  • Seat repair: $50.00 – $60.00
  • Batter replacement: $65.00 – $80.00
  • Armrest replacement: $50.00 – $65.00

How much do mobility scooter batteries cost?

Batteries make up around 30% of an electric mobility scooter’s price.  large batteries that last up to 10 hours or more are just expensive and are essential for the mobility scooter to operate. 

These batters are what controls the power flow of every that make the mobility scooter move.

New mobility scooter batteries can cost anywhere from $50.00 up to $150.00 for new batteries.

Electric Motor expense on a Mobility Scooter

Typically an electric motor is another reason that mobility electric scooters have a higher cost.  These motors are what takes the power of the battery and propel the mobility scooter forward and backward.

They can help manage the braking systems as well.   If your motor needs to be replaced it might cost you anywhere from $165.00 to $185.00 to get a motor replaced on a mobility scooter

Labor costs are associated with maintaining a mobility scooter

After researching almost all mobility scooter repair businesses charge a labor fee for the work they perform.   This covers installing and removing parts that need to be fixed or replaced. 

As with most other types of labor costs, these are separate fees from the actual cost of the parts.  Make sure you ask for a price breakdown before doing any work. 

will medicare help me pay for a mobility scooter?

Medicare part B will help cover a lot of mobility devices that are needed in order for that person to walk or move.   You should contact Medicare to see if you qualify for them to pay for a portion or in some instances all of your mobility device. 

We get asked if medicare will pay for a wheelchair ramp.  Typically they do not because it does not fall under what they cover in terms of a mobility device like a walker or wheelchair. 

Costs to consider to repair a mobility scooter

Unlike some other mobility devices, there are costs you should consider before making a purchase of a mobility scooter.  Below are some of the things to plan out for and consider before making a purchase.

Warranty:  Depending on what manufacturing company you purchase from there may be complimentary warranties that are offered.  But most warranties are added on and put towards the total price of the mobility scooter. 

Parts: When you need to change out a part like a motor, wheels, batteries you will need to pay for those parts and the price will depend on the model you have.  Higher-end mobility scooters will often have higher price parts when they need to be changed. 

Labor costs:  Just like other jobs when labor is required it typically is billed separately.  This fee is used to cover what the technician has to do in order to repair the mobility scooter. 

Frequently asked questions

Do you need to take a test to drive a mobility scooter?  No, you do not have to pass a test before using a mobility scooter.

How often should you service a mobility scooter?  You should have it serviced at least once a year.

How long will a mobility scooter battery last?  This will depend on the distance you travel and how often you use it.   We feel the battery should last anywhere from 18 months to two years on average.  

Are mobility scooters allowed to be driven on the road?  If you have a mobility scooter with full lights and the proper indicators are allowed on roads where the maximum speed is 6 – 8 mph. 

Are there parking restrictions for mobility scooters?  There may be restrictions and they will vary by your local authority so please check with them. 

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