Do I need Crutches With a Walking Boot?

A walking boot is used to protect your foot to heal sprians, after surgery, and provent more damage to the foot to allow your injuries to heel properly and with the less pain. These orthopedic shoes help to speed up recorvoery time and get you back walking without the use of aids quicker.

So, do you need crutches with a walking boot? No, you do not need to use crutches with a walking boot. With that said there may be times that you get recommended by your doctor that you will need the help of mobility aids while wearing the walking boot. These can be crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, or even canes.

What are walking boots?

A walking boot or as some may call it a CAM boot is a boot that is below the knee and is classified as an orthopedic device to help to stabilize the foot or ankle when a sprain happens, fractures, ligament tears, surgery, or tendon tears take place.

These boots are used so that healing can take place quicker and more comfortably for the person wearing them.  Most CAM boots are between 2 and 5 adjustable straps that go up the bottom portion of your leg up to your calf. 

How to put on a walking boot

Walking boots are easy to put on and can be done so by following the below method.  It may feel more comfortable to wear a sock on the foot that you will be wearing the boot if you can.  

  • Be in the sitting position and place your heel all the way on the back of the walking boot. 
  • Next, wrap the linear around your foot and work your way up until they are all wrapped.
  • Then, place the front piece over the liner.
  • Next, fasten the straps closed starting with your toes first and working your way up the boot.
  • Tightening the straps.  You want the boot to be snug, but not extremely tight where it’s unconvertible.
  • If you have an air chamber in your boot now is the time to pump that up.  Consult with your physical therapist or doctor on how much air you should be using. 
  • Stand up and see how it feels.  Start to slowly walk.
  • When removing the boot be sure to deflate the air chamber. 

When are walking boots used?

Walking boots are used when an injury happens from your toes up through your ankle when a doctor says a walking boot is necessary for helping to heal the issue and make things more comfortable.  They are also used after surgery.  For instance, after bunion surgery, a walking boot may be prescribed with the healing process.   It is also common for people that fracture their foot to be put into a boot to heal.  

How to walk in a walking boot correctly without using crutches

do i need crutches with a walking boot

The walking boot is designed and used so that you can put weight on the injured foot.  when you first wear a walking boot it can feel a little weird or awkward, don’t worry you soon will be walking with a little practice. 

First, know that the boot will be a little higher than your normal pair of sneakers or typical walking shoes for the most part.  Because of this, we suggest you wear something similar on the other foot to balance out the height difference.   when you first start off you may feel off balance and a cane or walker might be needed to help with stability. 

Practice at home or even with a therapist if you can.  You soon will get the hang of your boot and walk fine. 

Crutches and walking boots

Crutches are another popular walking aid that helps with moving when one foot, knee, or leg is injured and wait needs to be taken off it.  Even though crutches are typically used alone they can be used with walking boots when needed.   Even when a severe sprain is the issue crutches can help you take the weight off that injury and heal faster 

If your doctor tells you to use crutches and a walking boot you should.  Depending on the crutch type it can help take some or all the weight off the walking boot and injured leg.  Crutches are a temporary walking aid are not for long term use.  

Use a walker

Best Walkers for seniors

Using a walker might be an option with a walking boot.  Especially for someone elderly, a walker can give much better support while using a walking boot.    Walkers are a very popular mobility aid that is a lightweight frame that stands roughly wait high. 

A walker simply gives you support on all sides of you because of the design.  You move the walker by either picking up the walker and moving ward as you put the walker down to gain control and weight of your self for the next move forward

Use a cane

A can is another option that can help with walking when you need to use a walking boot.  Canes are one of the lightest mobility products you can use to help with moving.  Even though a cane is light, it can be very strong and provide excellent support.  Don’t get a cane confused with a walking stick they are two different things. 

Questions and answers

Should I wear my walking boot to bed?  First and foremost you should follow your doctor’s advice on this.  A normal and common practice is to wear the boot while you are sleeping.   It is known that losing not the straps will you feel a little comfier and let you sleep a little better. 

Can you drive a vehicle while wearing a walking boot?   This is a very popular question again about walking boots.    There have been studies that have shown if the walking boot is worn on the left foot that driving is permissible. 

However, for those of us who use our right foot to press the accelerator and brake, it is not advisable to drive with a boot on and it has adversely affected driving.  Because of the size of the walking boot studies have shown that you booth press the gas and the break at the same time.  Also, the response time moving your foot with a boot is slower.  It is recommended that you avoid driving while wearing a boot on your right foot. 

Can I wear a walking boot in the shower?  The boot is in place to help protect yoru injury so wearing a boot in the shower would be okay but Again, follow your doctor’s order on this.  With that said if you not comfortable wearing a boot in the shower you could use a shower chair to sit and keep weight off of the injured leg. 

Our final thoughts on using crutches with a walking boot

While it is not commonplace to use a cane or crutch, or even a walker with a walking boot there are times that a doctor will prescribe you to do so.  If you need extra help while walking with a boot then another mobility device could be just what you need to keep you moving while using a CAM boot.  

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