Best Shower Chairs For Seniors in 2022

Shower chairs are essential pieces of equipment for those of us who cannot walk or stand well when we get into the shower to clean ourselves.  These chairs are meant to get wet, are lightweight, and can be sat on to give stability and peace when bathing.   But what are the best shower chairs and how can they help us gain some independence back?  We will explain this and a lot more when searching for your next show chair.  

What are the best shower chairs for 2021?  Shower chairs that provide excellent stability while incorporating the proper safety features that allow a senior citizen or anyone with mobility issues to safely and efficiently take a bath while being in the seated position.  Below will list the top show chairs for 2021 that will allow for showering while sitting safely in a chair. 

Best Overall

Vive Shower Chair

Vive Shower Chair

The Vive Shower Chair makes our list as the top shower chair because of its compact, lightweight design. It contoured seat makes sitting in the shower comfortable and more safe.

The adjustable nonslip design can adjust for a height from 16″ to 21″ quickly and easily. This chair works great for anyone that needs to sit in a shower from injury or age.

Score: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Difference between shower chair and a shower wheelchairs

Shower chairs are well a chair that I designed to get wet.  They are built for stability, are lightweight, have rubber bottoms for the gripping of the wet floors, armrest, and can be adjustable.  

Shower wheelchairs are wheelchairs that have the ability to get wet and have a commode.  Wheelchair shower chairs are more expensive but have more features and are typically safer in the shower.  

Who should use a shower chair?

Anyone with mobility issues or who would have trouble standing in the shower on their own power.  Shower chairs can greatly help to reduce falls and gain back independence.  For those of us that might suffer from:

  • Stability issues
  • Older age
  • Leg injury
  • Balance issues
  • Arthritis

Top 6 Shower Chairs For Seniors

Our PickBest Shower ChairsOur Rating
1.Vive Shower Chair4.8/5
2.NOVA Shower & Bath Chair4.8/5
3.OasisSpace Heavy Duty Shower Chair4.7/5
4.Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat4.7/5
5.Vaunn Medical Shower bath seat4.7/5
6.Tub Transfer Bench and Sliding Shower Chair4.6/5

Editors Choice

1. Vive Shower Chair

Vive Shower Chair

The Vive shower chair is out top choice for many reasons. Lightweight, yet sturdy this shower chair provides a safe and easy way for anyone that needs help in a shower to do so. The contoured seat as multiple drainage slots to eliminate water buildup while still having a lightly textured surface for stability when sitting.


This shower chair is lightweight for easy moving and repositioning and has a wide base at 17.75″ The adjustable nonslip design rubber tips helps you feel secure while in the seat.


The top shower chairs should have a handle to help with getting in and out of the shower. The Vive shower has padded waterproof foam handles to easy and non-slip gripping.


Made from Durable aluminum frame that can support up to 300 pounds this chair is also corrosion resistance for long-term use.

Product specs you should know:

Weight capacity300 pounds
Seat15.75″ x 13″
Base2017.75″ x 17″
Wide (Seat handles)21.5″
High (Seat handles)6″ from seat
Adjustable seat height16″ – 21″
Armrest height6.5″ above seat
MaterialsAluminum, composite materials, closed-cell foam
Seatback height12.5″ above seat

Score: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Excellent weight capacity
  • Corrosion resistant frame
  • Waterproof foam grip handles
  • Lightweight
  • Drainage holes to eliminate water pooling in the seat
  • Good price


  • Wish it folded for more compact storage

Bottom-line: If you want a cost effective shower chair that is well built, easy-to-use, and is stable while in the shower to gain back independence this shower chair should be at the top of your list.

2. NOVA Shower & Bath Chair

The NOVA shower and bath chair makes our list as our best overall shower chair for seniors.  When you need a shower chair that is durable, strong, and safe while in the shower this chair checks the boxes.

We love that this chair is easy to assemble and requires no tools.  The bush button snap-together design makes assembly really easy.  

This chair also has a nice weight limit of 300 pounds and a seat height of 16″ to 21″ with a seat dimension of 15.75″W x 13″Deep.

Safety features like a back chair and arms make sitting and the ability to get up and down easier with the build bars that are padded help with getting off and on the seat.  

Small wholes in the seat itself help to drain water and keep everything hygienic.

Score: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • 300 pound weight limit
  • Hygienic design
  • Large rubber tips for safety
  • Padded arms for comfort and the ability to help get in and out of chair


  • Chair design doesn’t allow for cleaning private areas unless you have to stand

3. OasisSpace Heavy Duty Shower Chair

The OasisSpace heavy duty shower chair is our runner up and best choice for a shower chair with a 300-pound weight limit.  Easy to assemble, sturdy, and rubber large tips help keep you safe while showering.  

Tol-free easy to assemble shower chair makes a great addition to anyone that needs help gaining balance or stability while washing.

Constructed of a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame with angled legs and anti-skid, non-slip tips made from rubber to prevent sliding. 

It also has 6 height settings with a range of 16″ to 21″ for the disabled, seniors, or even pregnant women. 

The OasisSpace handicap shower seat has handles that are made from anodized aluminum.  There are also micro holes that are in the seat to allow for water to drain.

Score: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • 6 height settings
  • Assembles in minutes
  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Rubber non-slip rubber tips


  • Can feel shaky when pushing the weight limit of the chair

4.Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat

A great heavy-duty chair that can support weights up to 350 pounds.  The strong aluminum frame is adjustable and the seat height can be moved in 1″ increments from 16″ through 21″.  

We love the non-slip feet that allow for stability when sitting on it.  There are no tools needed to assemble this chair and the shower chair is rust-resistant and easy to clean.

For those of you that need an extra weight capacity chair that exceeds 300 pounds, this may the chair you are looking for.  

We love any chair that comes with a padded armrest for the simple fact it makes getting in and out of the chair easier than those shower chairs that do not have armrests. 

Score: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • 350-pound capacity
  • Adjustable legs
  • Padded armrest for getting in and out of the chair
  • large rubber tips for non-slip


  • The chair may be too wide for some tubs
  • Some complaint about being hard to assemble

5. Vaunn Medical Shower Bath Seat

When you need a safe and secure showed chair solution the Vaunn medical shower bath seat is a great choice.  These types of od chairs will help reduce falling and keep you or your loved ones safe while bathing.

This chair is hygienic, easy to use in the shower, resistant to rust, and safe.  Some things we love about this shower chair are.

Its constructed of 1″ strong anodized aluminum frames that use non-skid rubber tips that makes this chair both durable and sturdy when sitting on it. 

The 2″ wide non-skid rubber tips really help with stability and safety.  It also has micro drainage holes so it does not hold water in the sit.  

The sidebars make getting in and out easy and it gives the person sitting in the chair more stability.

The legs can easily adjust to 14′ to 21″ for your needs and the shower bath seat can support up to 250 lbs.

Score: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Wide non-skid rubber tips
  • 250-pound weight capacity
  • Heavy-duty anodized aluminum frame
  • Non-rust


  • May have to tighten screws often
  • Weight limit not as high as some other chairs

6. Tub Transfer Bench And Sliding Shower Chair

For those of us who cannot make it out of a wheelchair into the tub, you will want to search for a transfer bench sliding shower chair.  These are able to get you or a loved one from a wheelchair to the tub without them having to walk into the tub.

This sliding tub bench chair has a capacity of 400 pounds and makes going from a wheelchair or walker into the tub much safer.

This works by having half the transfer chair outside the tub and the other half in.  Once the person gets on the chair its slides them into the tub for safe bathing.  This fits most standard bathtubs and showers.  

We love that it has a safety belt that helps to not slip and a nylon strap lock seat when in the showering position.  

The sliding end that goes into the shower has a handrail that can be used for extra support while in the shower.

Score: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Rated up to 400 pounds
  • The sliding seat allows for easy access from a walker or wheelchair into the tub
  • Safety strap


  • Need to pay attention to bathtub size as some users are suggesting it will not fit properly in their tub.

Best Shower Chair Buying Guide

When you search for shower chairs there are a lot of different models and types on the market.  So how do you know which shower chair to purchase?  We will explain what is the most important aspect to look for when getting a top shower chair.  

Safety Features Of A Shower Chair

Safety is the ultimate goal here.  Falling out of a shower chair should not happen due to the chair itself.  You will want to find a chair that offers exceptional stability because of the non-skid rubber tips, handrails, and weight capacity that will allow you safely be in the shower alone. 

Weight Capacity Of A Shower Chair

Weight capacity is always an important factor.  Never push the weight limit of a product. 

If it’s rated for a certain weight and you or the user that will be using it comes close to that weight we highly recommended you opt for a larger weight capacity product to be on the safe side.  

The entire goal of using a shower chair is to control safety for the person using it. 

Look for shower chairs made from lightweight but strong materials that have the proper legs and weight capacity.  Every manufacture shows the recommended weight the chair should safely hold. 

Do not purchase a chair until you see what that weight is so you can verify you are choosing a shower chair that will be safe. 

The comfort of a Shower Chair Matters

Even though you or your loved one may not be sitting in a shower chair for long periods of time like you would a wheelchair you still want to be comfortable

The best shower chairs for seniors should not only be stable but comfortable while in them.  Seats should have drain holes so water doesn’t sit and pool making for an uncomfortable and no-hygiene experience. 

The Ability To Get Out Of A Wheelchair To The Shower Chair

For those of us that cannot physically walk from a wheelchair or walker into a shower chair, you will need to look for expandable sliding shower chairs that allow you to get from your mobility device into the shower chair and then slide into the shower while sitting.

These slider chairs expand and slide allowing the person to easily get into and out of the shower without having to step in or physically walk into the bath or shower. 

Why Would Someone Need A Shower Chair?

Best Shower Chairs

To Shower Safely On Your Own

As we get older and our mobility starts to fail we will need help doing certain things.  Bathing might be one of them.  When this happens using a shower chair can help you or someone you love to gain independence by showering on your own.  

But not just showering on your own but doing it safely is what is most important and using the best shower chairs allows you to do this.

Using a shower chair doesn’t mean you need to be a senior.  Young adults that suffer an injury or anyone with mobility issues from the surgery will find these types of devices useful and necessary when they cannot stand and bathe themselves. 

When Using The Shower Becomes Dangerous

Using a shower chair should be used anytime you find it dangerous to shower on your own without help or when stability or balance issues become a problem.   Falling in the shower accounts for a large number of trips to the emergency room and for seniors getting severely hurt and breaking bones.

When any of these and more happen and it becomes dangerous to get in or out of the shower it may be time to use a shower chair to help with safety. 

So, what is the best shower chair for seniors?

For those who need a showe chair we have reserched hours of content and whent over a lot of reviews to come up with our list. After reviewing many different showe chairs we have narrowed down our choice to…

Our top choice for the best showe chair is…

Vive Shower Chair

This shower chair provides a stable and safe environment while in the shower.  The large rubber tips make it stay in place and it has a good weight capacity.  We hope this guide has shed light on what are the best shower chairs to purchase and what to look for when doing so. 

5/5 (1 Review)
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