Do Mobility Scooters Need Insurance?

If you are new to using a mobility scooter or you are in the process of purchasing a mobility scooter you will definitely have some questions regarding your new mobility aid. a popular question is do mobility scooters need insurance? We will answer both types of insurance questions that a lot of people ask about when getting to use a new mobility scooter.

So, do mobility scooters need insurance? Mobility scooters are not required to have insurance to drive. Insurance like you would be required to have to drive an automobile does not need to be had to drive a mobility scooter. The main reason is that mobility scooters should not be used on highways and other public roads like automobiles do.

What about liability insurance? Do mobility scooters require that?

NO, liability insurance is not required for your mobility scooters. But it will probably be wise if you did have it for a few reasons. Accidents happen in life and if you ever did get into an accident where someone else was seriously injured you would want to have liability insurance.

Should you look into any type of insurance?

We think so. Just because the law does not require you to have insurance for a mobility scooter doesn’t mean it can’t benefit you in the event something happens. The two types of insurance you should be looking at would be property insurance and liability insurance.

The first step is to call your existing insurance company and ask them if your current homeowner’s policy covers you. If not it could be as easy as adding a rider to that insurance policy.

If you use different auto insurance call them to see if that insurance would cover you in the event of theft to our mobility scooter.

Mobility scooters are not cheap insurance against damage and theft would be smart

For those who have already purchased a mobility scooter or those who are actively looking you know that mobility scooters are not cheap. Some o the best ones can cost thousands of dollars so trying to protect them against damage and theft makes perfect sense.

Contact your homeowner’s insurance and explain you have a mobility scooter and ask if your current policy covers replacement costs in the event something happens to your scooter.

They will want to know what type of scooter you have like make and model. Along with when it was purchased and the price you paid for the scooter so have this handy.

Final thoughts on mobility scooter insurance

While you are not required by law to have your mobility scooter insured we think it can be a smart idea to look into having your mobility scooter insured because o the high price most people have to pay for their scooter.

It does not take long to make a phone call to your existing insurance company to go over your scooter and see if you can be covered or what you need to do in order to get your scooter covered. Hing a mobility scooter covered can certainly give you peace of mind

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