Free Mobility Scooter (Guide To Getting A Free Scooter)

When you or someone you know suffers from mobility issues crutches, or wheelchairs may not be enough to gain independence.  mobility scooters might be necessary but are there ways to get a free mobility scooter?  Have you been thinking of getting a mobility scooter but are not sure if you can afford one outright?  If so this guide is for you. 

When stability or balance issues become an issue you might be thinking of getting a mobility scooter to help with traveling and gaining independence.  Let’s take a look at what you need to do in order to try and get a free mobility scooter for you or someone you know. 

Best Ways to Get Free Mobility scooters

There are ways to try and get a free mobility scooter.  The following ways are worth trying and if you do know of more ways for our users to try please leave a comment below. 

Your Current Insurance Company

We have written articles about using Medicare to try and get free mobility aid.  But you can also try and get a mobility scooter for free through your instance company as well.  

But you will have to read or speak to your insurance agent to find what their policies are on mobility scooters and if they will provide a scooter free of charge if you qualify.  

It should be known that a big portion of scooter manufacturers also will help with insurance procedures and paperwork making the process easier and quicker.

Medicare may help to get you free mobility scooters

Medicare part B generally will cover medical and mobility equipment.  Medicare has a few different available programs for seniors and people with disabilities that need help walking.   

These would be considered mobility devices that help with walking.  But it should be known that to be eligible to get a free mobility scooter you will have to have a doctor that shows proof that you will need a mobility scooter.

While Medicare part B typically helps with the cost of devices and this usually is reimbursement of 80 percent of the cost to purchase a mobility scooter.  But in some instances, you could get a mobility scooter free. 

Even if you have to take care of the 20 percent you can still get help with this by contacting your Medicare office that is closest to you to speak to someone directly about this.

State Disability Assistance

Did you know that state-issued disability benefits can help with getting you a free mobility scooter or help you pay for the partial cost?  

There is an application process and this can take time.  From our research, it is normal to have to wait for 60, 90, or more before you get the application process. 

National multiple sclerosis society

Those individuals who suffer from Multiple sclerosis and need assistance with adaptive equipment can reach out to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to see if you qualify for a free mobility device. 

You would have to:

  1. Ask your doctor for a referral and for proven local vendors preferably with CRTS staff this stands for certified rehab technology supplier
  2. Shop at a medical equipment provider supplier 
  3. Find out if the vendor participates in Medicaid or Medicare if you are a beneficiary.
  4. Make sure the vendor is accredited by the Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Society of North America

American Outreach foundation

If you are a veteran and are looking for a free mobility scooter and you are eligible you may have an opportunity to get a scooter from them.  

In order to get started, you will need to fill out a request form. The application will have to meet the following:

  • Proof on annual income
  • Prescription letter from a physical therapist or doctor.
  • Recommendation from your doctor that you need to use a mobility scooter
  • A letter stating that you have denied it from your insurance provider.

To view more information about the American outreach Foundation you can visit their website here

Charities & Grants for the potential of a free mobility scooter

There are quite a few charities and grants that are offered when you are looking for a free mobility scooter.  Grants are typically offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

Like most other charities there will probably be a large waiting list to get a mobility device so be prepared to wait as you will most likely be down the list.

Another excellent resource for those that need to make further modifications in the way of stairlifts to help with mobility while in the home should take a look at how to get grants for stairlifts. They provide very good information on how to start the process.

If You can’t get a free mobility scooter Then try finding a used mobility scooter

free mobility scooter

If you exhausted all measures and can’t get a free mobility scooter you can try and minimize your cost by looking for secondhand equipment that can reduce your cost by up to half.  

This can also be a great way to have a second backup wheelchair or even a more specialized wheelchair

Beware of used equipment
while you can find some excellent deals on used mobility equipment you need to give it a good lookover. If you can get a medical equipment vendor to check out the equipment that would even be better.

Beware of used equipment

Beware of used equipment

while you can find some excellent deals on used mobility equipment you need to give it a good lookover. If you can get a medical equipment vendor to check out the equipment that would even be better.

Do I qualify for a free mobility scooter?

There are many people in need of mobility devices including mobility scooters but they are not away that they can get one without paying full or in some cases having to pay at all.  You will have to do some leg work to see if you qualify. 

The first step would be to meet with your doctor and see if he or she thinks you meet the need for a mobility scooter for your condition. 

If he or she feels that you have enough pain or stress when moving on your own they may right you a prescribe for a mobility scooter.  This is the proof you will need to move forward in getting a scooter. 

This is what medicare and or insurance will be asking for to see if you are medically required to have a mobility scooter.

How does a mobility scooter help seniors live better

Simply put it helps a senior gain back independence of being able to get out and move again.  Not being able to move on your own can be a depressing time a mobility scooter allows a senior who suffers from mobility issues a chance to get outside and move freely. 

They can go on vacations and have the opportunity to move with family and friends.  They can also gain freedom within their home with the right mobility scooter. 

The ability to gain independence can change someone’s entire mindset making them happier and feel better.  The right mobility scooter can do this.  

Our final thoughts on getting free mobility scooters

When you can prove that you are eligible for a mobility scooter by obtaining t doctors’ prescriptions and then doing the proper leg work to see if you can qualify for a free scooter will take a little work. 

While not every avenue will produce results if you do qualify you do have a good chance at getting a free mobility scooter.

Try to make contact with the appropriate business that we outlined above to start the process and be sure you first get with your doctor or physical therapist to make sure you qualify and get a prescription. 

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