How Do You Measure For Wheelchair Gloves?

Wheelchair gloves are essential accessories that make propelling a manual wheelchair easier and keep your hands healthier so you can properly propel the chair for longer periods of time. Wheelchair gloves keep the most important part of your body from getting hurt so you can continue to be mobile and get around in your manual wheelchair. We get a lot of questions regarding how do you measure for wheelchair gloves and this guide will explain the best practice for doing so.

An important aspect of wearing wheelchair gloves is to make sure those gloves fit your hand as closely as possible to get the best use out of them. Wearing gloves too tight or too loose is like wearing shoes that do not properly fit.

Your feet will start to hurt and you could cause more damage simply because you are wearing shoes that are not the right size. Wheelchair gloves can do the same if you are not wearing the size you should. Once you find your correct size you can learn about the best wheelchair gloves to purchase.

What size wheelchair gloves should I order?

Determining the right size gloves to order could be tricky, especially for those that can not try gloves on beforehand. Because of this we will try and explain the best way to measure for gloves so you can make the best choice on your next wheelchair glove purchase.

Just because a pair of gloves fit one person that may be very different for the next. It is important to understand that gloves will likely stretch slightly after a short break-in period so keep this in mind.

How do you measure for wheelchair gloves?

Remember, no two hands are alike, so this guide is here to help you find the right size glove. It is important to take careful measurements so you can make sure you have the right gloves that are comfortable while protecting your hands from abrasions, cuts, and the weather all year round.

Sizing Wheelchair Gloves

Here is how to size wheelchair gloves.

  • Use a tape measure to get the closest measurement possible
  • You will have to measure both hands because they will not be exactly the same size.
  • To measure, you want your fingers straight out with your thumb out at a 90-degree angle. Then measure right under and around the knuckles.
  • To measure, you want your fingers straight out with your thumb out at a 90-degree angle. Then measure right under and around the knuckles.
  • Do not overlap the tape measure when you finish going around the hand.
  • Make sure you keep the tape measure not too tight or not too loose when you make the measurement. If you pull the tape measure too tight you will have a smaller measurement leading to a glove size that will be too tight for your hands. Same for to lose.

Glove Size Chart

Measurement CMSize
6 inches5.2 cmExtra-small
7 inches 17.8 cmSmall
8 inches 20 cmMedium
9 inches 23 cmLarge
10 inches 25 cmX-Large
11 inches 28 cmXX-Large
12 inches 30.5 cmXXX-Large

Final thoughts

Wheelchair gloves for manual wheelchair users are essential in keeping the palm and hands injury-free when using the push-rim to self propel. If you injure your hands it could make moving in a wheelchair hard if not impossible until your hands heal.

Using the proper size wheelchair gloves can help keep your hands healthy and push the wheelchair for long periods. In terms of price, wheelchair gloves are not terribly expensive when it comes to other aids so purchasing gloves should be high on your list if you use a manual wheelchair.

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