How to Fold A Manual Wheelchair

Manual wheelchairs are excellent mobility devices that allow for anyone to gain mobility by sitting in a manual chair and propel themselves forward. These types of manual wheelchairs are also great for travel and transport because they are lightweight and are easy to fold. This article will explain how to fold a manual wheelchair and unfold the chair once you need to use it again.

Easily transport a manual wheelchair in a car, bus, boat, or airplane easily with just a few pulls or pushes of the chair. When doing this anyone can easily transport their wheelchair so they can stay active and mobile. This guide explains exactly how to achieve this.

How to fold a manual wheelchair?

Step 1: Make sure the wheel locks are activated and locked so the wheelchair does not move.
Step 2: Stand by the side of the wheelchair.
Step 3: Take one hand and grip the front of the seat. Take the other hand and grip the back.
Step 4: Pull up on the seat.

This should make the wheelchair close in on itself.

How to unfold a manual wheelchair

Step 1: The manual wheelchair should be on a level straight surface.
Step 2: Stand in front of the wheelchair.
Step 3: Push down on both inside seats.
Step 4: Make sure the wheelchair snaps into place.
Step 5: The seat should now be flat with the side seat posts.

How to fold a manual wheelchair back seat

Not all manual wheelchairs allow for the back seat to be folded. But some do. If you have a manual wheelchair that allows for the back seat to fold down follow the below instructions.

Step 1: Stand behind the wheelchair.
Step 2: Halfway down the back of the back seat on the pole look for levers.
Step 3: Press those levers to allow the back seat to fold down.

Removing Axle Wheels if applicable

If the wheelchair you own has quick-release axle wheels then following the below steps to remove them.

Step 1: Stand behind the wheelchair and hold the armrest with your hand.
Step 2: With your other hand press the center of the wheel using your thumb.
Step 3: Pull the wheel away from the wheelchair. This should allow the manual wheel to come out. Repeat the same step on the other side.

Final thoughts on folding a manual wheelchair

Being able to properly fold and unfold a wheelchair will allow for an easier time transporting and bringing your manual wheelchair with you when you travel. This will allow you to gain mobility wherever you go easier and with less stress.

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