Best Geri Chairs Buying Guide in 2023

We understand how important it is to find the right product when it comes to a disability and the ability to help sit upright. The Best Geri chairs are can help dramatically improve the quality of life for the person that needs help while sitting.

The same holds true for caregivers, having the best Geriatric chair for a loved one or patient can make a world of difference. We took a look at some of the top Geri chairs so you can help make the most informed decisions.

What is a Geri chair?

Geriatric chairs or Geri chairs as some call them are padded chairs that are larger than a standard chair that has wheelbases attached so they can be moved easier. They are designed for seniors or anyone with mobility issues that limit movement. These types of home aids can work well with other home aids like chair lifts and transfer boards.

These chairs are typically reclinable and have much more cushions for comfort to allow sleeping and lounging easier. While these chairs provide a much more convenient way for someone with mobility issues to sleep and relax they are much heavier and harder to move in terms of portability.

A lot of these chairs will have leg rests that extend automatically in different positions, side trays, headrests, with a large weight capacity that can support a wide range of users.

What are the different types of geri chairs

There are three main types of chairs that are based on positioning and adjustability they provide. They are:

  • 3 Position Geri Charis: These types of Geri chairs can move in three positions for adjustability, upright, elevating leg rests, and recline.
  • 4 position Geri Chairs: They can adjust in the same positions as the 3 position Geri chairs with the added 4th position in a casual recline and a deep reclining position as well.
  • Infinite Position Geri Chairs: These are considered the most comfortable and the top choice to sleep on. They can be reclined all the way in a horizontal position and a Trendelenburg position making them recline in an infinite way.

Who should use a Geri Chair?

While Geriatric chairs are used by seniors a great deal of time because of mobility issues anyone that suffers from issues from movement from age, recovery, to accidents that have caused mobility issues can benefit from the use of a Geri chair. These chairs make it easier to get in and out and provide a much more comfortable time while lounging than other types of chairs.

What benefits does a Geri Chair provide?

These chairs are beneficial for those with mobility issues and for anyone who would have trouble sitting upright. Wheelchair users that would have issues sitting upright in a standard wheelchair could benefit from using a Geri chair because it is more comfortable and would be a safer option for the user. Geri chairs are also beneficial for those who are bedridden as these chairs can provide a way to get to a different location other than being in bed at all times.

The 5 Best Geri Chair

Our RankGeri ChairOur Score
1.Swingaway Arm Clinical Recliner4.8/5
2.Swingaway Arm Bariatric Clinical Recliner4.7/5
3.Winco 6530 Clinal Recliner4.6/5
4.Lumex Deluxe Clinical Care Recliner with Drop Arms4.6/5
5.Drive 3 Position Bariatric Clinical Care Recliner4.7/5

Geri Chair Comparison Chart

Key SpecificationsSwingaway Arm Clinical Recliner Swingaway Arm Bariatric Clinical Recliner Winco 6530 Clinical Recliner Lumex Deluxe Clinical Care Recliner with Drop Arms Drive 3 Position Bariatric Clinical Care Recliner
Weight Capacity:350 lbs.450 lbs.275 lbs.350 lbs.500 lbs.
Overall weight:104 lbs.127 lbs.94 lbs.N/AN/A
Seat width:25″25″21″20.5″25″
Seat depth:20″20″20″19″20″
Seat height:20″21″21″22″N/A
Overall height:48.5″48.5″49″51.5″47.5″
Armrest height28.5″28.5″27″28″N/A

Best Geri Chairs

1. Swingaway Arm Clinical Recliner

Editor’s Rating


Swingaway Arm Clinical Recliner

Swingaway Arm Clinical Recliner

One of our top choices when it comes to a Geri chair is the Swingaway Arm Clinical Recliner. This chair has many thoughtful features that will make the user have a more comfortable time while using the chair. The swing-away armrests always allow for easy in and outs for whoever needs to use the chair.

The three-position leg rests extend automatically and can be changed directly by the user. Made from seamless and smooth upholstery that will not collect fluids.

The reclining back can also adjust in infinite positions for ultimate comfort. Another great feature with this chair is the standard Trendelenburg release handle that is available from either side of the chair. This Geri chair provides excellent features and comfort.

Swingaway Arm Clinical Recliner

Key Specifications

  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Product weight: 104 lbs.
  • Seat width: 21″
  • Seat depth: 20″
  • Seat height: 21″
  • Overall height: 48.5″
  • Overall width: 33.5″ with tray in the down position)
  • Overall length: (reclined) 76.5″
  • Wheel size: 5″

Score: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Exellent comfort
  • Release handle on both sides
  • 5″ nylon casters
  • Swing arm release
  • Removable side panels
  • Built-in ergonomic headrest


  • Water-Resistant overlay will cost more as an upgrade

2. Swingaway Arm Bariatric Clinical Recliner

Editor’s Rating


Swingaway Arm Bariatric Clinical Recliner

Swingaway Arm Bariatric Clinical Recliner

Geriatric chairs come in many sizes and weight capacities. One of our top choices for the best bariatric Geri chair is the Swingaway Arm Bariatric Clinical Recliner. This particular chair can support a weight capacity of 450 pounds making it a chair that can support most people. with easy swing release arms, it makes getting gout and in the chair a breeze.

The heavy-duty construction along with the Trendelenburg handle release make this chair an excellent choice for bariatric users who require a high-weight Geri chair.

We also love the standard feature like the fold-down side tray with cup recess that comes on either the right or left side of the chair. Those looking for a high-weight capacity Geri chair should have this chair on the list.

Swingaway Arm Bariatric Clinical Recliner

Key Specifications

  • Weight capacity: 450 lbs.
  • Product weight: 127 lbs.
  • Seat width: 25″
  • Seat depth: 20″
  • Seat height: 21″
  • Overall height: 48.5″
  • Overall width: 37.5″ (Tray down)
  • Overall length: 41″ (reclined)
  • Casters: 5″ nylon

Score: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Excellent weight capacity
  • Either side release handle
  • Dold down side tray with cup recess
  • Ergonomic headrest built-in
  • Swing arm release
  • Wide elastic band on back frame for excellent support and comfort


  • Not many downsides at this point of the review

3. Winco 6530 Clinical Recliner

Editor’s Rating


Wnco 6530 Clinical Recliner

Winco 6530 Clinical Recliner

A great overall Geriatric chair is Winco’s 6350 recliner. This chair is considered a stand in the clinical recliner chair market for good reason. With many great features, this chair provides years of use and comfort.

The molded fold-down side tray has a recess cup holder and can fold down and be mounted on both sides of the chair. It also features a standard Trendelenburg release handle from either side of the chair.

The built-in ergonomic headrest provides great comfort. Combine all these features and it provides excellent use, comfort, and value.

Wnco 6530 Clinical Recliner

Key Specifications

  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs.
  • Product weight: 94 lbs.
  • Seat width: 21″
  • Seat depth: 20″
  • Seat height: 21″
  • Overall height: 49″
  • Overall width: 32.25″
  • Overall length: 76.5″ (reclined)

Score: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Headrest is ergomomic
  • Release has easy access handle
  • Fold-down side tray on both sides
  • Removable side panels for simple maintenance
  • Nylon caster wheels
  • Well priced


  • Weight capacity could be higher

4. Lumex Deluxe Clinical Care Recliner

Editor’s Rating


Lumex Deluxe Clinical Care Recliner with Drop Arms

Lumex Deluxe Clinical Care Recliner

This Geriatric chair has some excellent features when it comes to safety, comfort, and the ability to clean the chair. Designed with an innovative and simple to use actuate drop arms feature that allows the person using eh chair to make lateral transfers easier for the caregiver.

What makes this Geri chair unique is the ability to go from an upright TV position to a full recline. Not only that but the contoured seat and back are wide for extra comfort. This combined with an integrated footrest makes this chair extremely comfortable.

The pop-out side panels are easily removable allowing for cleaning to be much easier. This is a great all-around Geri chair for many types of users.

Lumex Deluxe Clinical Care Recliner with Drop Arms

Key Specifications

  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Seat width: 20.5″
  • Seat depth: 19″
  • Seat height: 22″
  • Overall height: 51.5″
  • Overall width: 33″
  • Fully reclined depth in trendelenburg: 76″
  • Width (tables in upgright postion on both sides): 53″

Score: 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)


  • Goes from TV to full recline positions
  • Built in arm pads
  • Drop arm
  • Flame retardant
  • Sides panels remove easy
  • Casters for easy moving


  • Accessories can make price go up quickly

5. Drive 3 Position Bariatric Clinical Care Recliner

Editor’s Rating


Drive 3 Position Bariatric Clinical Care Recliner

Drive 3 Position Bariatric Clinical Care Recliner

This 3 position Bariatric Clinical Care Recliner is a very high weight Geri chair that is designed with the larger person in mind. What makes this chair unique is the 3 positions it can be put into. Upright, deep recline, and elevated leg rest/footrests.

This particular model has a newly designed back support for excellent comfort. With a very high weight capacity of 500 pounds, this chair can serve the needs of most individuals.

The chair comes with a molded side tray that includes a recess for a cup, 4 wheels for transport, and a standard release handle for quick back release that can be operated on either side of the recliner.

Drive 3 Position Bariatric Clinical Care Recliner

Key Specifications

  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Seat width: 32″
  • Seat depth: 20″
  • Seat-to-floor height: 21″
  • Overall height: 47.5″
  • Overall width: 32″

Score: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • 3 adjustable back positons
  • Well priced
  • High weight capacity
  • 5″ casters
  • Standard release handle
  • Built-in headrest
  • Adjustable seat and back straps


  • Not many complaints with this chair

What to look for when purchasing a Geri Chair

Geri chairs can make life much easier for both the person using the chair and for a caregiver. These are some important aspects to look for when making a purchase of a Geri chair.

Power options

Geri chairs come in a few different power options that you should be aware of. You can purchase a Geri chair that is either manual, gas assist (Hydraulic), or powered designs that will allow for the changing of positions of the chair.

Manual will be the most difficult to change positions because it takes the caregiver or the person using the chair to actually change positions.

This is done by grabbing the lever mechanism and pushing or pulling. These tend to have lower price points than plug-in power design chairs.

Keep this feature in mind and know that power will be easier but will cost more than the other two options.

Residential or healthcare facilities

Knowing how long you may need to use a Geri chair can also help if you should be looking at a residential or more healthcare-style chair.

If you only need a Geri chair for the short term then a more standard Geri chair or a 3 position chair might be all you need.

The price points will be a little less in general for a standard Geri chair. Those with life-long disabilities will almost surely want a chair that is infinite in positions or the tilt-in-space style chairs.


The comfort of the chair is important especially when the person will be sitting in the chair for long periods of time. Back supports, and integrated headrests are all important factors in keeping the person in the chair as comfortable as possible.

Position the Geri chair can be put in

Some Geri chairs can be put into different positions. This is important to keep the person in the chair as comfortable as possible. some chairs have infinite positions meaning they can be put into a fully vertical position all the way up to a sitting 90 degrees for eating or watching TV. The chairs we have listed in our top list all have the ability to be put in different positions.

Weight capacity

All Geri chairs have weight capacities that need to be followed. A standard Geriatric chair can have a weight limit from 250 – 350 pounds. Bariatric Geri chairs can have weight capacities that are up to 500 pounds or more.

Be sure that you or a loved one uses a chair that is below your weight limit. These limits are in place to keep the user of the chair safe and to have a comfortable experience while using the chair. If you are at the top of the weight limit we suggest finding a chair that has a higher weight limit.

Size of the chair

You may not be thinking of the size of the chair in terms of inches in width, height, and length but you need to. Know the total overall dimensions of the Geri chair so you can make sure it fits into the space you have. These chairs are larger than normal chairs and wheelchairs are require the proper space when they are reclined or when the trays are open.

How is a Geri chair different than a wheelchair? Geri chairs while they have wheels are not meant to be used as a mobility aid like a manual wheelchair. Geri chairs can be moved slowly if need be just to get them in the location of the home or facility they will be used at. They are heavy and meant to stay stationary most of the time. Where a wheelchair is used to get the person mobile again both indoor and out.

How do you use a Geri chair? Cheri chairs are easy to use. The side arm-rests on a lot of models swing down allowing for easy transfer from a wheelchair or transport chair into the Geri chair. Cup holders and footrests are easily available and reclining is done by a lever mechanism in a lot of chairs.

Is a Geri chair considered to be a wheelchair? No, a Geri chair is not a wheelchair or considered to be a wheelchair. it is a modified reclining chair meant to make someone with mobility issues or who is bedridden more comfortable while using a chair.

Can you sleep in a Geri chair? This will depend on the design of the Geri chair. Tilt-in-space position Geri chairs that have 4-positions are really good for sleeping on and can fold into a completely flat surface. Geri chairs that do not fold all the way may not be the most comfortable to sleep in.

Are Geri chairs heavy? They are heavier than most recliner types of chairs and can weigh an average of 100 -200 lbs. While lighter Geri chairs exist most will way in that range with bariatric chairs weight up to 300 plus pounds for some models.

Is a Geriatric chair and Geri chair the same thing? Yes. These mean the same thing. Even though some people may think that Geri chairs are only for someone of a certain age this is not true. Anyone looking for a more comfortable alternative to a regular recliner could in fact use a Geri chair.

Can Medicare cover the cost of a Geri Chair? It is possible if certain conditions are met. Medical conditions must qualify for such a chair as a muscular disease or other conditions that make moving an issue. The chair must also be prescribed by a doctor who has determined you will need to use such a chair. Coverage could also get limited to Geri chairs that have at least 5″ in diameter casters. Remember to ask for a receipt from the store that you purchase your Geri chair from as you will need this if you submit a claim from your insurance provider.

Final thoughts on Geri chairs

Geri chairs or Geriatric chairs are very important for those who should be using them. They can provide a comfortable alternative to bedridden patients or loved ones by offering them another way to sit or recline in another device other than a bed.

These chairs are larger, more comfortable, and offer more features than a standard recliner that is geared to making the person comfortable and feel safe while using the chair.

These chairs come in large styles that help anyone get into a specific position for lying down or just relaxing. while they are similar in what a recliner can but they have more features, the ability to move because of the wheelbase, and support much higher weights on some models.

Geri chairs are more user-friendly in terms of comfort for long-term homes or facilities like healthcare because they act more like a recliner than what a wheelchair can provide. You can even sleep in ones that fully recline flat like a bed.

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