How to make a shower floor less slippery: 4 Ways To Make Your Shower Floor Slippery-Free

If you have ever slipped in your shower, then you know how troublesome it can be. It’s an embarrassing and potentially dangerous situation to find yourself in, as a slip or fall could lead to a severe injury.

There are simple ways of helping to prevent this from happening in the first place or reduce the chances of it occurring again. Here are four tips

So, how do you make a shower floor less slippery? The trick is to use the right tools and products to help minimize slipping in the shower. Anti-slip shower mats, adhesive treads, and grab bars are all designed to help the user stay safe and reduce the chance of slipping.

Seniors, those with mobility issues, or anyone that is at a higher risk of falling in the shower should use methods to make the floor less slippery by using the methods below.

Falling in the shower happens to thousands of people each year with horrific consequences. Those in wheelchairs that have limited mobility should pay close attention when in the shower.

Method 1: Install an Anti-Slip Shower Mat

Anti-slip shower mats are great for those who fear slipping and falling. They provide traction that creates an anti-slip surface, and they can be placed on top of a wet or dry floor. In addition, the mats themselves come in various sizes and can be cut to fit the area of concern, which makes them easy to customize for your needs. 

Anti-slip shower mats are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at most major retailers. They are easy to install, and they come in various colors that allow you to match your decor. 

Expert tip: Anti-slip shower mats are not meant to be used as a replacement for a bath mat. 

Method 2: Use Anti-Slip Adhesive Treads

Anti-slip adhesive treads are often used in public spaces such as schools, offices, and gyms to prevent slips and falls. These can be purchased at any hardware store for a low price. Adhesive treads for bathrooms are usually made of a soft material that is easy to clean. They can be applied to the floor with double-sided tape or glue, and they provide an excellent anti-slip surface for wet surfaces.

Anti-slip tape is an affordable and easy to apply option for preventing slips and falls in the bathroom. This type of material can be purchased at any hardware store, but it may

Method 3: Apply an Anti-Slip Formula

Anti-Slip: Apply an anti-slip formula to your shower floor. There are many formulas and products available at the hardware store specifically for this purpose. It can be a paste or a liquid. This allows you to get a grip on the floor and not slip.

Anti-Bacterial: Another great way to prevent slipping in your shower is by applying an anti-bacterial agent. This will kill any bacteria that might be on the floor and prevent you from slipping.

Anti-Mold: If your shower is prone to mold, applying an anti-mold agent can help eliminate this issue. It will also prevent mold from growing on your shower floor.

Anti-Fungal: In addition to anti-mold, you can apply an anti-fungal agent to the shower floor.

Method 4: Install a Grab Bar

One way to make the shower floor less slippery is installing a grab bars. These bars are usually installed on both walls of the shower and provide stability for someone walking into or out of the shower.

Can you install crab bars yourself?

Yes, you can install a grab bar yourself. However, it takes some simple tools and a little bit of elbow grease. If you cannot install grab bars yourself, you can hire someone to do it for you.

Grab bars are a great way to make your shower floor less slippery and safer for everyone in the household. They can be installed anywhere along the shower walls, depending on your needs.

If you have a tub/shower combination, make sure to install the grab bars on both walls. Preventing slips and falls as well as providing stability and peace of mind.

Where do you place the bars?

If your shower has one, the best place to put your grab bar is on the side of the shower. You can also put them on both sides, depending on how you’re going to use them.

How expensive are shower bars?

Grab bars are very affordable. However, if you’re having difficulty affording them, check with your local government or social organizations for financial assistance programs.

How do they help?

Grab bars help you get in and out of the shower safely. They can also help you balance while getting dressed or shaving your legs.

How do they work?

Grab bars are designed to fit snugly against the wall. In addition, the bars are made of a unique material that is designed to be slip-resistant, even when wet.

The first step in installing your grab bar is to ensure it’s the right size. Measure the width of your shower, then measure the distance between studs in your walls. The grab bar should fit snugly against one wall and reach to within 4 inches of the

How to Make a Tiled Shower Floor Less Slippery

1. Clean the floor with a bleach and water mixture to kill microorganisms that might be making it slick, then rinse off the bleach residue.

2. Apply silicone or acrylic sealant to the floor to seal up any cracks.

3. Apply a layer of clear, non-skid vinyl tile adhesive to the surface and then lay down new tiles over it (or replace old


This concludes the essay on how to make a shower floor less slippery for yourself or if you are caring for an aging senior. There are many ways to do this, but it’s best to be mindful of the things that may seem obvious. 

For example, please don’t use a cleaner with bleach as it can make the floor slippery instead of less slippery.

Also, remember to use aids such as grab bars and anti-slip mats. These will make your shower floor slippery-free, and you’ll be able to enjoy a safe, hassle-free showering experience every day!

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