Best Non Slip Shower Mats For Seniors In 2022

A good non slip shower mat should be an essential product that seniors and even younger adults use in the shower.  These products help keep you upright in terms of not slipping.  But what are the best non slip shower mats for seniors?  What should look for when purchasing one?  Don’t worry we are going to explain everything in this guide on shower mats for seniors.  

So, what is the best non slip shower mats for seniors?  Mats that offer excellent grip, superior suction to the bottom of the tub, along with being machine washable and comfortable.  We reviewed some of the best shower mats and determined what we love about them.

Top 5 Best Shower Mats for Seniors

Our PickShower MatOur Rating
1.SlipX Solutions Extra-long Bath Mat4.8/5
2.Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath Showe Tub Mat4.6/5
3.AmazerBath Bath Tub Mat4.7/5
4.Yimobra Original Bath Shower Mat4.6/5
5.SlipX Solutions Blue Extra Long Rubber Safety Bath Mat4.5/5

1. SlipX Solutions Extra Long Bath Mat

This is our best overall solution for a non slip shower or bath mat.  You can choose from a multitude of colors and with over 200 function cups this mat is excellent at holding place.  In fact, it has 30 percent more coverage than an average non slip mat.  

Made from high-quality vinyl that is not only comfortable but gives it great non slip traction. 

Some mats hold water but this mat has excellent drainage capabilities because of the number of holes this mat uses.  It also allows for fast drying reducing the chance of mold spots.

What size is this bath mat?

16″ w x 36″L

Score: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Excellent draining
  • Over 200 suction cups
  • Excellent holding ability
  • Machine washable


  • Can have a weird smell at first

2. Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath, Shower Tub Mat

Our runner up is the Gorilla Grip Original bath and shower mat.  This mat offers great comfort and sticky ability when put on the bottom of your tub or bath.  This particular model bath mat comes in a lot of different colors so you can match almost any bathroom.

This bath mat has 324 suction cups that make holding it in place impressive.  Even on smooth surfaces.

This mat is antibacterial and mildew resistant that uses BPA free, non-toic latex-free, and phthalate-free materials.  It has no toxic smells. 

This mat uses small drain holes that allow water to circulate through in helping to prevent moisture under the matt that can help mold grow.

It’s washable in a washing machine so keeping it clean is easy.   

Score: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • 324 suction cups
  • BPA free, latex free, no toxic smell
  • Excellent non slip mat
  • Machine washable


  • Can get mold growth

3. AmazerBath Bath Tub Mat, 39 x 16 Inches Non-Slip Shower Mat

Here is another excellent choice when it comes to a non slip bath or shower mat for seniors.  This mat is large and covers a 39 x 16-inch space.  with over 200 suction cups this mat easily stays in place and provides a really good non slip surface.

There are 176 drain holes that help move water quickly from underneath the mat to keep it dry.  Made from a pc material it’s really easy to just put it in the washing machine and then let air dry before the next use. 

There is a small textured pattern on the top of the surface to help increase friction and slip resistance.  Even when liquid soaps won’t make the surface slick because of this. 

Score: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Excellent value
  • Great non slip material
  • Skid-resistant


  • Mat only attaches to smooth surfaces

4. Yimobra Original Bath Shower Mat

This non slip shower mat has 260 large suction cups that help keep it firmly in place while in use.  Made from vinyl this bath mat comes in a variety of colors that make an excellent choice for the bath or gym.  

It is a large math mat that covers from its 34.5 x 15.5 coverage area.  This mat is BPA-free, phthalate-free, and latex-free.  Excellent draining designed.

Cleaning this shower mat is really easy also.   It’s machine washable and just needs to be hung and air-dried.

Be sure to secure the suction cups before using them.   The best non slip shower mats for seniors will certainly help limit falls while in the shower. 

Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • 240 drain holes
  • Durable lycra and mesh cloth
  • 260 big suction holes
  • Machine washable


  • Prone to mold

5. SlipX Solutions Blue Extra Long Rubber Safety Bath Mat

This is a fantastic extra long non slip bath mat that is made of natural rubber that makes standing on it you will feel how soft and slip-resistance this mat is.  What makes this very secure once it is put down on the bottom of the tub is the 220 suction cups that keep it in place.  

Another great feature is the ease of cleaning.  That’s because you can machine wash the mat making it easy to care for. 

What size is this mat?

18″w x 36″L

Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Extra-large coverage area
  • 220 suction cups to keep mat firmly in place
  • Washable


  • Not as comfortable to sit down on as other mats

Best non slip shower mats Buying Guide

Seniors fall in the shower at an alarming rate.  If you or a loved one feels shakey in a shower then a nonslip shower mat would be helpful.  If balance and stability issues are also a major factor when looking for a good shower chair would also be the next step in keeping you or the person you love safe.  

Below are some factors that could be looked at before making a purchase of a shower mat for seniors.

The best material for a non slip bath mat

The best material for non slip bath mats will be made from materials that are BPA free, Phthalate-free, and latex-free.   Bath mats should be able to last you a significant amount of time so the materials should be of high quality.  The 5 bath mats we reviewed all use good materials that last.

Comfort when standing on a bath mat

A bath mat is used so that you can have a surface that is not as slick so it can help reduce falls in adults and seniors while they are in the shower or tub. 

A lot of shower bath mats get a complaint that they are not as comfortable because the surfaces a lot of times use a raised surface. 

Not all bath mats do but a lot of them have raised surfaces.  this is done because if soup or shampoo falls on that mat it can run into the lowe channels and the mat will still be non slip.  

Number of suction cups

The suction cups are what hold the mat in place so you do not slide while standing on the mat.  Having the right number of function cups is important to keep the mat in place while using it.  The mats we reviewed above all have hundreds of suction cups to keep the mats in place.  Either a mat has a lot of cups or fewer put larger cups.  You will want to make sure that the mat you purchase has a sufficient amount of suction cups to 

Drain holes to keep the underside as clean and dry as possible to reduce mold

You may not think much of drain holes or even realize they are in a shower mat but they are there for an important purpose.  This is to funnel water from underneath the mat and to try and keep it as dry as possible. 

This is to reduce the chance of mold and to help with keeping the functions from staying firm and hold. All of the non slip shower mats we reviewed all have adequate drain holes.

Ease of cleaning your non slip shower mat

You may think because you are using your mat in the shower that it will automatically be clean.  That is not the case.  You will have to clean your bath mats occasionally because as they get wet they can and most likely get mold spots.  

The 5 best non slip shower mats that we reviewed all can be thrown into the washing machine for easy hassle-free cleaning from time to time.  Then all that needs to be done is hung and dryer naturally before the next use. 

Why using a non slip bath mat can help prevent falls

best non slip shower mats for seniors

It’s safer to use a bath mat while seniors are in a shower

Simply put a non slip bath mat helps reduce slipping than if you using a bath without a non slip mat.  Seniors are at a higher risk of falling and using the best non slip shower mats can help reduce falls in the tub.

It is safer to use a bath mat in our opinion.  

How many seniors fall in the shower each year?

Another reason for a non slip bath mat is because when you look at the numbers from the U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention show that one if four Americans that are aged 65 years and older fall each year.

In-fact every 11 seconds an older adult has to go to the emergency room because of a fall.  Every 19 minutes an elderly adult dies from a fall.  Below are some eye-opening stats from the elderly that fall.

Elderly AdultsFall Data
65 years or older:One in four falls each year
Every 11 seconds:Older adult heads to the emergency room to be treated
Every 19 minutes:Older adults die from a fall
Among older adults:Falls are the leading cause of fatal injury
Fall result in:2.8 million injuries in emergency departments annually
2015 resulted in:50 billion in cost. Medicare and Medicaid took on 78% of costs

So, what are the best non slip shower mats for seniors?

We took a look at a lot of non slip shower mats for seniors.  The top 5 shower mats in our opinion will likely make a good purchase for a shower mat.  But we choose the best one in our opinion.  

Our top choice for the best non slip shower mat is…

SlipX Solutions Extra Long Bath MatReal Soft Leather Mesh Fingerless Wheelchair Gloves

This top bath mat has the great suction ability, easily can be washed in the washing machine, and drains well with the proper drain holes.  We believe it will make a great addition to your bath or tub to help you or a loved one when taking a shower by helping to provide a nonslip experience. 

5/5 (2 Reviews)
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