Vive Knee Walker Review

The Vive Mobility Knee Walker is a lightweight, steerable, and easy-to-use mobility aid that helps anyone with a below-the-knee injury have a safe and comfortable maneuver and stay active

The Vive Mobility Knee Walker is a medical device used to help people who have suffered a lower leg injury or surgery.

It is an alternative to crutches, and it allows the user to move around without putting any weight on their injured leg.

The knee walker has four wheels, and it is easy to maneuver. It also has a basket for carrying things like a phone, water bottle, wallet, etc. We love how easy it took to put together. The overall experience we had reviewing this product was excellent.

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Our Score: 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

Vive Medical Knee Walker

Vive Health Knee Walker
  • Excellent for broken foot or ankle issues
  • Smooth ride
  • Very adjustable
  • Steerable

What is the Vive Mobility Knee Walker?

A knee walker is an excellent option for people who have recently undergone surgery on their foot or ankle or those dealing with a chronic injury. It ranks as one of our best knee scooters.

This device allows you to move around without putting any weight on your injured foot or ankle, which can help speed up the healing process. These devices help minimize the risk of further injury and can also help you avoid re-injuring your foot or ankle.

The Vive mobility Knee Walker is an excellent option for people looking for an affordable and reliable way to stay mobile even when you have a leg injury.

Features on the Vive Knee Walker

The Vive Health Knee Walker is an excellent option for those who need knee support while walking. In addition, it is very reasonably priced, especially considering all of the features it offers.

Excellent weight capacity

The Vive knee walker can support weights up to 300 pounds making it durable for higher weights. It should be known that if you or a loved one is close to this capacity, we recommend you find a knee scooter that can accommodate higher weights. This will provide a safer and more comfortable experience.

Fully adjustable leg and handle height

Adjustable height for Vive knee scooter
The Vive Health Knee Walker offers fully adjustable leg and handles height, making it an excellent choice for people of all sizes. The ability to adjust the height of the knee walker is essential for ensuring that it is comfortable to use and that it provides the support that you need.

To raise or lower the knee cushion or handle takes seconds. A simple knob is used to tighten and loosen those areas to adjust. We found them to be easy to use with no necessary tools.

Supports a wide range of heights

This knee walker suits heights from 5’3″ to 6’8″ because of the adjustable knee cushion and handles. This allows for a more tailored experience that makes the knee scooter safer and more comfortable.

Ergonomic handbrakes

Brakes on the knee walker

The ergonomic handbrakes make it easy to control your speed and stop. The brakes are also easy to engage and release to go at your own pace. We like how there are brakes on both handles as someone could have an injury or a weak hand on one side. Two breaks help to eliminate that problem.

Folding design for easy storage and transport

The Vive Health Knee Walker is an excellent choice for those needing mobility assistance. It is lightweight and easily folds for storage and transport.

Because of this, you can easily take the knee walker with you in a car or on public transportation to stay mobile.

Thick, comfortable knee pad

Vive Knee Pad

The leg that is injured will be placed in the knee walker pad; because of this, you need to make sure the padding is thick enough, so you stay comfortable while using the device.

Vive uses a very thick and comfortable knee pad that helps to cushion your knee and leg while in use. This makes operating the knee walker not only more accessible by more satisfying.

8″ Wheels

Vive Knee Walker Wheels

The four 8″ polyurethane wheels are great for stability and a smooth ride over many different terrains. We noticed that this knee walker performed well over different terrains but was challenging to move in taller grass.

However, if you need a knee walker for heavier terrains like taller grass, Vive has an excellent model for all-terrain. You can check out their All-Terrain Knee Walker to see if this would better suit your needs.

Free storage Bag

Vive Knee Walker Storage Bag

We love the free storage bag that comes with this knee walker. It is well built with side pockets, clips, and enough room to hold a water bottle, wallet, charger, phone, and other things you want to bring.

It also can be removed and used as a shoulder bag. The bag, in our opinion, is a better method of holding any stuff you have over using a basket that a lot of other companies will use—a great concept from Vive.

Vive Health Knee Walker Specifications

Vive Health Knee Walker S
Product weight25 lbs.
Weight capacity300 lbs.
Knee pad height adjustable between18″-23″
Knee pad dimensions14″ x 7″ at its widest part
Front Wheels + Frame16″ at its widest point
Wheels (Four)8″ Polyurethane
BrakingDual wheel braking system
Designed for heights between5’3″- 6’5″
Type of frameFoldable at two fold points

What we like

  • Great weight capacity
  • Feels sturdy with good stability
  • Adjustability is easy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Storage bag
  • Two hand brakes

Could improve

  • Turning in small spaces can be an issue
  • The knee pad is a little hard

How much does the Vive Knee Walker Cost?

You can expect to pay $189.00 for this particular walker. The quality of the build and the features that come with this knee walker make the price competitive. However, some cheaper models are available, so overall; this walker will cost a little more than the average knee walker cost when looking at other walkers in the same class. Make sure to check with your insurance company if you get any coverage with a knee walker

Frequently asked questions

Should you get a cushion for the knee pad? Unfortunately, yes. Vive sells a knee pad cover that makes the knee pad much more comfortable when in use. We found the knee pad to be adequate but a little stiff still, in our opinion.

Can I get replacements parts if I need them? Yes, you can. You can call 1-800-487-3808 to speak to someone directly and get the replacement parts you need.

Do you need tools to assemble this knee walker? No. The assembly was speedy and required no tools. We put the knee walker together in under 5 min with no tools required.

Does Vive make an all-terrain knee walker? Yes. Vive also sells their all-terrain knee scooter with larger wheels for all types of terrain. This walker is great for those who want to spend more time outdoors over pavements, grass, and gravel.

Final thoughts

The Vive Health Knee Walker is a great budget-friendly option for those who need a knee walker. It is comfortable to use, has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, and folds down for easy storage and transport.

The adjustable handlebars make it easy to customize the height to suit your needs. In addition, the walker was packaged in excellent condition and was a breeze to assemble.

Those looking for a quality knee walker to help gain mobility during a foot or ankle injury will find this walker easy to use and gets the job done.

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