Best Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs (2021 Review & Buying Guide)

As you know there are different types of wheelchairs for different situations.  A transport wheelchair unlike a standard wheelchair has smaller wheels and is meant to have someone push the transport chair.   Unlike a regulator wheelchair that can be propelled by the person sitting in the wheelchair.   

The best lightweight transport wheelchairs will be used when you know there will be someone to push you or whoever will be sitting in that chair.

What are the best lightweight transport wheelchairs?

They are the ones that are made from lightweight, strong materials that are easy-to-push and easier to break down and transport.  Let’s take a look at some of the top transport wheelchairs you can get for your needs.

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The Top 5 Best Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs

1. Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair with Handbrakes

The Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair is our top choice among transport chairs.  It has larger 12 inch rear wheels and two 8 inch front wheels so it can be pushed easier over outside terrain and still be used indoors easy. 

Made from aluminum the frame is lightweight and still has a capacity weight limit of 300 pounds. 

The back is collapsible and folds down so it can be stored easily for transport or any type of travel.

Important dimensions to know:

Seat Dimesnions: 18×16 inches

Best Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs
Our rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)



2. Carex Transport Wheelchair

A very lightweight and transportable wheelchair that can fold and easily stored.  It also has swing-away footrests that make getting in and out of the chair easier.  This transport chair also has a safety belt and a wide 19-inch seating area.

We love that no assembly required and the steel frame can support weights up to 300 pounds.  This is a great choice at a very affordable price to own a compact and easy to operate transport chair.

Important information to know:

  • Weight of chair: 25 pounds
  • Seat width: 19 inches
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
Top Transport Wheelchairs
Our rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)



3. Drive Medical TR39E-SV Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair

Made from durable steel that allows this tiny and light wheelchair to support up to 250 pounds. This chair is made from a nylon set upholstery that is really easy to keep clean.

It has both front and rear composite 8 inch wheels that make it easier to maneuver around the house or inside any area.

Important Dimensions:

  • Seat: 16x17x19 inches
  • Seat height:  19 inches
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds
  • Wheels: 8 inches
Our rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)



4. Medline Transport Wheelchair with Lightweight Steel Frame

AN excellent lightweight transport wheelchair that only weighs 23 pounds making it easy to transport.  With its large 12 inch back wheels, it will make this chair easier to push outside on even sections.  

The nylon upholstery features microban antimicrobial technology that inhibits the growth of stains and orders from mold, mildew, and bacteria. 

We love that this wheelchair offers easy storage because of its folding ability and tool-free assembly.  The large 19″ W x 16″ seat makes things comfortable for anyone sitting in it.

This transport chair can support up to 300 pounds.

Lightweight Wheelchairs
Our rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)



5. Drive Medical Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

One of the lightest transport wheelchairs is the Drive Medical Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair.  It only ways 19.95 pounds.  Put still has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. 

The back folds down for easy transport and storage and has a tool-free height-adjustable swing away for the footrests so it can easily get in and out of.

This wheelchair has 8-inch casters in the rear and 6″ casters upfront and an aluminum rear wheel lock.

Some important dimensions you should know:

  • Folded dimensions: 33″ x 9″ x 36″
  • Seat width between arms: 18.75″
  • Seat depth: 15.25″
  • Seat height: 18″
best wheelchairs Super Light
Our rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)



Best Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs Buying Guide

Lightweight transport wheelchairs are much easier for someone to transport and push because they are designed to be lighter and easier for the person to push then a traditional wheelchair that would be heavier. 

With all the choices of transport chairs, what are the best lightweight transport wheelchair materials, weight, and accessories you should be looking for?  We put together a guide on what you should keep in mind when looking. 

Wheelchair Weight

The entire idea of the transport wheelchair is making it lightweight and easier to transport.  It also is designed to make it easier for the person that needs to push the transport chair. 

Remember these chairs are not like a manual wheelchair where the person sitting in the chair can propel themselves.  The wheel systems are different and someone needs to physically push the person.

When looking for the best transport wheelchairs find ones that are lightweight and that break down smaller for easy transport.  The ones we reviewed above fit that mold. 


You are going to want to try and get a comfortable wheelchair even in a lightweight transport wheelchair.  Try to remember you will need a slighter larger width in the seat especially if you are in colder weather areas so you can have room for larger clothes and jackets. 

Also, accessories like wheelchair cushions can really turn an okay comfortable wheelchair into a very comfortable experience.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity will vary from different wheelchairs depending on the construction and design.  Before making a purchase of any wheelchair be sure to check the weight capacity of the chair.  If you are close to the max weight of the chair we would suggest looking for a higher capacity to ensure your safety. 

Hand Brakes

Not all transport chairs have hand brakes but some do.  If you feel more comfortable having these on the handles you can find these quite easy.  We have listed one in our top 5 that offers hand brakes.  

These hand brakes can make stoping the transport wheelchairs easier especially for the person that is pushing the chair.

These types of hand brakes work very similarly to the brakes that are on a bicycle.   Simply squeezing them activates the brake to stop the wheelchair. 


If you have noticed the wheels on a transport chart are smaller than your traditional manual wheelchairs.  This is because transport chairs are meant to be pushed by someone other than the person sitting in the chair.  It is also meant to be lighter and transported easier by the way of folding.  

However, some transport chairs have larger wheels than other transport chairs.  The smaller the wheels the more difficult it will be for outside use.  

If you want a transport chair that can work easier outside and inside look for a transport chair with larger back wheels. 

Foldability And Transport Ease

Each wheelchair is designed a little differently.  Even though they all look similar they function differently and that goes for folding for transport.  You will want to make sure your transport chair has the ability to fold and when it does fold it should fold nice and tight for easy transport. 

Remember, if you cant fold the chair easy and get it into a vehicle it will be almost useless to you especially for those who need a wheelchair to have their mobility back. 

Additional Features To Think About

When thinking about your transport chair think about footrests and arms rests. Do you want to be able to remove those for any reason?  

Footrests may need to be removed for the person to get in and easier.  If this is a requirement make sure you know if the footrests can swing in and out.  Before purchasing a transport wheelchair or canes, or any other mobile device for walking make sure you think about the requirements you really want in the chair.

So, What Are The Best Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs?

Choosing the best lightweight transport wheelchair will make a big difference is a way you feel in the chair, transport the chair, and how the person pushing you will feel on a daily basis.  

Our top choice for the best transport wheelchair is…

Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair with Handbrakes

The Medline lightweight transport wheelchair provides hand breaks, easy transport, bigger back tires for outdoor use, and has leg rests that can swing out of the way.  

5/5 (2 Reviews)
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