How To Adjust Anti-Scald Valve (Bathtub Or Shower)

Temperature fluctuations happen all the time when someone turns on another faucet, or if someone takes a bath and starts the water while someone else is already in the shower you can suddenly get hit with hot scalding water.  This can be dangerous for anyone including seniors.  An anti-scald valve can solve this problem. 

This article will cover everything you need to know about the anti-scald valve and why you should have one in your bathroom.

What Is An Anti-Scald Valve?

This is a device that is built into the shower handle that will regulate pressure from both the cold and hot water lines so there are no sudden changes in temperature.   

Depending on how new your house is you may already have these anti-scald valves in your shower handles because new construction codes require them. 

If your dwelling is older you may not have them and we suggest you put them in because water temperatures can get so hot so quick it can use burns.

Pro Tip: Limit How Hot The Water Can Get In Your Home
Experts recommend that you should limit your tap water so that the temperature can go no higher than 120º F.

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Why You Should Have An Anti-Scald Pressure Balancing Valve

Simply put installing an anti-scald pressure-balancing valve in your shower can help prevent burns.  Did you know that a third-degree burn can happen in only 5 seconds if the water temperate spikes while you in the shower?  

Lowering the overall water temperature below 120 degrees might foster the growth of bacteria so keeping your water temperature above this is recommended. 

Some experts say to set to 140 degrees as this kills any harmful bacteria so having an anti-scald pressure valve should be used to keep you and your family safe while in the shower. 

How To Adjust The Anti-Scald Valve

Anti-scald valve

Do adjust the anti-scald valve you will need a screwdriver or drill to remove all the outer components to get to the valve.  once you get to the valve you may need a needle nose pliers to turn it.

Step 1.  Remove the handle:  You will need to remove the shower handle to get to the valve.  Unscrew the other handle and then the inner parts like rings and washers.  Remember, to take a picture of how this looks before you remove them so you can have reference to correctly put them back in place. 

Step 2: Adjust the valve:  Now that you have removed all of the outer components you should see the valve.  Look for numbers printed no the valve that will indicate what it’s currently set at.  If it is not marked you will have to try the water once you turn the gear to see if you get the right temperature. 

You should see a circular gear that needs to be turned.   

How Does An Anti-Scald Valve Work?

The Anti-scald valve regulates water pressure or temperatures.  Why is this important?  Because water temperatures can overheat causing burns in under 5 seconds.  

The anti-scald valve equipment balances the pressure between cold and hot supplies to prevent scalding from overheated water. 

There are a few different types of anti-scald valves. 

Thermostatically controlled anti-scald valves can be placed in individual showers or bathrooms.  This type of valve makes controlling the water temperature as well as the volume.  These are mostly used in bathrooms that have more showerheads. 

Pressure-sensitive anti-scald valves allow pressure to be balanced between the incoming flow of cold and hot water.  Did you know that cold water has low pressure while hot water has high pressure?  This valve balances the two. 

This valve helps to prevent overheated water from moving to the showerheads because it can sense and regulate the difference if there is a shortage of cold water and then regulates the hot water pressure. 

How To Install An Anti-Scald Valve

Installing an anti-scald valve can be somewhat of a lengthy process and if you are not familiar with plumbing we highly suggest you call a professional in to handle this job for you. 

Because this deals with hot water you are going to want to make sure this job is done correctly.

However, if you are the DIY project type you can certainly try doing this job yourself.  There are a lot of guides online on how to complete this. 

Below is a video showing a step-by-step guide on how to install an anti-scald valve. 

Final Thoughts

Anti-scald valves are important for the safety of you and your loved ones against potential burns from rapid hot water that can happen without much warning. 

Homes with seniors or elderly who may live by themselves should have these valves in place.  This can help avoid any accidents due to scalding.

Remember to:

  • Adjust your heater thermostat so it is between 120 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Turn on the shower water before you get it and wait a few seconds so they temperate regulates.  Never just jump in and turn on the water.
  • Children and the elderly may want to be supervised. 
  • Use a plumber to install the anti-scald valve so you know it’s done correctly. 

We hope this guide has shed light on why you should have an anti-scald valve and how to adjust or install one so you or your loved ones can be safer while in the shower. 

Related Questions

What is considered safe water temperate for a bath?  Experts say that the ideal temp for a shower or bath should be anywhere from one or two degrees above your body temperature of the standard 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.  

This makes the ideal temperature from 98 to 100 degrees the ideal temperature. 

How hot does water have to be to burn you?  Water at 140 Degrees can lead to bad burning of human skin within 3 to 5 seconds.  120 degrees can also burn you but it will take about 10 minutes to get serious burns. 

Our Elderly at more risk of scaling in the shower?  Data has shown that the elderly are most at risk of scaling burn in the s shower than other ages. 

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