Best Swimming Pool & Spa Lifts in 2023

Like other types of assistive lifting mobility devices, a swimming pool lift is designed to help people transfer from the side of the pool into the pool or spa easily and safely.  It also used to get them back out of the pool when ready.   Because of this technology the best swimming pool lifts can now be sued at your home pool to allow anyone with mobility issues that chance to safely gain pool access. 

The benefits of owning a swimming pool lift are great.  not only do you or a loved one get a chance to get back into a pool but to exercise and enjoy the water but it does it in a safe and effective way.  It’s much safer for the person using the lift and for the caregiver operating the lift.  It takes the stress off both people. 

What is a swimming Pool lift?

Like other types of automatic lifting aids, a pool lift helps to safely transfer a patient or loved one from the edge of a pool or spa into the pool.  It also assists in lifting that person back out of the water with little effort from the person or caregiver. 

These devices help you in using a swimming pool to help rehab or just to enjoy the water for anyone with mobility issues.

A pool lift attaches next to the pool and uses a chair or sling for you or a loved one to get into and then turned from the edge to over the water and gently lowered into the water. 

The same is true for getting out of the pool.  The person sits in the sling or chair-style sling and is lifted slowly out of the water back to dry footing. 

These devices are now lighter and stronger and can be used in home pools because of the advancement in technologies. 

Who needs a swimming pool or spa lift?

Anyone who has mobility issues, or needs aquatic therapy would use or need a pool or spa lift.  Water therapy is an excellent source of exercise for people with mobility issues because water will reduce gravity and make moving on joints much easier. 

This can help to reduce pain and muscle ache while promoting better blood flow and flexibility. 

Seniors who also have mobility issues would find using a pool lift one of the safest and stress-free ways to enter and exit a pool.  

What are some benefits of installing an in-home pool lift?

There are some excellent benifits to having in-home pool lift installed.  For one aquatic therapy is excellent for those who have mobility issues and need to take off joint stress from legs and arms.  Water allows this to happen and even severe mobility patients can gain some exercise by going into the water.

Even those who do not have severe mobility problems but still like to get into a pool would like the benefits of a safe and stress-free way of entering and exiting a pool with little effort from the user or the caregiver. 

Best Swimming Pool Lifts

Our RankSwimming Pool LiftOur Score
1.Aqua Creek Ranger 2 Pool Lift4.7/5
2.Aqua Creek Spa Lift Elite4.5/5
3.Aqua Creek Mighty 600 Pool Lift4.6/5
4.Power EZ 2 Pool Lift4.7/5
5.Hoyer Classic Pool Lift4.5/5

Top Swimming Pool & Spa Lifts Comparison Charts

 Aqua Creek Ranger 2 Pool LiftAqua Creek Spa lift EliteAqua Creek Mighty 600 Pool LiftPower EZ 2 Pool LiftHoyer Classic Pool Lift
Key SpecsAqua Creek Ranger 2 pool liftAqua Creek Spa Lift ElitePower EZ 2 Pool LiftHoyer Classic Pool Lift
Our Rating:4.7/54.6/54.5/54.6/54.5/5
Weight Capacity:350 lbs.300 lbs.600 lbs.400 lbs.450 lbs.
Product Weight:110 lbs.185 lbs.170 lbs.70 lbs.108 lbs.
Overall Length:33″-62.875″N/AN/A66.75″76″
Overall width:26.25″ -63.125″N/AN/A30.625″27.5″
Maximum Water Draft:14″N/A14″20″N/A
Vertical travel distance: N/A58.875″50″52.25″No

1. Aqua Creek Ranger 2 Pool Lift

Best Overall

The Ranger 2 Pool lift is a new ADA-compliant lift that has a 350-pound weight capacity with a field reversible design.  It also comes standard with a 14-inch deck to water draft.  This lift can be independently operated by the user because of two simple handset buttons.

This particular model will work exceptionally well in a hotel pool or even a backyard pool for individuals. 

Made from all stainless steel it is very durable and it also has a 5 year structural and 5 year prorated electronic warranty.  

We love that this device comes fully assembled and ready to be installed.

Comes with a lift, seat, flip-up armrests, rechargeable battery, charger, footrest, lapbelt, and handset. 

Aqua Creek Ranger 2 pool lift

Key Specifications

  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Product weight: 75 lbs.
  • Power type: Battery
  • Construction: All stainless steel

Score: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • ADA compliant
  • Excellent built and warranty
  • Comes with a lot of standard features
  • Ships fully assembled


  • Not many downfalls. Those that do not want to recharge batteries will need to look for a powered plugin version.

2. Aqua Creek Spa Lift Elite

The Aqua Creek Spa Lift Elite is an ADA-compliant lift that has a very high clearing height of up to 68 inches.   Great for outdoor style above ground pools and spas when the height is below 68 inches. 

This device uses an easy push-button operation system that also allows for a 360 degree powered rotation.  Constructed from stainless steel and finished with a durable coat of powdered finish for excellent look and durability. 

This device is ideal for those looking for a stress-free way to get in and out of the pool those with mobility issues.

This lift comes with the lift, rechargeable battery, and a charger.  The sit has flip-up armrests for more comfort and stability when in motion. 

Aqua Creek Spa Lift Elite

Key Specifications

  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Product weight: 185 lbs.
  • Power type:
  • Max lifting range: 68″

Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • ADA compliant
  • Flip-up armrests and adjustable pull-out leg rest
  • 360 degree powered rotation
  • Well made


  • Not many complaints. But you will need to recharge the battery from time to time or after each use to ensure the battery does not die during the next transfer.

3. Aqua Creek Mighty 600 Pool Lift

For those that require a bariatric pool lift that can support heavier weights the Aqua Creek Mighty 600 pool lift should be able to safely and easily get you or a loved one in a pool.  It has a 600 weight capacity and is also ADA compliant. 

We also love the fact that this particular model has a 360-degree rotating chair.  It also has an adjustable height seat pole that can allow up to an additional 6″ in seat adjustment.  

Aqua Creek Mighty 600 pool lift

Key Specifications

  • Weight capacity: 600 lbs.
  • Product weight: 170 lbs.
  • Power type: 24 Volt Battery
  • Rotation: 360 degree

Score: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Excellent weight capacity
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Adjustable seat pole


  • Heavier than other models.

4. Power EZ 2 Pool Lift

This power patient lift by Power EZ 2 Pool lift is an excellent lift that has a weight capacity of 400 pounds with a product weight of only 70 pounds.  This makes relocation and storage really easy.  

This particular model can also clear heights of up to 26″ high so if there are lips or other small walls that are under this height this lift can accommodate those heights. 

This also has a 360-degree manual rotation and uses a 24 volt rechargeable battery.

Power EZ 2 Pool Lift

Key Specifications

  • Weight capacity: 600 lbs.
  • Product weight: 170 lbs.
  • Power type: 24 Volt Battery
  • Rotation: 360 degree

Score: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Excellent portability and weight
  • Easy-to-use
  • Comes with a lift and mesh sling


  • Battery needs to be recharged so it does not stop in the middle of a transfer

5. Hoyer Classic pool Lift

This is a great pool lift from Hoyer.  A stainless steel painted finish that helps to resist corrosion in humid environments will bring long-lasting and easy entry into a swimming pool for those that need it. 

With a 400-pound weight capacity and a lifting range of a full 62″ most people will find this lift exactly what they require.  

It comes with a sling and uses hydraulic power that can be used anytime the lift needs to be operated. 

Hoyer Classic swimming Pool Lift

Key Specifications

  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Product weight: 75 lbs.
  • Power type: Manual
  • Max lifting range: 68″

Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Great recreational swimming lift for home use
  • 112-D Sling included
  • Well made and look great
  • Hydraulic power


  • Install may need to be done by professional

Best Swimming Pool and Spa Lift buying guide

For those looking for a pool lift, you will have to consider a few important factors before making a final decision.  From your budget to the type of pool or spa you will be using the lift at will need to be considered among other factors.  Let’s take a look at some of the important things to consider. 

Type of Pool the lift will be used for

Depending on what type of pool you have would determine the type of lift you may ultimately get.  The two most common pool types will be in-ground or below-ground pools or above-ground pools.  

The main difference will be lift distance.  Fixed lifts have better learning rates and most likely will be suited much better for the needs of getting over and clearing objects. 

Lifting Height Matters

Think about a few factors with the lifting height.  Is the pool indoors?  Are there max height restrictions that would take place because of this?   If so, know what the maximum lifting height would be for your indoor pool.  

outside pools may need to think about different types of impediments.  For instance, is there a wall or a lip that needs to be cleared in order to safely reach the water?  If so know the lifting height of the pool lift. 

Water Depth Will play a role installation

According to ADA standards at the time of this writing, a pool lift needs to be installed where the water level does not exceed 48 inches.  However, there are two expectations to this rule.  The entire pool has a depth deeper than 48 inches then compliance is not required.  or there are multiple pool lift locations are provided, no more than one pool lift is required to locate where the water level is 48 inches maximum. 

ADA Compliant

These ADA compliant guideless come from the Americans with Disabilities Act and they have instructed and put forth very strict guidelines for Pool lifts and equipment is to be used around the water.  

Lifts must adhere to these guidelines so there is the utmost confidence in using the aids.    Simply put.  If the high standards are not met then they will not be approved by the ADA.  Simply knowing if the pool lift is approved by the ADA should tell you if you should look further for a different pool lift.  

ADA makes sure there is the proper water depth, weight capacity, seat width, and more within the pool and spa lift.  If you do not see the product is ADA approved look elsewhere. 

The capacity of the lift

We will first say that you should never use a pool lift that does not have a weight capacity the can accommodate your weight. 

Most pool lifts that you will see have a weight capacity of around 300 pounds.  Heavy-duty or bariatric lifts can be used in case when the weight capacity does not work for a user.

Always look at the weight limit of the lift to make sure you fall within the safe range of use. 

No the different types of power available in a swimming pool lift

There are different power methods that a swimming pool and spa pool lift. 

Portable pool lifts:

A good rule of thumb is if you are looking for a portable lift that will always be battery-powered to move the lift up and down.  To keep the lift working you can charge the battery to keep it at full capacity.

Fixed pool lifts:

You have several options when looking at fixed swimming pool lifts.    You can get a lift that is:

  • Manual
  • Battery
  • Electric 
  • Hydraulic

Manual lifts: They are moved up and down manually similar to that of a manual patient lift.  

The battery lifts: They use a battery and need to be charged to endure they do not stop in the transfer process.

Electric lifts:  They plug into a power source and can be used independently from a caregiver.  Meaning the patient can use the lift themselves to get them in and out of the water.

Hydro lifts:  These types of lifts use pool water.  They use pressure from the water.  

Footrests and headrests are important

This factor will really apply to those with severe mobility issues when a foot and headrest will be needed in order to get the safest and most proper support when moving in and out of the water. 

Having a footrest and headrest will give the person in the lift the most secure and comfortable ride.  Using armrests is another method of getting the person in the hoist to feel even more secure.  

For those that do not require a footrest and headrest, you could bypass these features.  It will also help with cost as well. 

Final Verdict

After researching the best pool lifts we have made our decision on the best swimming pool and spa lift.  We choose the Aqua Creek Ranger 2 Pool Lift as our best choice.  With its ADA compliance, excellent build, and looks this pool lift will give anyone a safe and easy way to transfer into a pool. 

5/5 (1 Review)
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