Best Wheelchair Armrest Pads (Most Comfortable For 2023)

Wheelchair armrest pads are a personal choice for many wheelchair users.  While they do provide extra comfort they also may provide some drawbacks in terms of making the wheelchair not be able to fit under tables and desks.  They also provide additional weight.  With that said the right wheelchair armrest pads can provide extra comfort that you could benefit from.  

So what are the best armrest pads?  The best wheelchair armrest pads are those that provide excellent support for your arms while resting on them.  They should be comfortable, lightweight, and have the ability to remove them if need be.

Wheelchair Armrests Reviews

After researching many armrests for wheelchairs we have narrowed down our choices to the top 5 best wheelchair armrests in our opinion.  These armrests would make a good choice for anyone looking for extra comfort on your arms while resting in a wheelchair.  After reading hundreds of in-depth user reviews we believe we have curated a solid list of options for our users.  We hope this list explains what to look for when choosing a good pair of armrests for your wheelchair. 

Comfortable, easy to install, and lightweight armrests can make an excellent addition to your wheelchair arms all while making for a more comfortable experience while using your wheelchair.  Let’s dig into the top wheelchair armrest pads. 

Top 5 Wheelchair armrest Pads

Our RankArmrest padOur Score
1.Vive Wheelchair Armrest Cover4.7/5
2.Posey 6320 Deluxe Lateral Armrest4.6/5
3.Skil Care 706005 Wheelchair E Z On Lateral Arm Rest Support Foam Cushion Pad4.5/5
4.Nova Sheepskin Fleece Armrest Covers For Wheelchairs4.6/5
5.Wheelchair Armrest Covers, Non-Slip Arm Rest Cover Cushion Pad4.6/5

Editors Choice

1. Vive Wheelchair Armrest Cover

Vive Armrest

This hypoallergenic synthetic sheepskin arm cover by Vive is our top choice when it comes to wheelchair armrest pads.  They are comfortable, easy to install, and lightweight.  

Easy to install

They simply fold around the wheelchair arm and are fastened to the armrest.  They are just as easy to remove when you have to as well.  

Comfortable wheelchair arm pads

This particular design uses thick memory foam as a layer that is breathable to add a nice layer of support for the arms and elbow.  The outside hypoallergenic synthetic sheepskin arm covers help protect against nerve pain, soreness, and irritation on the skin.

Arm covers hold in place

The design helps to promote a non-slip once fastened to the wheelchair arms.  The textured materials help to hold the cover in place. 

This wheelchair armrest cover fits most standard wheelchairs and measures 12.75 inches long and fits armrests that are up to 8.5 inches in circumference. 

Score: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Memory foam and synthetic sheepskin for comfort
  • Nonslip design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to remove and put on


  • Not for electric wheelchairs

Bottom-line: Vive Wheelchair armrest covers are excellent hypoallergenic synthetic sheepskin covers that are both comfortable and stay in place.

2. Posey 6320 Deluxe Lateral Armrest

Our runner up for the best wheelchair armrest pads is the Posey Deluxe lateral Armrest.  This is a unique design and different than the others we looked at.  

The design aspect of this armrest pad

This armrest sits on the actual arm of the wheelchair while the interior side is longer and your leg and upper hip presses against it.  The actual measurement of this armrest pad is 14″ L x 2 1/2 W x 1″ H

It works well for anyone who needs to rest one arm or even keep that arm in place if he or she is paralyzed on one side.

This design helps with relieving pressure points and or when someone leans on their armrest and feels pain.  

Score: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Well built
  • Comfortable and easy to install on a chair
  • Excellent for pain relief associated with regular armrest


  • May get hot in summer months

3. Skil Care 706005 Wheelchair E Z on Lateral Arm Rest Support Foam Cushion Pad

This is another great lightweight nylon wheelchair arm cushion that fits most manual style wheelchairs.  This product is extremely light and only weighs 0.77 ounces so it will not add any significant weight to the char.  Removing it is really easy just like attaching it.  

We love the ergonomic design that naturally cradles your arm when laying it.  It also comes with easy to use loop and strap hook system.

Superior stabilization 

These types of designs allow for excellent stabilization and support for those who need torso stabilization for getting out and into their wheelchair or mobility device.

Easy to clean

The outer nylon is easy to clean and is waterproof so you can wipe it in seconds.  This makes owning this type of armrest really easy to use and to clean.  

Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Waterproof nylon exterior makes cleaning easy
  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent stabilization


  • May be to soft for some users

4. Nova Sheepskin Fleece Armrest Covers for Wheelchairs

There is a lot to love bout this wheelchair armrest cover.  Super soft, comfortable, and excellent support for the arm and elbow.  This makes a fantastic cover for those looking for a cover.

This cover fits on all wheelchairs, transport chairs easily by using secure velcro.  This allows for very easy attaching and removal.

Easy to clean

These wheelchair armrest pads are easy to clean.  Simply wash them in cold water and dry on low heat.

Score: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)



  • May not offer as much support as other armrest pads

5. Wheelchair Armrest Covers, Non-Slip Arm Rest Cover Cushion Pad

These memory foam layers and plush cushions make an excellent addition to your wheelchair.  If you suffer from painful pressure on the elbow while in your wheelchair these could do the trick.  Made from Sheepskin the hypoallergenic synthetic sheepskin arm covers will help protect against skin irritation, breakdown, soreness, and pain. 

This armrest cover fits most standard manual wheelchairs, scooters, transport chairs, and even office chairs.  

It will fit armrest up to 8.5 inches in circumference and 13 inches in length.

We love the nonslip design that helps to secure and stop sliding and slipping once on the arm.

Score: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Helps to reduce pain and skin irritation
  • Double padded palm for real comfort
  • Can fit on scooters and office chairs
  • Easy and lightweight to take on and off


  • Not many drawbacks

Best Wheelchair armrest Buying Guide

Before purchasing these types of accessories you should know what to look for in a wheelchair armrest pad.  The below highlight some important aspects of what makes a good armrest for your wheelchair or mobility device.

What is a wheelchair armrest?

Many people may not think about the armrest component on the wheelchair but it should be looked at carefully.  The armrest is essentially the only resting place for the arms when you are sitting in a wheelchair.  But it is not just a place to rest your arms these armrests play a big role for people who do not have strong upper body control or balance and will depend more on the use of a good pair of armrest and pads. 

The safety function of the armrest

Having wheelchair arms helps in the safety aspect of your wheelchair.  Here are some safety functions wheelchair arms give you.

  • Helps with stability when picking things up from the floor.
  • Helps to maintain balance while in the chair.
  • Helps when you need to make stops quickly or during a sharp turn.

The armrest helps to reduce pressure

The proper armrest that you use on your wheelchair will help to reduce pressure because of the padding that is in the armrest pad.  Not to mention the outer softshell that can also help to reduce skin irritation and relieve pain.

Just like finding and using the best pressure relief wheelchair cushions using the right armrest helps to reduce pain and pressure. 

Helps with positioning and getting in and out of the chair

Armrests are used to help gain leverage to get in and out of the chair when using the bathroom, beds, and cars.  Not to mention anyone that does not have a lot of power to adjust themselves will y grab the armrest to reposition.

  • When you need to reposition yourself in the chair.
  • Armest is used to get out of the chair or back into the chair.
  • Reaching for something.
  • Maintain correct posture by using the armrest.

Materials of the armrest

Pay attention to the materials being used.  Synthetic lambskin is good, soft, and easy to care for.  Other waterproof materials like nylon shells allow for a waterproof exterior that helps to make cleaning a breeze along with protecting the insides of other materials that make the armrest soft.

Ease of putting the armrest pads on and off

Armrest pads should be extremely easy to put on and off.  There are times when you will need to remove the pads because you may not fit under the table or desk.  You may not be able to fold a wheelchair with the armrest on so getting them off is essential and it should be simple.

The wheelchair armrest pads we reviewed all use a very easy method of simply sitting on the armrest and using a loop and velcro system that easily attaches to the arm. 

So, what is the best Wheelchair armrest pads?

There are a lot of armrest pads that provide adequate support but there are a few that are considered the best in our opinion.  The ones that we listed above all provide great support and are easy to install and take off.

Our top choice for the best wheelchair armrest pads is…

Vive Wheelchair Armrest Cover

This pad is easy to use, comfortable, reduces pressure and pain, and is lightweight.  We hope this guide has shed light on what type of wheelchair armrest you should be looking at for your first purchase.

5/5 (1 Review)
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