Seat Belts For Wheelchairs (Everything You Need To Know)

Wheelchair restraint belts, chest belts, and harnesses are used to help prevent the user from falling out or sliding out of the wheelchair. There are a lot of different types of seat belts for wheelchairs to choose from. Making sure the correct measurements are important when purchasing a belt that does not come with a wheelchair you have.

You can find wheelchair belts with and without padding. You can find normal style belts as you would find on a car or you can use and find wheelchair chest harnesses for much more.

The best wheelchair belt is the one that fits correctly around your body type and the style that best suits your individual needs. If you just require a standard safety style wheelchair belt because you feel safer when using one then that would be your best option.

For those that require more help, a chest-style wheelchair belt may be best for you. Let’s take a look at the different types of belts and what they are best used for.

Differences in wheelchair belts

  • Regular wheelchair belt: There are different kinds of wheelchair belts. The most common or regular wheelchair style belt has no cushion or padding is just meant to provide a little extra for the patient to sit within the wheelchair seat.
  • Padded wheelchair belts: These types of seat belts for wheelchairs provide extra protecton and more stability and comfort. The padding also helps with irration of the skin that could cause discomfort or even sores.
  • Chest Harness wheelchair belts: The chest harness belt for wheelchairs let the user sit more comfortable with better posture and with less chances of falling out of a wheelchair.

What is a wheelchair belt used for?

A wheelchair belt is considered a safety device that is meant to provide safety for users while in the chair. Especially for those how might have a tendency or greater chance of sliding or falling out of the wheelchair when in it. Harness wheelchair belts are meant to further support and keep users with bad posture in a better sitting position.

Caregivers may suggest a wheelchair belt or harness for the person they are looking after to make things safer. Many nursing homes or hospitals also keep these types of aids available on wheelchairs to prevent falling for patients who need them.

Styles of wheelchair belts

Wheelchair belts can come in clip or buckle seat belt styles.

  • Clip style belts: For those who purchase or use the clip style bet it uses a female and male locking system. These are simple to use and are the same types found on backpacks.
Seat belt for wheelchairs
  • Buckle seat belts: These types of belts fasin like a car seat belt. They use a click button that clicks in and out that allows the wheelchair user to click the belt on and off to stay in place. Both methods are simple to use.
seat belt for wheelchairs

The difference between manual and electric wheelchair belts

There are some differences in wheelchair belts from a manual wheelchair and an electric wheelchair. The difference generally is that electric wheelchairs have longer seat belts so they can be strapped to both sides of the chair.

Is a transfer wheelchair belt the same as a wheelchair belt?

No, a transfer or gait belt is not the same as a wheelchair belt. Gait belts are used by caregivers, nursing homes, hospitals, and other care facilities to help a patient stand from a wheelchair or transfer a patient from their bed to a wheelchair or wheelchair to bed. These types of belts can be used the following way:

  • Transfer assistance
  • Walking assistance
  • To prevent accidents when the caregiver is holding the belt
  • Preventing injury to the caregiver when lifting

What can you expect to pay for these types of wheelchair belts?

These types of accessories for wheelchairs are not terribly expensive when you look at the medical supply industry in its entirety. For example, wheelchair cost can be from hundreds to thousands of dollars for a single chair without accessories. The cost of electric wheelchairs is even higher.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $30.00 up to $150.00 or more depending on the make and model. the average cost is around 50.00 for a wheelchair belt.

Our final thoughts on wheelchair belts

wheelchair belts are essential pieces of equipment to help keep wheelchair users safely in their seats. When sitting in a proper fashion is required a wheelchair chest harness can be used. These types of belts can make travel in the wheelchair not only safer but more comfortable as well.

Just make sure you have the proper measurements for your body along with the proper type of wheelchair belt for the best possible experience.

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