How Much Does A Wheelchair Cost? (Average Cost Breakdown)

Have you ever wondered how much the average wheelchair cost?  If so, you are not alone especially for those of us looking to purchase a new wheelchair for the first time.  As you start your search you are going to notice wheelchairs can range from a few hundred dollars into the thousands depending on the application and use.  By choosing a top brand with more features you are going to see higher prices.   But there’s more to it than that.  Let’s understand more about wheelchair pricing. 

How much does a wheelchair cost?  Wheelchairs on the lower end can range from $100.00 up to $300.00 dollars for a manual wheelchair.  Electric or powered wheelchairs can range from $3,000 up to $12,000 or more depending on the features and applications.

Many first-time wheelchair owners select wheelchairs that are based on their absolute needs.  However, there is a lot to think about when choosing the right wheelchair for your use.  Will it be for indoor use only?  For outdoor and indoor use?  Do you only need a wheelchair to transfer from one location to another? 

These questions and more should be asked and answered before making a decision.  It should be known that the more advanced features your aid comes with will probably add extra cost.  Simple walking aids like crutches aren’t that expensive but wheelchairs are a different story.   Let’s take a look at wheelchair pricing and features that can make them more expensive.  

Price of manual wheelchairs

In terms of cost, manual wheelchairs are less expensive than power or electric wheelchairs.  This is because they have much fewer components in terms of motors, gears, and other factors that drive up the price.   But there are different price points within manual wheelchairs that may cost more or less depending on the model and make.  Let’s take a look below at some of the most common types and the pricing associated with each.

Type of WheelchairCost (low)Cost (high)Chair Description
Ultra Lightweight$125.00$1,600.00 +Extremely lightweight chair with not many features. Easy to travel with and store.
Lightweight / Travel$125.00$1,200 +Lightweight chairs that are able to fold up easier than standard chairs for travel.
Sport Wheelchairs$500.00$1,800 +Lightweight, fast, more maneuverable than other manual chairs. Designed for racing, tennis, basketball, etc.
Heavy-duty manual (Bariatric)$200.00$2,000 +Designed for heavier loads. Made from reinforced materials and parts. Larger chairs that are not as easy to travel with.
Portable Power Wheelchairs$1,500$12,000
Portable power wheelchairs are designed to be very lightweight while still providing electric power for the user.
Outdoor Power Wheelchairs$1,000$29,000Outdoor-powered wheelchairs are designed with larger wheels, batteries, and components for outdoor use.
Heavy-duty Power Wheelchairs$1,000$4,500,00Heavy-duty powered chairs are for heavier weights and can support up to 500 pounds. These chairs use reinforced components and designs.

Ultra-Lightweight chairs

Ultra-light wheelchairs are wheelchairs that are commonly used by people of all age groups. These light chairs can be maneuvered easily, are light to travel with, and are used from age groups of the ’20s to ’60s.  

Typically you can expect to pay anywhere from $125.00 up to $1,60.00 for these types of manual wheelchairs. 

Lightweight / Travel chairs

Lightweight travel wheelchairs are lightweight but are typically easier and fold better and even smaller than other wheelchairs.  These types of chairs make traveling while needing a wheelchair easier than other types of chairs. 

Typically lightweight wheelchairs can cost from $125.00 to $1,200 or more for the leading brands and styles. 

Sport wheelchairs

Sport wheelchairs are made from the strongest and lightest components.  They are extremely responsive and very light.  You can find these types of wheelchairs on the basketball court, tennis courts, racing tracks, and more.  These generally are very expensive simply because of the components that are used.  Some are custom made making them even more expensive.  

Typically you can expect to pay from $500.00 to $1,800 or more for a sports wheelchair.  Custom chairs even more. 

Heavy-duty wheelchairs

Heavy-duty wheelchairs or bariatric wheelchairs are designed stronger and reinforced for heavier accommodations.  These wheelchairs have a larger seat in terms of depth and width than a regular manual wheelchair.  They are typically reinforced and this makes them heavier. They are also not as easy to travel with simply because they are larger. 

Typically you can expect to pay $200.00 up to $2,000.00 or more for these types of wheelchairs.  It all depends on the brand and models

Price of electric wheelchairs

How much does a wheelchair cost

Electric wheelchairs are different than manual wheelchairs.  With a manual wheelchair, the person sitting in the seat can use their arms and hands to propel the wheelchair forward.  With an electric wheelchair, the person uses a joystick in most cases to move the wheelchair in all different directions.  360 degrees. 

Because of the extra components like batteries, electric components, brake systems, and more these electric wheelchairs are more expensive. 

Portable Power Wheelchairs

Portable powered wheelchairs are really lightweight powered chars.  These can weigh around 35 to 45 pounds on average.  

These can cost from 1,500 to $12,000 depending on models and configuration. 

Outdoor powered chairs

Outdoor powered chairs are designed with extended battery lives, larger tires, and other components that make traveling outdoors much easier.  

These types of powered wheelchairs can cost anywhere from $1,000 all the way up to $29,000 for standup outdoor electric wheelchairs. 

High Weight-Capacity Powered Chairs

These heavy-duty electric-powered wheelchairs have larger weight capacities than normal electric chairs.  You can see weight capacities of up to 500 pounds in these power wheelchairs.  Also called bariatric power chars they are typically strong enough to comfortably hold almost any user.

Pricing can range from $1,000 to $4,500 for a high weight capacity powered chair. 

What can cause a wheelchair to be more expensive than others?

Like other products materials used and more features will cause a standard wheelchair to become expensive.  The lighter the product can also cause the price to go up simply because it’s easier to use and take with you.  Better rims, tires, and components all add up on manual wheelchairs making the price go up.

When speaking about electric wheelchair components like batteries, braking systems, outdoor or indoor use, weight capacities, and more all will add to an already expensive purchase. 

But a wheelchair may be a tool that gives back someone’s mobility so making the right choice and having the right components will make your life or someone you know more independent.  So while these devices may be expensive the freedom they can give are typically well worth it.

Does Walmart sell wheelchairs?  Yes, Walmart sells basic manual wheelchairs and they can cost in the low hundreds for an entry-level chair.  While you can go this route we suggest you get the best possible wheelchair to make life easier while in the chair. 

How fast can electric wheelchairs go?  Electric wheelchairs can travel around 5 miles per hour on average.  Remember some chairs can go faster, however you need to stay within a safe range of speed. 

Our final thoughts on how much a wheelchair costs

Wheelchairs are essential pieces of equipment for some to gain mobility and move around.  Pricing will be widely different depending on your needs.   Asking how much does a wheelchair cost will vary greatly.

If you are looking for a simple manual wheelchair you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars for an entry-level wheelchair.  These prices go up greatly for name brands, specialty chairs, and components that make the wheelchair lighter, more compact, and easier to use. 

Getting into an electric wheelchair can cost thousands.  Just like manual chairs the more features and specialty chairs will dramatically increase the price of the wheelchair. 

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