How to transport a Wheelchair in a car

Those of us who need a wheelchair know how difficult it can be to get a wheelchair in a car. Not all wheelchairs are lightweight and easy to transport making it difficult to get the chair in car. This guide will explain how to successfully transport a wheelchair in a car so you can stay mobile regardless of where you are heading.

What you need to know before transporting a wheelchair

If you need to transport a wheelchair in your car, there are some things you should know before the trip. First and foremost: don’t forget that your passenger is still human! You should load the wheelchair in your trunk, and if you can’t find room there, make sure to stuff it into a corner of the back seat.

Make sure that nothing is blocking the passenger’s legs and that they’re sitting as comfortably as possible. You should also make sure to bring a blanket or other cushion for your passenger if you anticipate them being uncomfortable during

How Do You Transport a Wheelchair in a Car?

A person who has a physical disability may require a wheelchair to move around. If they live in an area that doesn’t have good public transit or their condition prevents them from using public transit, they may need to rely on a personal vehicle.

The problem with this is that most cars don’t have the space for wheelchairs, and it can be challenging to find a car that does.

The best way to deal with this is by buying a car specially designed for wheelchairs if possible.

It is essential to know what you should do before transporting a wheelchair. 

The most common things are; always have someone with the person who is being transported and making sure that the chair has been locked or strapped into the car.

If there is any doubt about whether it can fit in a vehicle, then you should use public transport.

What options do I have to transport a wheelchair?

If you are looking for an alternative to transporting a wheelchair, the best idea may be to hire a car service.

They have vehicles that can accommodate wheelchairs and other disabilities. Cars with ramps can also be found, making getting the wheelchair in and out of the vehicle more accessible.

The wheelchair can be placed in the back of the vehicle and secured with straps or a tie-down system.

You may need to remove wheels on some models before storing the wheelchair in the vehicle.

Transport Racks for wheelchairs

If you are transporting a wheelchair in your car, it is best to use one of the many transport racks available. Transport racks are designed for this purpose, making it much easier to load and unload the wheelchair.

In addition, once a transport rack is installed in your car, it can be used repeatedly to transport wheelchairs.

If you are not using a transport rack to transport a wheelchair, be sure to place it on the floor of your car. Never place a wheelchair in your car’s back seat or trunk, as this could be dangerous for you and other passengers if there is an accident.

The Best Vehicle for Wheelchair Transport


SUV’s provide enough room to easily and safely transport all types of wheelchairs, electric scooters, power chairs, and more.

The best vehicle for wheelchair transport would be an SUV. This vehicle would allow the person in the chair to easily get in and out of the car, and it has room for the wheelchair.

Additionally, this vehicle would easily transition from the ground to the car and vice versa. These types of cars give the necessary room that ensures wheelchair users can travel quickly and comfortably with a mobility device.

Tying Down a wheelchair in a Vehicle

It is essential to know how to properly tie down your wheelchair in a vehicle. If you don’t, your chair can move around and make navigating the car difficult and potentially cause accidents.

The first thing you will want to do is find the tie-downs in your car. If your chair has a back, it can be secured by placing one strap under the wheelchair and then over the back. 

If your chair is a heavy-duty model, you may need two straps for added security.

Rear Bumper Carrier for Chairs

There are many ways that one can transport a wheelchair in a car. One option is using rear bumper carriers for chairs, which allow the chair to be placed on top of or behind the wheelchair.

It is important that the carrier is stable and well-made to avoid accidents. One should also be careful not to overload the vehicle with other items or passengers, as this can also be dangerous.

The most important thing to keep in mind when transporting a wheelchair is that the chair be safe for both the driver and passenger and any other passengers of the vehicle.

When transporting a wheelchair, one must consult the chair’s manual to ensure proper placement and safety.

Best type of wheelchairs for travel

Lightweight and portable wheelchairs are by far the easiest models to fold and get into a vehicle, epically smaller cars. Portable and ultralightweight wheelchairs fold easy, weight under 25 pounds, and can fold smaller to get into vehicles with less room.

Final Thoughts: How to Transport a Wheelchair in a Car

When it comes to transporting a wheelchair in your car, there are some things you’ll need to know about. First off, ensure that the cables and locks are disconnected from the chair before loading it into the vehicle.

Next, you’ll want to put a blanket or towel on the back seat and ensure that it is securely fastened in place so your chair doesn’t slide around during the transport. Keeping this in mind you should be able to get your chair in and out of the car without too much trouble.

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