How do you know when its time for a wheelchair?

Typically the transition to a wheelchair happens from a different walking aid like a walker or, in some cases, a cane because you or a loved one requires extra support to keep mobile. In addition, as we age, our muscles and balance may become compromised, and our ability to move without help freely. But how do you know when it’s time for a wheelchair? We have put together six signs that you or a loved one might need to transition to a wheelchair. When certain qualities of life start to suffer because we cannot freely move around on our own or without the help of someone, it may be time to think about using a wheelchair.

So, how do you know it’s time for a wheelchair? If you have trouble walking even with a walker or cane, transition to a wheelchair might be time. Other issues that you may need a wheelchair will be if you fall with your current mobility aid, your doctor recommends you get a wheelchair, you have pain when walking, or you cant keep up with friends of the family when you venture out. These signs all point to transitioning to a wheelchair.

Even With A Walker, You Have Fallen

Walkers are excellent mobility devices that provide extra stability for those that need them when walking. A walker excels from those who still possess lower body strength but still need some help balancing when walking.

If you or a loved one uses a walker but finds it unstable, has fallen, or finds it difficult to move your legs to walk, it may be time to think about transitioning into a wheelchair. A wheelchair will allow for a safer and easier time when moving.

Your Physician Recommends A Wheelchair

If you feel like you might need a wheelchair, you can speak to your doctor for his recommendation. Explain to him how you are currently dealing with your walking situation and what challenges you are dealing with. After speaking with your physician, they may recommend you get a wheelchair. Remember, the more upfront and honest you are about the details you face, the better your physician can recommend their solution.

Pain When Walking

Walkers and canes help with walking by providing additional support. But when you start to walk and have pain, these devices may not offer the proper support for you.

Transitioning into a wheelchair can allow your pain to be minimized or removed altogether by being able to sit in a wheelchair. In addition, sitting in a wheelchair will remove the strains on your leg and possibly take away the pain walking causes.

Speaking with your doctor can help to figure out if more exercise is needed or its time to transition to a wheelchair.

You, Cant, Keep Up With Friends Or Family When Out

You may be thinking you need a wheelchair if you guy out with friends or family, but you cannot keep up to a walking pace with your group. Wheelchairs, especially lightweight wheelchairs, are easy to push by a loved one or manual push by the user. If you cannot push a manual wheelchair, lightweight electric wheelchairs or standard power wheelchairs can keep you moving with no effort on your part.

Final Thoughts On When You Should Start Using A Wheelchair

Knowing when to transition to a wheelchair can be somewhat challenging simply because we all want to be able to walk and move independently without help. However, there comes the point when using a wheelchair gives you a better quality of life by allowing you to drive safer, easier, and with less help.

Be sure to understand the main areas we spoke on to see if you fall into these categories. It may be time to think about using a wheelchair if you do.

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