What Age Is Considered A Senior Citizen? (The Benefits Of Aging)

A lot of people as they get older ask the question of what age is considered a senior citizen.  It is something we start to think about as we get older and we get defined by our age.  

Depending on who you ask the number can be different.  When looking at Medicare the age is 65 but other places may but that number at 60.  

At what age is considered a senior citizen?  In short, it varies.  Most Americans retire at the age of 60 or 65 and a lot of people considered the age of a senior citizen to be 65.  With age also comes benefits that you may be entitled to let’s take a look.

OrganizationQualifying Age
Senior housing55 plus and 62 plus
Retirement plans59 1/2 and 70 1/2
Driver licenses64-80
Social Security65,66,67

Definition Of A Senior Citizens

Regardless if you use the word elderly, senior citizen, or old are all words used to describe someone that is in the leader part of their lives.  

Senior citizen:  This term is used to describe someone who is retired or elderly and that is over the age of 60.

Elderly:  This term describes someone that is past being a senior citizen and is in the late stages of life.  The Elderly can even carry a stigma of being frail and week in some cases. 

The median age of the population of the United States from 1960 to 2019 shows the age has gone from 29.5 to 38.4 years of ageStatista

The U.S. Census Bureau Age Information On Senior Citizens

According to the data in Statista the median age of the population of the United  States from 1960 to  2019 shows the age has gone from 29.5 to 38.4 years of age. 

It is expected by the year 2035 that we will see a turning point in our population in the U.S.  Experts who study demographics expect to see more adults over the age of 65 that we have children. 

Another figure worth mentioning is by the year 2060 we can see over 600 thousand people 100 years old and older.  This compared to 2015 when we had 72 thousand people that fit that criterion.

We are living longer

In 1950 the global media age was 23.6 years old.  By the year 2100, the median age is projected to be around 41.6 years old.

As medicine gets better and we keep up and understand the importance of staying active as a senior we are living longer and for some we are in better shape in our later years than we were when we were younger. 

Social Security Seniors Age

Workers in the United States who qualify for the full benefits of Social Security qualify at the age of 66 to 67.  This depends on your birth year.  The eligible age that you can receive full Social Security will come down to your birth year.

What Are Benefits To Being A Senior Citizen?

Senior citizen age

There are many benefits for those of us who are or becoming senior citizens.  Let’s take a look at some of the perks of aging and what you can aspect as you become a senior that will make your life easier.


Many hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, and other places give seniors discounts.  Some of these places actively market these discounts but others do not.  It doesn’t hurt to ask if you are entitled to a discount.  Simply ask, it can’t hurt. 

Medicare Eligibility

You will not have a long window to get on Medicate Insurance to avoid increase premiums.  It starts three months before your 65th birthday. 

Try and sign up during this time if you choose because your benefits will start on your birth date.  If you don’t and you are not covered by an employer if you are still working you will an increase of 10 percent for every year you delay. 

Homestead Benefits

These homestead credits will vary by what state you reside in but the benefits can be big.   We suggest you call the comptrollers office in your county or state so you can ask if you qualify for more homestead benefits.

Collect on Retirement Plan

Turning 65 and assuming you have retired from your job you can begin to collect on your retirement plan.  This can be a pension plan a 401k or more that you have worked years on.  You have worked hard and it’s time to enjoy that and relax. 

These are just some of the benefits you can experience as we grow older. 

Senior Housing Only Benifits

You may want to live in a senior housing development where you can interact with others your age. 

The federal government housing for older persons Act allows anyone who is 55 plus and 62 plus senior housing only that can include subdivisions, apartments, and retirement communities.  

These developments can be great for seniors to interactive with others their same age and share the same interests. 

Final Thoughts

Age for many is just a number but with age comes different challenges and benefits.  Seniors are learning that there are many benefits to aging like perks and discounts at many establishments across the United States.

Our population in the United States is living longer pushing back the median age from early 1960 to today.   

As medicines get better our life expectancy continues to go up.  Because of this, we need to learn how to live better and healthier in our later years. 

What age is considered a senior citizen for movies?  This depends on the movie theater and the area you are in.  Some movies will allow for senior discounts at age 55 while others use 65 years as the age for senior rate discounts.

At what age is a senior citizen discount at McDonald’s?   The age for discounts on coffee to seniors at McDonald’s is 55 years of age with proof of ID of your age.

What is considered the ARP senior citizen age?  Everyone who is older than 50 years are eligible for full memberships with AARP. 

What is considered middle age in the United States?  Middle age is defined as anyone being between the age of 40 and 60 years of age.

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