Best Sports For Older People (Get Active Again)

Just because you getting older doesn’t mean you can’t continue to play a sport.  Or if you haven’t played a sport in a while it may be time to start one to get the exercise that helps you feel better physically and mentally.   Some of the best sports for older people are the ones that are low-impact but still allow your body to the necessary exercise to help you feel good.

Below are some excellent sports that any seniors can do as long as they feel up to it.  We also recommended that you consult with your doctor before performing any type of exercise and sports.  Regardless of you are in a Wheelchair or have certain mobility issues it is important to try and get in some aspects of exercise.

Best Sports For Older People

SportImpact Ease To Get Started
Ping PongLowEasy
PickleballLow – HighEasy
SwimmingLow- moderateEasy
GolfLow – ModerateEasy
Bike RidingLow – HideEasy
Shuffle BoardLowLow


Bowling for seniors

Bowling is a great time for all ages and bowling balls come in all weights so just about anyone can bowl.  Not to mention there are bowling leagues specifically for seniors. 

But if joining a league isn’t your thing that’s okay you can also bowl with family or a group of your senior friends and have a great night out getting exercise while having fun

Ping Pong

Ping Pong is a great way to get in some exercise while standing at a table.  It is a very low impact way to move your arms while gaining exercise with friends or other seniors.  

A ping pong table is not expensive and can fit in a lot of different spaces.  A lot even folds up when not in use.  


Seniors swimming

Swimming is one of the best low-impact high rewards exercise for seniors.  Simply getting into a pool and walking is a great form of exercise.  That’s just one type of movement that can be done to see results in a pool.  There are many different types of pool exercises for seniors.  

Swimming is also great for your cardiovascular system and mental state.  This ranks as one of our best sports for older people.


Yoga for elderly

Yoga is one of the most asked questions when it comes to seniors and exercise.  Yoga is a very tranquil sport for anyone including seniors. 

Yoga can help with stretching out muscles and reduce pain.  Yoga can also benefit the mind allowing for better sleep for seniors.  As you know many seniors have a hard time getting a full night’s sleep.


Golf for elderly

Golf is one of the most popular sports for seniors.  For one, you get to be outside and play an excellent sport with sets of friends.  The swinging motion gives you some great exercise and the ability to gain motion as you continue to play.

You should know that golf requires some motion with backswings that can be some stress on your back.  It may be wise to consult with your doctor before you start to play to make sure this is something you can handle. 

Bike Riding

Seniors bike riding

Bike riding is another one of those best sports for older people because you get to be outside in the fresh air and sunshine.  

Don’t worry, if you feel uncomfortable riding a traditional two-wheel bike you can easily ride a 3 wheel bike that allows for much easier stability and riding for seniors.

These bikes make it possible to get great exercise for your legs while building up your stamina. 

Shuffle Board

Best Sports For Older People

Shuffleboard is a great past time that every age will find fun.  Shuffleboard requires a group of people so having other seniors to play with makes this a fun time.  

Shuffleboard can allow not only for great movement and exercise but also lead to some great talks with friends while playing.


Best sports for seniors

Badminton is just a lot of fun to play.  It’s like playing slow-motion tennis and is a great way for seniors to get exercise while playing a fun sport with others.

What makes this sport so fun for seniors is that all that is needed is a badminton kit and there are portable and not expensive.

The equipment is extremely lightweight so anyone can play it from young to old.

Typically Badminton is played outdoors in a yard or beach.


exercise for seniors

The simplest form of exercise and something you can’t go wrong with is walking.  Walking can be done at your own pace and have wonderful impacts on your body in terms of strength and cardio for seniors.

Waking can even be good for muscles, knees, arthritis, and much more including your mental state.

Before walking you should invent is a good pair of walking shoes to help with making your feet stay comfortable. 

Benefits of Sports for Elderly

One of the most important things you can do as you get older is to exercise to keep your muscles and your mind as strong as possible. 

Most seniors sit for long periods of time causing muscles to weaken causing mobility issues to happen sooner than they should in some cases.

Maintain muscle

We naturally lose muscle mass as we get older.  Exercise in any form will help you maintain and even build back some muscle when you exercise.

Playing a sport as a senior will help you not only maintained or slow the process of muscle loss but also help you with balance and stability as you get older.

Improve Cardio

Getting your heart rate up some can help improve blood flow and your cardio as we get older.  Even low impact sports can help with cardio. 

Remember to always consult with a doctor before you start any type of exercise or sport.

Before You Start a Sport As A Senior Follow These Rules

Consult With Your Doctor

Always Ask A Doctor Before Starting Any Exercise or Sport.  They can help you set goals, limitations, and entire process on how much exercise you should try and get. 

This will depend on your condition and age and your doctor can recommend some of the best sports for older people and the elderly. 

We say this because some exercise can cause more damage to your knees or joints and you may want to stay clear of those.  Your doctor can guide you.

Take Your Time With Any Sport And Exercise

Be sure to take your time when you start to exercise or start a sport no matter how low impact it is.  Especially if you have not had a lot of physical activity in a while.  

Gradually ease into the sport until you feel more confined and your body gets used to the exercise. 

This can help you stay healthy and injury-free. 

A few tips to remember:

  • Where the appropriate shoes when exercising.  
  • Drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated 
  • Where the appropriate clothes while playing sports or exercising
  • Ease into it and gradually increase the sport or exercise.

Final Thoughts

The best sports for older people are any sports that you can enjoy safely and get the needed exercise that is good for your body and mind.

Even if it is simply walking to get your body moving is good for you.

Remember, consult your doctor before doing any type of exercise or sport and be sure to have the right equipment like shows and safety equipment before doing any sports.

Now go out there and have some fun!

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