How Much Do Electric Wheelchairs Cost (Price Breakdown)

Electric wheelchairs can really give you a way to gain back a large part of your independence.  With that said this type of mobility product is unfortunately not cheap.  The cost of electric wheelchairs is expensive even on the basic models. For those who are currently using a manual wheelchair you know, that pricing is not as expensive. If you are on this guide then you are curious as to How much do electric wheelchairs cost?

On average an electric wheelchair can cost anywhere from around $1,000 to $18,000 or more.  The price difference will depend on the features, brand, size, quality, and other regiments that can either make an electric wheelchair cost more or less.   The average cost of an electric wheelchair will be from $1,500 to $3,500 in most cases. 

Power wheelchairs cost more than other types of wheelchairs because of the components, research, materials, motors, batteries, and other parts that manual wheelchairs do not have. Because of this, you can expect to pay more for electric wheelchairs. Let’s take a further look at what an electric wheelchair might cost.

Now that you know the price range and what the average electric wheelchair price is you should be looking at a budget of at least $3,000 to $4,000 for an electric chair.  If you need a specialty electric wheelchair then the pricing will be much higher.  Let’s take a look at different types of electric chairs, accessories, and more that will impact price. 

What makes an electric wheelchair so expensive?

Unlike manual wheelchairs, electric or powered wheelchairs have more components and parts that increase the price of the wheelchair.  Simply put there are greater resources and technologies that have to be put into building these types of mobility devices.

It is also interesting to know that when a manufacturer releases a device like this within the United States they have to get FDA approval that is laid out under the powered wheelchair category.   

This is done because a lot of testing has to be done and meets certain standards for how the wheelchair operates once it is in the hands of the community.  

With that said there are other factors below that can make an electric wheelchair cost go up.

The make

The make will affect the price of the wheelchair.  If you are looking for powered wheelchairs that are lightweight, can fold, and for outdoor use with larger batteries, you will quickly see the price go up.  An electric wheelchair has many configurations that can easily make the price go higher.

The Model of the electric chair affects the price

The model can also make the price go up or down.  There are different models that offer different configurations. Travel power chairs are lightweight, fold easily, and are portable over some models. These different models are necessary and really help the person using them.  Keep this in mind. 


Some electric wheelchairs give you control of almost every aspect of the wheelchair.  This can be from the seat to the leg rests and everything in-between.  These features run on a joystick control in a lot of models and require more time and configuration to build.  

These upgrades will definitely increase the cost of an electric wheelchair.   For instance, a joystick control if you need to purchase that new can run you upwards of 300 dollars. 


Accessories can add to the price.  Accessories like wheelchair cushions, cup holders, bags, and more will increase the price.  And while some of these might not be a necessity they will bring the price higher. 

How to try and minimize costs

Spend some time speaking with your insurance company

If your doctor deems it necessary that you need a mobility device like an electric walker.  When a medically necessary option happens and you speak with your insurance company about this there is a high chance that your insurance may cover some or all of the cost of your electric wheelchair.  

Entry-level models may save you money

We all would like the best model of almost anything we purchase so it is natural to want the best.  But looking at entry-level models can help you save money and still get you into an electric wheelchair.   

There are electric wheelchairs that you can get for around $1,000 if you look.  They might not have all the bells and whistles but they are still powered chairs that can get you around from point A to point B making you less dependent on someone. 

Finance your purchase

Financing an electric wheelchair is another option to spread out the larger investment into smaller monthly payments. Not everyone will finance a wheelchair but some larger companies will have this option to allow you to get into a great electric wheelchair for a small monthly payment.  This method is very similar to when someone purchases a car.  

Electric wheelchair pricing table and guide

Portable electric wheelchair pricing

These electric wheelchairs are lightweight and portable motorized wheelchairs.  Some even have frames that are foldable making traveling much easier.  Here are the price breakdowns for some of these electric wheelchair styles. 

Electric Portable WheelchairWeight CapacityMax SpeedPrice
Move Light Folding Power Chair300 pounds5 mph$1,899
eVolt Traveler Power Chair220 pounds5 mph$1,388
Model H Hybrid Manual and Power Chair in One260 pounds5 mph$2,099
FeatherFold Power Chair220 pounds, 330 pounds4 mph$1,999
AirWheel H3S Auto Folding Smart Chair286.60 pounds3.7 mph$2,999
Pride Go Chair300 pounds3.7 mph$1,499

Outdoor electric wheelchair pricing

Using a wheelchair outdoors is important to a lot of people.  When doing so you can expect to have larger motors and tires than other types of electric chairs and the battery life of these wheelchairs typically is extended.  The below chart represents the average outdoor electric wheelchair pricing you can expect. 

Electric Portable WheelchairWeight CapacityMax SpeedPrice
Featherweight 33 lbs Power Chair242.5 lbs.3.7 mph$2,099
Move Lite Folding Power Chair300 lbs.5 mph$1,899
Model H Hybrid Manual and Power Chair in One260 lbs.5 mph$2,099
eVolt Traveler Power Chair220 lbs.5 mph$1,388
Pride Jazzy Elite HD450 lbs.4 mph$3,699
Shoprider Smartie Power Wheelchair250 lbs.3.75 mph$2,115

Heavy-duty electric wheelchair pricing

Heavy-duty power chairs or bariatric power chairs s some call them are strong enough that they can accommodate almost any type of user.  These types of chairs might have weight capacities up to 500 pounds.  These are some of the average prices you might find on heavy-duty electric wheelchairs. 

Electric Heavy-Duty WheelchairWeight CapacityMax SpeedPrice
Cirrus Plus Power Wheelchair300 lbs., 400 lbs.5 mph$1,575
Karman Tranzit Go Foldable Lightweight Power Wheelchair330 lbs.3.7 mph$2,399
Pride Jazzy 614HD Bariatric Power Chair450 lbs.4 mph$3,699
Golden Compass Heavy Duty Powerchair450 lbs.4 mph$4,599
Merits Vision Super Power Chair450 lbs.5 mph$3,891
Merits Atlantis Heavy Duty Wheelchair600 lbs.5 mph$4,232.50

How much are manual wheelchairs?  Manual wheelchairs are much less expensive than electric wheelchairs simply because they do not have as many components as an electric wheelchair.  You can expect to pay an average of $200.00 to $600.00 for an average manual wheelchair. 

How much do wheelchair batteries cost?  Wheelchair batters can cost anywhere from $45.00 to $400.00 dollars per battery depending on the size, make, and model. 

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