Quickie 2 Foldable Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair Review

The Quickie 2 Foldable Ultra Lightweight wheelchair is an excellent mobility aid for those looking for lightweight combined with a well-built manual wheelchair. This chair includes excellent components that make self-propelling a breeze. This versatile chair can be configured and customized to fit almost anyone’s needs better than most chairs in its class.

Who we recommend the Quickie 2 Foldable lightweight wheelchair for

This particular wheelchair should b used for active adults who want the ability to manually push themselves wherever they need to go. This ultralight wheelchair can move quickly and be self-propelled easier than other manual wheelchairs.

This model also offers an incredible personalized fit for its users. If you are an active individual who wants a super lightweight wheelchair that is foldable to take with you no matter where you go this wheelchair might be for you.

Who this wheelchair is not for

While this wheelchair can be used by anyone who has the strength to manual or self-propel themselves there are other types of chairs that may be better suited for your particular needs.

This wheelchair is extremely lightweight and doesn’t come with over comforts as larger wheelchairs that someone who is not into moving quickly and who wants the ability to really push their wheelchair to the limits may want to look for a different wheelchair.

Those who do not have the strength to continually push this chair and those who want armrests with other comforts in a larger heavier wheelchair may not find this chair suitable for them.

Quickie 2 Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair Overview

Quickie 2 foldable ultra lightweight wheelchair
ProsConsExtremely lightweightPush handles when uses may be lower than other chairs making the caregiver have to bend down to push the chairExtremely customizable to fine-tune to the user’s dimensions Easily foldableEasy to travel withVisually appealing to look at

Quickie 2 Ultra Lightweight Features

Product Specs
Product weight:25.4 lbs.
Weight without wheels attached:13.6 lbs.
Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
Seat width:12″ – 24″
Seat depth:12″ – 22″
Overall width:20″ – 29″
Folded width:13″
Seat-to-floor-height:13″ – 22″
Rear-wheel size:20″ – 26″
Front Wheel size:3″ – 8″
Armrest: Elevating, swing-away
Axle type:Quick-release
Warranty of frame:Lifetime limited

What separates this ultralight wheelchair from others?

Q-Fit Technology

Patented Q-Fit technology helps to eliminate noise and rattle that are commonly found with folding wheelchairs. This technology is built into the 2’s armrests, swing-away, flip-back, and removable options, hanger latches, composite side guards, footrests clamps, and seat rail saddles.

Extreme lightweight yet strong

This chair is super lightweight yet extremely strong because it uses 7000 series aerospace aluminum that increases durability, strength, and lightness. Not only does it use this type of aluminum but it then manufactures it into diamond-shaped tubbing that is welded in a four-bar pattern that creates something much strong and lighter than other wheelchairs.

Weight capacity is high for such a light wheelchair

This chair gives the option to fit almost every body type safely and comfortably. The Quickie 2 has a weight capacity of up to 265 pounds or you can opt to get the Quickie 2 heavy-duty chair that has a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds. This is one of the highest weight limits on such an ultralight wheelchair.

Quickie 2 Ultra Pricing

The Quickie 2 is in line with other lightweight wheelchairs in its class. Pricing will start at roughly $1,400 for the base model for the Ultra-lightweight model. It is important to note that there is a lot of customization that can be done with this wheelchair and some of them are expensive that will bring up the quickly.

Bottom line

This wheelchair is excellent in terms of strength and lightweight. The ability to customize the fit to your body in a folding wheelchair is at the top of the list in terms of other wheelchairs in its class.

The technology and build are excellent and in-depth owner reviews show that owners of this chair are highly rated.

Those looking for a super lightweight folding wheelchair should have this chair high on their list of condenders.

5/5 (1 Review)
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