What’s the lightest Wheelchair You Can Buy? (The Feather Chair)

We get a lot of questions regarding what is the lightest wheelchair you can buy? And for good reason. For those that need to transport a wheelchair the weight plays a big factor in lifting and getting a wheelchair in a vehicle, the distance it can be pushed, and how small it can fold up when not use. For caregivers, it helps to be able to push a light chair for longer distances without having to wear yourself out doing so. These are just some of the reasons so many people are looking for lightweight wheelchairs. But there are is one chair that is lighter than all others.

So what’s the lightest wheelchair you can buy? Currently, the lightest manual wheelchair you can purchase is the feather chair it only weighs an astonishing 13.5 lbs. And is the lightest wheelchair in the world. Not only is it super light but the wheelchair is built from strong materials that also give it plenty of strength. When folded the chair measures only 28″ x 29″ x 15″ incredible.

What makes the feather Chair so light?

The featherweight chair uses an aluminum frame that is extremely lightweight yet very strong providing the ability to cut the weight of this wheelchair to one of the lightest wheelchairs you can purchase.

Feather Chair review and product specs

This chair is simply the lightest wheelchair currently on the market you can purchase. Even with the wheels still on the overall weight is only 19 pounds. This makes the wheelchair so light that almost anyone can lift it. Another outstanding feature is for caregivers. Because this wheelchair is extremely light they can easily lift the chair without problems. Not to mention pushing or even manual propulsion is as simple as it gets.

  • Overall weight: 19 lbs.
  • Weight without wheels: 13.5 lbs.

How tight does it fold?

Really tight. In fact, all that needs to be done is to fold down the backrest then pull up the middle of the seat. And removing the wheels is even easier when they are outfitted with quick-release optional wheels. This wheelchair folds up with wheels off in under a minute.

Folded dimensions are: 28″ x 29″ x 15″

Standard features on the lightest wheelchair

  • Wheel locks: Wheel locks are situated within the front of the frame making it very easy for the wheelchair user to engage them. This helps every time the user needs to get in or out of the chair to stop rolling.
  • Hand brakes: This featherweight chair also comes standard with hand brakes for caregivers that ensure safety and quick stopping when needed.


With this wheelchair users will get a limited warranty that covers the following:

  • Frame: Under normal use, JYD Imports warrants the chair for 1 year. JYD has the sole discretion, repair, replace any warrantable frame that fails during the warranty period.
  • Wearable parts: These have a 6 months period and include all wearable parts and also include upholstery, wheels, brakes, and footrest.
Best manual feather weight wheelchair
Feather ChairSpecs
Weight capacity:250 lbs
Wheelchair weight: (With wheels)19 lbs.
Wheelchair weight: (Without wheels)13.5 lbs
Width of seat:18″
Depth of seat:16″
Seat-to-floor height:17″, 17.5″
Overall height:35″
Folded depth:23″
Folded height:29″
Folded width:14″
Armrest height:26.5″
Footrests: Swing away

Our Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

what are the Benefits of owning the lightest wheelchair on the planet?

Weight or lack thereof is one of the greatest benefits of owning the lightest wheelchair you can buy. The lack of weight makes self-propelling, pushing by a caregiver, and transporting this chair one of the easiest out of all manual wheelchairs.

Those that live without help may find using a super lightweight chair just what they need in order to transport and push themselves to stay active.

These lightweight chairs make life easier for the user and the caregiver and can help with mobility issues for longer periods of time simply because the weight is not as much as other wheelchairs. For instance, heavy-duty wheelchairs while they provide a purpose and are exactly what some users need the extra weight makes for a more difficult time transporting and pushing.

What’s the difference between a lightweight transport chair and the lightest manual wheelchair?

There are big differences between ultralightweight transport chairs and the lightest manual wheelchair. The biggest difference is in the ability to self-propel. A transport chair does not have the ability for the user to self-propel.

The back tires are typically just a little larger than the front and are not designed for the user to push themselves forward. Transport chairs need to be pushed by a caregiver, friend, or others in order to move.

Lightest manual wheelchairs are designed to manual be propelled because of the larger back tires and they are designed for the user to propel themselves. Some also have the ability to be pushed by a caregiver.

Our final thoughts on the lightest wheelchair you can buy

For those that use ultralight wheelchairs to get around you know how convenient and life-changing having a lightweight chair can be. Almost anyone can lift them in and out of a vehicle. They fold really easy and quickly into smaller spaces that other types of wheelchairs may not be able to fit.

They also provide less stress when traveling simply because of their weight and space-saving ability. Not to mention they are easier to propel manually or for a caregiver. So for those looking and asking what is the lightest wheelchair you can buy? Look no further than the feather chair, you won’t be disappointed.

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